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  1. ShogoXT

    GPU-Z Support for 6770M

    New HP laptop with Sandy Bridge CPU integrated graphics + Radeon 6770M. The Radeon is selectable in GPU-Z and seems to show correct information, but bios information and saving does not seem to be working. I am unsure if its just 6770M or etc not supported or the Sandy Bridge GPU getting in...
  2. ShogoXT

    Catalyst, wide gamut monitor, and EDID

    On my new PA246Q ive been trying to do alot of customizations to improve upon its weaknesses such as contrast and black level. Mostly up until now I had been using sRGB mode on the monitor and kept EDID off (didnt know about EDID). If I switch to standard or anything else for that matter, reds...
  3. ShogoXT

    FPD2485W died

    So my most favorite computer part/accessory that I have had for years that I would like LEAST of everything to break, just broke. Was in a game and I heard a pop, then the screen just went completely black. It looked like it rebooted itself twice and the LEDs on the panel still work fine, but no...
  4. ShogoXT

    Super Sampling AA in recent drivers?

    Perhaps im missing something because I cannot seem to find alot of info about it in searches. About since drivers 10.4 I do not seem to have an option for Super Sampling AA. It used to be a option put on the slide bar for Adaptive AA as the third option. I had thought maybe I screwed up the...
  5. ShogoXT

    5870 Fan issue

    For some time I have been having a fan issue which it would just be very loud. Louder probably at slower speeds ironically. Tried taking it apart and running compressed air through it to no avail. I believe its the fan bearing itself. Tried talking to ASUS and I can easily replace the fan...
  6. ShogoXT

    Antec P180 mini DVD drive issue

    Hey I was building someone a computer and decided to use the P180 Mini based on reviews. Got most hooked up, but im running into a little concern. The top cd/dvd drive bay that you have to put on the rails for. When I put it in, it sits at the right spot, but if i tilt the case forward a bit...
  7. ShogoXT

    Asus EAH5870 $399

    http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0321988 +tax for me. It might be in store only im not 100% sure, but when I popped in today returning something to my surprise a Asus Radeon 5870 was sitting there (it has Dirt2 coupon) at $439. It was good enough for me right...
  8. ShogoXT

    Vista sound output to two devices

    Ive tried to search this up, but so far I haven't found good results. I have a Sound Blaster X-fi PCI-E and the Radeon 4890 HDMI audio for outputs. I have them both working separately on the audio devices list on Vista Home Premium. I FINALLY got screen cloning to work in games, but audio...
  9. ShogoXT

    Trying to find some old 2d space game

    Im trying to find an old 2d space game thats probably from the early 90s. I had played it I thought from a PC Gamer classic collection CD, might be mistaken though. Its 2d with color on par with the OLD red baron (yea that bad). The story I remember was earth was in some kind of protective...
  10. ShogoXT

    Loaner laptop and FREE Office 2010

    https://connect.microsoft.com/officecustomerstories I wasnt sure where to post this. Here or the software forums. Anyway, I found this on another site. If you sign up in the link above you get a loaner laptop to use for a while that has office 2010 on it. If you complete the whole thing you...
  11. ShogoXT

    ATI HDCP class action

    ATI HDCP case/ Free 4650? http://www.aticlassaction.com/ Saw this on another forum. Basically if you ever had a pure ATI (no off brand, including Sapphire) video card between 9800 serious up to x1900 series (and all in between), and can prove it with a invoice, you get a 4650. If needed...
  12. ShogoXT

    Crossfire 4890s, split brand for MIRs?

    So im thinking of getting 2 4890s in crossfire. Been trying to find deals and waiting for the Atomic 4890, but im getting tired of waiting. Im about to just buy the cheapest and best deal 4890s and OC them. Every friggen rebate is limit 1 per customer, would it be better if I get different...
  13. ShogoXT

    Quick n easy dumb PSU question (mATX)

    It would be a bad idea to put this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817702014 inside this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112186 correct? I was wondering about those bottom 120mm PSU fans in HTPC thin cases. Wont work? Bad air flow?
  14. ShogoXT

    [FS][US] ShogoXT's Random Stuff

    I have few different working computer parts around and its getting to me thats its not being put to use. So il list a few things here that I have for sale. I know they look unappealing without prices attached, but these things have been sitting around, so just give a number, pay for ship...
  15. ShogoXT

    Computer randomly cuts off

    Im sure Shadowfold noticed it as well during our L4D game, but my power has just been cutting off (or instant shut off, not sure) in intensive game situations. More so if I host, less as much if I dont, but it still happens. Not entirely reproducible so far, but annoying when it happens...
  16. ShogoXT

    GenTech PC Asus Laptops

    On average $50 cheaper than newegg and mostly ive seen free shipping. Has all the newest stuff too including the N81 with Radeon 4650. http://1toppc.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=asusnb Also they have alot of good youtube benchmark videos on each laptop too. Even...
  17. ShogoXT

    Q9550 OCing failure

    So yesterday I tried getting my Q9550 past 3.3ghz by experimenting with voltages. I tried all sort of ranges of voltages, but alot of times it would either not boot up, blank at loading windows, or shut off after loading windows. I tried every voltage notch from 1.25 to 1.4 and while they get...
  18. ShogoXT

    Stalker: Clear Sky Benchmark results

    http://cs.stalker-game.com/en/?page=news&item=119 Has anyone tried this? I would be curious to see your guys results. EDIT: No AA and at Default settings. The game doesnt play nearly that smooth, probably because I have every single bar to the right. No AA and at Ultra settings.
  19. ShogoXT

    Cat 8.12 HOTFIX!

    http://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&questionID=40671 As soon as I get home they go in. Il let you all know if the problem is fixt!!!
  20. ShogoXT

    8.11 Hotfix Driver

    I found this on another forum. http://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&questionID=38664 The information in this article applies to the following configuration(s): * Catalyst 8.11 Intel X58 I7 Driver * Far Cry 2 * Stalker Clear Sky * Brother in...
  21. ShogoXT

    Radeon 4870 $211 BEFORE rebate!

    Radeon 4870 $211!!! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102797 HARDOCP102710P <--- Promo code! $211 Free Ship AND a $20 rebate on top of that if you care! EXPIRES TODAY!!!!
  22. ShogoXT

    Does OCing cause BSOD "memory dumps"?

    So once in a blue moon and it might be because my OCing, while playing a heavy intensive game, it will suddenly stop and blue screen me. Most noticeable is it saying it needs to do a memory dump which it then "counts down" in a way. Then it reboots. OC? Yay? Nay? Usually doesnt bother me as...
  23. ShogoXT

    BenQ 24inch high quality monitor deal.

    http://store.benq.us/benq-us/product.aspx?sku=3269055&culture=en-US Coupon code "thankyou10". LCD differences can be tricky to see. But if you were to look at them you would see it. This monitor should be $600 so its a great deal.
  24. ShogoXT

    Surprising 1GB 4870 results.

    I, even as a fanboi didnt expect this. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3415 I guess ever since I went from my 2900XT 1GB to my 4850 512MBs I disregarded that a simple memory increase could give performance. We need a W1z review up in here!
  25. ShogoXT

    Overclockin my E6600

    So im trying to push my E6600 even further now. Up to now ive been simply increasing the FSB in order to overclock without touching anything else. I hit a barrier at 3.3ghz so im wondering, what else do I need to mess with (on my maximus formula bios) to get it to go a bit further? I use a...