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    Hey all! Does anyone know what "PTPNEGO2" is? Its supposed to be something isdn\telephone thing, but not even a google gives me anything. Its my brother having some problems in greenland, and the tele company is talking alot about that thing.
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    Copy sector by sector

    Hey great folks of TPU! One of my main disks have decided to die. Now i need some kind of program - bootable or windows thingy - that can copy sector by sector, as most of the files is damaged. Anyone know of a program that can do that? Dosnt matter if it costs anything :) Im ready to spend...
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    New Keyboard

    Hey! Im in need of a new keyboard, as i dropped a slice of pizza on my g11 and lost half my buttons :D But what to choose? Keyboards is just one of those things thats hard to change.. Should i go for another g11? Or maybe upgrade to a g15? The new g19 is out of my price range, sadly. Or are...
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    Need help testing a program

    Hey all! A few days ago i made a program, that shows some general computer information, by using WMI. Now i just need some computers to test it on! The program is in danish, but if it works just 90% of the time, its gonna get translated to english :) http://flumse.dk/test/InfoMe.exe...
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    Flash update from bogus site

    Maybe its just me, but i tryied to go to the topic about the new world record with the amd cpu when this came up I can see its not a legit site from the URL - its not adobes own. Has it happened to anyone else?
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    Help with new computer

    Hey all! Im building a new computer for a friend. Just wanted to make sure that everything is correct and working together ;) http://www.komplett.dk/k/shoplist.aspx?mode=receive&si=706756&su=AC26EC00-405B-487A-A753-08C106C83BF9 Hope you can figure it out, even tho the site is in danish :)
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    Site about low level format

    Hey All! A year or so ago, there was a site, where you could get a money price, if you could recover a zero formatted harddrive. Does anyone remember that site? Its cause, one of my friends says, he knows a company that should be able to do it. So i wanna show him the site :)
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    Vb.net Updater

    Hey All! Ive ben looking around on the net for such a long time, without finding some easy way to make and updater. So i made one myself from scratch! :D The code aint pretty, and is kinda messy, but this is the first time that im making an updater. The form consist of 2 labels, with...
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    Peltier help!

    Hey all! Ive got a peltier from a usb cooler - i was wondering if its okay to give it 12v instead of the 5v from the usb? Would i burn my psu off or the peltier or something?
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    Ghetto Ram cooler

    Hey guys! I was a little bored, so i made this ghetto ram cooler! :D Its made of 4 sheets of A4 paper rolled around a fan, and then just taped with gaffa to the computer and to hold the papir =D Before i couldent touch my ram without burning my fingers - now they are warm, but...
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    Portable F@H client?

    Is it possible to create a portable F@H client? Cause i got acces to loads of machines, but im not allowed to install anything on em.
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    Does a phenom 810 fit in a am2+\am3 motherboard?

    Hey all! Having a discusion with a friend. He says that a Phenom 810 dosent fit in a am2+\am3 motherboard. Is that true? i thougt that am3 processors was backwards compitable. But my friend says he had it testet, and testet by a it tech from a hardware company here in denmark. What do you...
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    Need of new ram

    Hey all! Ive got some spare cash, so i thought i would blow em on some new ram! I was thinking of some OCZ Technology 4GB KIT DDR2 PC2-8500 1066MHz CL5 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227269) Are they any good? Or do you guys recomend i get something else?
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    Looking for a sata raid controller

    Hey all! Im looking after a sata raid controller - its gonna be used to build a storage server for all my pictures. Im not looking after something really expensive, just something thats simple and does a good job. Im thinking about installing freenas (http://www.freenas.org/) or Winxp pro on...
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    Ati 8.11 driver released

    They are out! Woo! :D http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx
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    Looking for a new dvd burner

    Hey all! Im in the need of a new dvd burner! Theres so many these days, so i dont really know what to get :confused: It just have to be sata
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    4850 or 3870

    Hey all! Im building a computer for my friend, out of some spare parts i have. But im missing a gfx card! So i was thinking about getting a 4850 - but a 3870 is a little cheaper, so he can get a better cpu cooler! So what should i choose? a 4850 or a 3870? Specs: Gigabyte 965p-ds4 v...
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    Cooler for 4870

    Hey all! I was looking for a new cooler for my 4870. is these good? Thermalright HR-03 GT or Xigmatek Battle-Axe VD964 - 2x92mm Witch one to those?
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    Chipset cooler for p5q-pro

    Hey all! I just got my p5q-pro, and now i want to get some new cooling for it :D But i have no idea as to what i should buy. So what do you guys recomend?
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    Need a new Mobo!

    Hey all! I was thinking about getting a nehelem system when it gets out, but right now, im so frustrated about my computer, that i really want to upgrade it now! I need a new mobo. But i dont know what chipset to get :\ And if it requires me to change to ddr3, ill do it. So what do you...
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    Need help with a UPS

    Hey! I found a old Silcon dp7e ups in the dumpster today! I have searched up and down on google after the program that can control it, but didnt find anything :( Any of you that know any other programs to use? Or have the original somewhere? :)
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    Should i upgrade?

    Hey guys 'n girls! I was wondering - Should i upgrade my cpu, motherboard and ram? I do alot of 3d rendering and picture editing, and im begging to feel the system isent fast enough :\ But ive looked around and saw that intel is gonna release a new platform - Should i wait for that or get...
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    4870 black screen problem

    Hey all! I just got my 4870 (YAY! :D) BUT! as soon as i install the drivers and reboot, my screen wont turn on when its about to show the login screen of vista.. Ive ben trying every solution i could find on the net, but none of em are working :( What should i do?
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    Need new psu!

    Hey all! Ive ben looking at the 4870 card, and i think im gonna buy it! Now i just need a bigger psu to support it. I was thinking about a corsair - 700w or something like that. I know it sounds a little big for my rig right now, but when the new intel cpu's and motherboards get out, im gonna...
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    harddisk problem!

    Hey all! I got a hdd thats started to click. It reboots the computer as soon as its about to load windows! It fails Samsung test program thingy, and also the Ibm test program. Anyone that know about some programs to fix it or something? Im gonna try and see if it works in a usb case and...