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    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    nekkid X800GTO...:pimp:
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    Need testing of new GPU-Z feature: Monitor Info

    works fine.
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    Weird Router Stuff - Cannot Connect

    you have set the router´s ip adress as "default gateway" in your LAN options, haven´t you?
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    My new beast....

    that´s a really sexy looking card man! :) do you have a windowed case? would be a pity if not...
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    Your computer speakers

    Onkyo TX-DS484 + 2x Elac Axiom DB70.... great sound and lotsa juice. Canton surround + center speakers coming soon :rockout: !!!
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    Idle GPU temperature is 65 degrees

    if you´re using ATITool for temp readout, check "write temperature data to log file" in the misc tab and read up after the tests... EDIT: uh, it´s in the temp monitoring tab...
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    Stumped with graphics card choice.

    the AIW cards do have ViVo afaik, and the ATI tv tuners are really good imo, so i`d take the X800 road..
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    ASUS x1600pro 256 mb FAN SPEED help !

    .... or get a nice aftermarket cooler? on that video card even passive cooling should be possible (depending on your case + airflow tho´) --> AC Accelero S2 ftw !! :toast:
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    ASUS x1600pro 256 mb FAN SPEED help !

    if you don´t get any temperature readings from catalyst/ATITool it´s very likely that there´s no sensor chip present on your card --> no way to control the fan speed in software... :(
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    Installing Infinity Quiet CPU Cooler

    IDK what kind of thermal paste is preapplied on c2d processors (is there any at all? :confused:), but i would NOT recommend using the white silicone crap that comes with the infinity... get some decent quality paste like Arctic Silver 5 or AC MX-1... also, follow the instructions in this...
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    Best Mouse?

    cleaning the contacts on both the mouse + the charging stand with rubbing alcohol works wonders... :toast:
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    Best Mouse?

    still love my MX1000 after all.... most people say it´s too heavy for serious gaming, but for me it´s just right...
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    How high is to high V-core on a 939 AMD 4200+

    i wouldn´t go any higher than 1.55. when i tried to hit 2.8GHz with my opty i gave her 1.6 , but still wasn´t stable and the temps were off the wall (+60°C) :shadedshu EDIT: nvm, i see you´re on wc... no experience here...
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    X2 4800+ 939 OC'd to 2.6Ghz .VS. FX60 939

    yea, the only difference would be the unlocked multiplier on the fx-60, the cores should be equal.
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    How do I backup my Firefox favourites?

    you´re right. :)
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    Again I ask----what cooler?

    you should also consider the Scythe Infinity... received it yesterday, and my load temps dropped from +55°C to 45°C (orthos running for 3h). great cooler + totally inaudible, just make sure it does fit into your case (that thing REALLY is a behemoth).
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    raid 0 on an asus a8n-e

    you want to enable RAID mode for those SATA ports your HDDs are connected to....the SATA ports are labeled #1-#4 on the mobo, the bios also shows which ones are connected. to install the drivers insert the floppy disk you made from the driver package when windoze setup prompts you to do so (i...
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    raid 0 on an asus a8n-e

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    raid 0 on an asus a8n-e

    http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_win2k_6.86.html :toast:
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    raid 0 on an asus a8n-e

    hey, i just stumbled across this NVRaid installation guide... hope this helps... :toast:
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    raid 0 on an asus a8n-e

    i think they´re included in the nForce driver package...
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    LCD monitor issues with DVI

    i never experienced one of these problems.... @paul: try checking "alternate dvi operational mode" in ATI CCC / ControlPanel... i´ve had random black screens while gaming, and that fixed it... good luck :toast:
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    Acoustic peg things

    those will work quite fine! :toast:
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    Darth Flatulence needs a new OS!

    no more to say. :toast:
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    Router Setup Question

    something just came to my mind.... some routers need a java-script enabled browser to display their config pages correctly (i remember this from a crappy zyxel router i had years ago :shadedshu ). maybe this is it?