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    AMD "Vega 20" GPU Not Before Late Q1-2019

    That doesn't mean anything. It's an architecture roadmap. Architecture != Gaming products.
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    AMD "Vega 20" GPU Not Before Late Q1-2019

    So you're running with the story that Vega 20 which has only been announced as a Radeon Instinct card will be late but won't be late in actuality? Click bait 2/8. Fabricated story 5/7.
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    HyperX Announces Cloud Earbuds with Microphone

    Is that a serious question?
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    Chrome 69 Adds Forced Login, Threatens Privacy: How to Fix it

    Isn't the headline false if Google denies the allegations and explains why it appears you're automatically logged in? Yet the headline is written to make people click only to find out it isn't so cut and dry...
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    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    We're talking about 7nm. There are only two 7nm foundries: TSMC and Samsung so your correction makes little sense. And it's very optimistic to expect chiplet designs when we aren't there yet. The rumors are about massive off-die LLC. However you're adding latency when moving things off-die even...
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    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    That would be Samsung. No other choices. Generally Samsung hasn't been as good as TSMC though so it could cause problems.
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    NVIDIA GPUs Can be Tricked to Support AMD FreeSync

    You could also do it with an APU like 2400G.
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    USB Type-C with DisplayPort+USB Wiring Could Get a Big Push by NVIDIA

    According to VESA you're wrong
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    Intel "Whiskey Lake-U" Core Processor Lineup Detailed

    I think you're misunderstanding something. It's 15W TDP at 1.8 GHz. I wouldn't be surprised if it'll surpass 50W when running full boost.
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    AMD Announces 2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper 2000, up to 32 Cores/64 Threads!

    According to the slide Komplett should also take pre-orders so I'm guessing they're just slow to update their site.
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    Transcend Releases JetDrive 855/850 PCIe NVMe SSD Upgrade Kit for Mac Computers

    Internally? No. Apple uses a proprietary connector instead of m.2 (or soldered-on drives in the latest Pro models) but if you wish to use it externally with the included enclosure in the one SKU, then all you need is a thunderbolt port.
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    Basemark Launches Free Multiplatform GPU Benchmark

    Despite the claim it took two years to make, it's remarkable how fast obvious bugs have been found. If you run the benchmark minimized it'll double your score. That's a terrible design. Tl;dr would not recommend.
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    Acer Readies Predator Helios 500 Variant with Ryzen 7 2700 and RX Vega 56

    This will undoubtedly be at reduced TDPs similar to Nvidia's Max-Q. That means lower voltage and lower clock speeds.
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    AMD B450 Mid-range Chipset Detailed

    Tl;dr yes. Yes, that should be the case. They're both attached to the CPU as well. The PCI-E config should be based on 24 lanes (16 to GPU, 4 to m.2 NVMe and 4 to chipset). According to the table B450 doesn't allow multi GPU and it limits the lanes available to the chipset and therefore less...
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    AMD Updates Warranty Policy on AMD Processors and Aftermarket CPU Coolers

    Well, that or wrong mounting of a cooler including overtightening resulting in too much pressure killing your CPU.
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    AMD Teases Its 7 nm Vega Instinct Accelerator - Data-Pushing Silicon Deployed

    You couldn't fit a fan on the card with more cooling capacity than you'll find in your average rack I'd wager. You can employ various strategies to cool a rack but ultimately you'd most likely end up with worse if you tried to cool individually.
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    AMD Teases Its 7 nm Vega Instinct Accelerator - Data-Pushing Silicon Deployed

    It's a datacenter/HPC card. They don't have fans. So the render is accurate enough.
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    AMD is Saving the Ryzen 7 2800X for a Rainy Day

    The yields are probably similar to 14nm but binning is still a factor. They need to stockpile the best chips. It's exactly the same they did the first time around. If they keep up the cadence it won't be too bad. It'll be less than 6 months between mainstream and HEDT. That's pretty good all...
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    Six First-Generation AMD Ryzen Processor Models Reach EOL

    It's retired because it's pointless to keep selling SKUs that have been replaced. There is nothing to be gained by anyone by continuing to produce and sell an old product. It's unnecessary. It's like buying Skylake when Kaby Lake is out: why would you do that? Support isn't dropped. The article...
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    AMD is Saving the Ryzen 7 2800X for a Rainy Day

    Probably not. From what I can tell it's gonna be reserved for servers and consumer stuff will jump straight to PCI-E 5.0. I think we might see PCI-E 5.0 arrive with DDR5 as well. Will be a while longer though.
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    AMD Readies Z490 Chipset with More (and Faster) PCIe Lanes

    Uh what? What is more restricted? 16/4/4 is what we have now. That's PCI-E slots, m.2 slot and chipset. Using a switch is a neat way to split lanes but you don't get anymore bandwidth. If you hook up a bunch of NVMe drives to the Intel chipset and hammer them, you'll be bottlenecked pretty...
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    AMD Readies Z490 Chipset with More (and Faster) PCIe Lanes

    That was just a rumor. You can't pull lanes out of thin air. It uses 4 3.0 lanes to the chipset and it makes more sense to split that into 8 lanes which of course halves bandwidth to 2.0. They'd have to unlock more lanes on the CPU itself which I think they won't do for compatibility and...