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  1. J

    MSI Unveils GeForce GTX 780 Gaming

    Gaming? As opposed to their other GTX 780's..?
  2. J

    ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC Listed

    Warning! The Hebrew will eat you! :laugh:
  3. J

    Apple Unveils New Mac Pro

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm wondering. I mean, the mechanics of how to put this together.. to engineer separate motherboard portions and then hook them together, is one thing. But to cool all of that with, assumingly, a heatsink in the middle and a fan that draws air in from the top and...
  4. J

    Thermalright HR-22 Makes Public Appearance

    Not quite as sexy as my TRUE :cool:
  5. J

    EVGA Works On Z87 Stinger-based Pre-Built Gaming Desktops

    40mm fans are always noisy? Where do you get this idea?
  6. J

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    No, it doesn't. The 6800k is slightly faster (10-15%), and costs about equally more. Well, all I know is that if I were building a system, it would have a 2500k, not a 6800k.. unless I needed something really small that could only house an APU.
  7. J

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    Well, the 2500k has around the same performance and you can find one for around 150$ now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-i5-2500K-3-3-GHz-Quad-Core-CPU-Only-/200930522524?pt=CPUs&hash=item2ec864759c But no, I was talking about performance as a whole, not bang for the buck.
  8. J

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    I'm sorry. I must have posted this after you :(
  9. J

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    Well, how about Cinebench 11.5? i7-2600k @ 5.0Ghz scores 10 pts. A10-6800k @ 5.0Ghz scores 4 pts. Since Haswell is more powerful, it's around 1/3, not 2/3. Don't get me wrong.. I'm always rooting for AMD, but I consider Cinebench a much more reliable way of deriving performance differences...
  10. J

    AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2)

    I like the price, but its IPC is about 1/3 that of Haswell. That's pretty depressing.
  11. J

    How is Boost 2.0 better than Boost 1.0?

    When I asked you why the GTX 770 was cooler and takes less power your response was "Boost 2.0 algorithm." That was it. I started a thread on [H] and apparently, most reviewers are saying that the GTX 770 takes a bit more power, not less. They're saying that something is wrong with your review...
  12. J

    Razer Introduces the Blade Pro 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

    This is actually quite cool. I've never seen this performance level at only 0.9" thickness.
  13. J

    How is Boost 2.0 better than Boost 1.0?

    W1zz said that Boost 2.0 was the only reason for the disparity. But what I've found is that W1zz's review is off (the card takes more power, not less), and the cooler on the GTX 770 is more efficient (vapor chamber vs. heatpipes). So, I really don't see how Boost 2.0 has anything to do...
  14. J

    How is Boost 2.0 better than Boost 1.0?

    So, now you're saying that binning and a better cooler are the answers to my questions.. and not Boost 2.0, like W1zz said? :confused:
  15. J

    How is Boost 2.0 better than Boost 1.0?

    So, you're saying that with the GTX 680, they had to rely on Boost 1.0, which does not take temperatures into account, so they limited the TDP. With the GTX 770, they now rely on Boost 2.0, which does take temperatures into account, making the overclocking safer and more precise, so they...
  16. J

    How is Boost 2.0 better than Boost 1.0?

    So, let me see if I have this right.. Boost 1.0 looked at the card's power draw and if it was under specification, it allowed for a higher clock speed. Boost 2.0 looks at the card's temperature and if it's under 80C, allows a higher clock speed, and if it's over 95C it goes back to 2D...
  17. J

    ASUS Launches PQ321 Monitor with 3840 x 2160 IGZO Display

    Why can't this be 21:9 :cry:
  18. J

    How is Boost 2.0 better than Boost 1.0?

    I've been reading around and I'm still confused about this. The GTX 770 is based on the same GK104 core as the GTX 680 and it's overclocked, but it takes less power and runs cooler.. W1zz says that this is because of Boost 2.0, but I'm having a hard time understanding how that works. Can...
  19. J

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2 GB

    I'm confused. It's the same GK104 core, it's overclocked.. and yet it runs far cooler and takes less power?
  20. J

    GeForce GTX 770 Specifications Leaked, Could Surprise with Pricing

    Isn't the GTX 770 supposed to be released tomorrow? W1zz is most likely already finished with the review.
  21. J

    How much do you spend on headset/headphones?

    350$. I'm never going to give up my HD 600's. Never.
  22. J

    [WTB][US] GTX 670 + GTX 660 (Separately)

    I'm looking to buy a GTX 670 and a GTX 660. But the thing is, I'm abroad in Israel for the summer, so I'm looking for someone who's willing to ship to me here. Thank you.
  23. J

    Xbox One Chip Slower Than PlayStation 4

    So, if I'm getting this right.. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have an 8-core Jaguar. We've only seen 2-core variants of the new Kabini architecture, but the IPC should be around 1/2 that of Ivy Bridge. So, essentially, it's a 4-core i3-3120U or a 2-core i3-2100, or half the overall performance...
  24. J

    HGST Launches the Highest Capacity Hard Drive for the Mainstream Mobile Market

    How is this revolutionary? It's using the same capacity-per-patter that we've had for over a year now.. If the 12.5mm drives have 4 platters of 500GB, and this is a 9.5mm drive with 3 platters of 500GB.. :wtf:
  25. J

    GeForce GTX 780 Pictured Some More

    I've got two problems with nVidia: 1.) Prices keep going up. Unlike in the GTX 295 days, where the newest card was 500-600$ and the older card went down to 250-300$.. these days the older card remains at 500-600$ and the newer card goes up to 1,000$. WTF:wtf: 2.) The name. Seriously...