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  1. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax FTW!!!

    ok so I need some major help. Im going for a new build. for starters heres what I have. Intel Q6600 VID: 1.215v good for 4.2GHZ benching Maximus 2 Formula 4GB Tracer REDS 2X HD4850 512 visiontek Ultra X3 1000w psu Rocketfish my dilema is: should I get 1: Q9650 2Xhd4870 1GB and...
  2. philbrown23

    WTF cant play COD5 online

    so I bought it on steam and it has been working fine. Today I try to play and now it wont let me join any server, it keeps saying server verification eroor, so I go to re-log onto my COD5 online account and it says cannot connect to online services. WTF?!?!? anyone else with this prob?? anyone...
  3. philbrown23

    What THE..... does this look normal to you???

    check these hd tach resuls out. my son pulled this drive off a shelf and it hit the floor does it look right?? it is a seagate ST3300631AS 300GB sata 2 drive 7200.11
  4. philbrown23

    [FS/FT] Asus P45/intel CPU

    Asus P5Q-e only 2 weeks old works beautifully $120 shipped pics coming
  5. philbrown23

    [FS/FT] some real nice stuff!!

    Biostar T-power I45 just back from RMA so basically a new board- $85 shipped MSI P35 neo-2 FR not a bad board has one bent socket pin but still boots and overclocks like it always did. $55 shipped Thermochill PA 120.3 small dent but nothing big came from thermochill like that. $80 shipped...
  6. philbrown23

    what do you use to burn downloaed movies??

    ok so we all download movies, what program and codecs/encoders/decoders do you use?? I was able to do it with my old vista but now that I reformatted I cannot remember what codecs I used therefore I need help! I have a but load of movies to burn but cannot I think i'm missing a codec for win dvd...
  7. philbrown23

    [WTB] good aircooling heatsink

    ok so I want to buy a nice decent air cooler, like a tuniq tower of thermalright 120 or sunbeam core contact, something along those lines I'm up for suggestions. also I want to trade my E8500 for a quad Q6700 or Q9300 pm me if your interested please!!!
  8. philbrown23

    anyone know the product code for the vt 4850??

    visiontek says that there is one that starts like VTK XXX-XXX but on my card there is none that start like that?? does anyone have one that their product code is VTK XXX XXX??
  9. philbrown23

    [FS] E7300 and more!!!

    want a nice case or maybe nice videocard or maybe even a nice quad like Q9450 or Q9300ish NFS Pro street $15 Flight simX with xpansion pack $20 shipped Gears of war $15 shipped Assasins creed $15 shipped 2X1GB OCZgold ddr3 1333mhz 1.7v 9-9-9-24-1t (not sure if one stick works or...
  10. philbrown23

    [FS/FT] PHILBROWN23'S Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC8500 FTW!!!

    So I'm Selling my Tracers as I'm downgrading my pc mainlt because I'm broke and Owe someone some $$ and need to pay them asap. Also because I'm going to be getting out of the high end PC game and into the LOW end for a while at least until Lynnfield hits. so anyway. 4GB (4X1GB) Tracers (NOT RED...
  11. philbrown23

    ##testing## pci-e 2.0 X16 vs. pci-e 2.0 X8

    as this is a common arguement I intend to prove that there is not much difference at al. first off vantage: no real difference only like 20 points.
  12. philbrown23

    750 core no vmods or bios mods hd4850 ha ha

    so here it is guys dont ever doubt me. it's even bench stable and I can prove it if you really think I'm just making stuff up.
  13. philbrown23

    how to tell if you have micron??

    I have 4gb curcial ballistix tracers 1066mhz they oc to 1333mhz at 2.3v but they are single sided?? does micron make chips on single sided ram??
  14. philbrown23

    4XXX crossfire woes

    in xp this is the problem in screenshot. anyone know wtf is going on??
  15. philbrown23

    **OFFICIAL** Biostar T-Power i45/TP45HP info/help thread!!

    So I could not find a thread like this so I figured I'd make one :D. This thread is for us biostar fanbueys to hang out, help out, and post our high fsb's in. so without further adue: Biostar TP45HP pics: Via biostar...
  16. philbrown23

    [FS/FT] philbrown 23's new fs thread! MOBO! ATI!! RAM!! WATERCOOLING!!!

    :nutkick: I'm selling all stuff that I no longer use. :nutkick: NEW: EK HD3870X2 full cover block with clear top like new just needs thermal pad. $45 shipped this thing is insane!! like 4 pounds of copper!!! 2X koolance liquid ram coolers!! like new!! $15.00 shipped each...
  17. philbrown23

    why is gpu-z doing this all the sudden?

    heres a screen shot, it was working then all the sudden when I click on it this is what happens??
  18. philbrown23

    [WTB] E7200/wolfedale STOCK cooler!

    ok so I turned my stock cooler into a DICE pot and need another ASAP! willing to pay like $10.00 plus shipping but need it fast!
  19. philbrown23

    atitool -0.26 will not work!!

    like it says it just wont work, and when I do get it to pop up it reads my clocks wrong wtf??? systemspecs to the left
  20. philbrown23

    [WTB] 120MM fans!!

    ya so I need like 5-10 120mm HIGH CFM fans, for a radiator cube I'm building, so c'mon guys send me some offers, and be prepared to haggle unles you got a low price, but I need theese fast, so HURRY!!
  21. philbrown23

    [FS] HD3870 new taken out for pics ONLY!!

    like it says sapphire single slot hd3870 512 GDDR4 got this cuz mrw was goin to buy it but he went another route, but it's brand new right from ati. I can voltmod the memory and core if you want for no charge, but thats up to the buyer, note: I will NOT voltmod till payment is recieved. I'm...
  22. philbrown23

    [FS/FT][US] my Q6700 for your E8400/E8500

    thats it! my Q6700 for an E8400/8500. this cpu's stock volts are 1.250 and it clocks high, I have had it to 4.200 on 1.66v under my TEC and it only loade at 20c and Idled at -3c pm if interested!
  23. philbrown23

    windows 7 screenshots!!!

    http://wepokers.blogspot.com/2008/05/microsoft-confirms-windows-7-for-2010.html check it out guys! I found this like 20 minutes ago!
  24. philbrown23

    WANT to VOLT mod!

    ok so I have a bunch of 100kohm trim pots comming and I need some measuring points or solder points, for vcore and Vmem and I'm kind of unsure about how to do it other than to solder the wire to the correct spot. could someone help?
  25. philbrown23

    [FS/FT][US] E8400,mobo, ram, gfx BUY ME

    ram, gfx, water cooling BUY ME 2X WD raptors 36.7 GB 10,000RPM used in Raid0 for about a week, and my raid controller in my mobo, went, I have tested each drive and they both work great. $45 shipped each or $80 shipped for the pair. PENDING Crucial ballistix PC5300 667mhz 2GB kit...