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    NVIDIA Influencing YouTube Tech Journalists' Product-Placements, Alleges Whistleblower

    Further insisting on my post being meant ironically or sarcastically after I clarified it wasn't at all is basically like trying to convince me that my name was "Paul" when I am telling you it's "Frank". So I am not quite sure what you're trying to achieve here. Also this toxicity out of...
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    NVIDIA Influencing YouTube Tech Journalists' Product-Placements, Alleges Whistleblower

    Wishful thinking. Online, I stick to not using irony or any other easily misunderstood kind of tropes. Rest assured - you can take what was said there at face value.
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    What's the fastest storage in your PC?

    OS on 1x Samsung 840 EVO 500GB Games on 2 x Seagate Exos E 4kn, 6TB in RAID0 Array of 12TB
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    Diablo IV is official!

    The first game I'll buy in a long time after DOOM (2016).
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    NVIDIA Influencing YouTube Tech Journalists' Product-Placements, Alleges Whistleblower

    Gotta love the patronizing , passive-aggressive, threatening tone in some of the posts of forum users who seem to "know better" how to conduct a business than the actual owner o_O Almost speaks for itself.
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    NVIDIA Influencing YouTube Tech Journalists' Product-Placements, Alleges Whistleblower

    Don't be naïve. Obviously the problem is not the displaying of the products itself. Rather than the implication/ramification if NVIDIA approaches content creators and coerces them to do so purposefully (market manipulation). That is the whole pivot point of the discussion. And all of it stands...
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    NVIDIA Beats Intel to Integer Scaling, but not on all Cards

    It kind of is. http://tanalin.com/en/projects/integer-scaler/ (freeware 500kb .exe & very small memory footprint ~ 2MiB) https://store.steampowered.com/app/993090/Lossless_Scaling/ (didn't buy, it's 3 bucks, and for that it allows you to choose scale factor 1x,2x,3x,4x,... - also you can...
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    Google Announces Stadia Cloud Gaming Service at GDC 2019

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AV1#Levels Yes I think tendency towards ~18 GB/h in games with a lot of stuff moving. But way less for games where either parts of the screen are intransparent HUD elements (WoW, Diablo III, League of Legends, etc.) or the screen is basically just having small...
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    AMD Ryzen Memory Tweaking & Overclocking Guide

    Nice article! Uncached startup times of bigger applications like games / photoshop or comparable tools would be interesting to see the differences as well! ( start from SSD ofc, HDD would negate any considerable effect that is significant enough to be compared )
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.11.1 Beta

    Pretty interesting guy... you are.
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    A defense of 24 frames per second and why it's here to stay for cinema

    Didn't watch the full vid of the OP but I don't see resources or technical limits as main reason for keeping 24fps for cinema. For me it's more that the immersion is being taken away ( this invisible barrier between movie world and real world ) by doing it in 60fps. It's the soap opera effect...
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    Making windows use all cores more often?

    Didn't wanna say something about it but ... to be honest ... I even think he posted the video initally to be serious and then edited the video description to it "being a joke" after finding out it does nothing / is placebo... at least judging by his level of depth in other PC related videos of him.
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    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    TR 2950X + ASUS Prime X399-A + some good ol' RAM
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    Making windows use all cores more often?

    No. You choose how many logical cores you want to expose to the whole OS runtime. If you choose a value of 2 for example your Windows will boot and only have 2 CPU cores available to use. The others are basically disabled / non-visible to the whole OS and all apps you run. I think your basic...
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    Making windows use all cores more often?

    https://www.geoffchappell.com/notes/windows/boot/bcd/osloader/numproc.htm don't use the option, it has no other use than testing purpose nowadays. windows will autodetect # of logical cores and you can artificially reduce these by setting /numproc manually. there is no performance advantage...
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    Share your Anvil SSD score

    your stick is pcie x4 which means ~3.99.. GB/s cap by the bus itself (including overhead) so striping it won't help a lot with max sequential. since the advertised speeds for a non-array single stick of yours are 3.4GB/s read and 2.3GB/s write. as we can see these are actually underachieved in...
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    Stuttering issue in video applications with "stable system"

    Maybe this is relevant: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/how-to-disable-the-32-bit-512-mb-vram-on-gtx-970.248645/
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    Are you gaming in 4K?

    Playing mostly 1080p (native) and sometimes 1440p downscaled (if game has poor or unwanted type of AA implementation). 4K only for benchmarks / testing stuff.
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    Share your Anvil SSD score

    Rocking the 840 evo for 5 years now. Rapid (RAM cache) is obviously disabled for this test!
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    Massive problems with RTX series cards artifacting and dying

    It's mind-boggling that the same people who took part in fuelling the PR hoax-story about motherboard slots burning down due to PCIe current overshoot with RX480 (ahead of that GTX 960 had even higher wattage spikes - nobody said a word) now try to do damage control for an officially confirmed...
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    AMD Ryzen Memory Analysis: 20 Apps & 17 Games, up to 4K

    I guess it must be all those people who also still play in 480p or 720p :laugh:
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    Sniper Elite 4: Performance Analysis

    Hi! Nice review, although... what are the clock speed readouts of the cards during the run? You write the CPU clock but nowhere the GPU clock is mentioned, which is quite important to know in a graphics benchmark. Even if they are stock, it would be important to know WHICH stock clock it is...
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    is this with stable clocks out of the box? or did you have to increase the power level for stable stock clocks?
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    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    I went from 2GB VRAM with my 270X and when I am honest I hope I can do the BIOS flash to 8GB but I didn't try it out yet, have to read the tutorials still. Now I am just enjoying the card as it is. For someone like me playing many games in high Texture quality without MSAA but 1440p on my old...
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    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    I actually own two PowerColor reference cards 4GB model since last week. 420€ :D Running games faster than my friend with the 1070... and some games really scale so good that it beats the 1080... Can't complain. Best deal in the last 5 years ... My 4790K was a not so good deal... should have...