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    PC stability issue, CPU to blame?

    So I had a mishap with my PC a while ago and to sum it up, I am on my third Biostar motherboard. The problem with my PC is that it restarts by itself. Usually it takes about half an hour or so, I got lucky when it finally lived through the installation of Windows 7. Sometimes it's a clean...
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    ok to install OS for a prebuilt?

    My friend gave me her laptop to clean of viruses. She's had it for a year and a half now, it has vista mixed with an older mobile sempron...obviously bloated with all kinds of crap. It has a shitload of viruses too, and will not boot short of safe mode. Only antivirus I can use is USB based...
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    From a single core 3500 to a Phenom 9600...

    What's the first thing I'm going to do? CS:S with 40 bots! :rockout: ...man I'm outdated :shadedshu
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    Good soundcard for music?

    I listen to a LOT of music, at least four hours a day is devoted to music and related miscellanea. I'm planning to get the Klipsch Promedia 2.1s, unless there are any other suggestions (which I would also approve of). I will be running this under vista, so I would like everything to be...
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    Getting back into computers: new build. Any advice?

    My computer has not been stable at all lately. I've had enough of it. It's gone through 3 power supplies, and now I think the motherboard is dying (ECS). It works for about 20 minutes, then locks up and/or crashes completely. Sometimes it won't post for hours on end, for no reason. Other times...
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    Any good speakers?

    I spend the majority of my time in music, about four hours a day I'm either playing, listening, or writing music. Simply put, I've had enough of my cheapo speakers. I really want to get something better, but at the same time I am really limited by my budget. For a while I was looking at the...
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    Building speakers?

    Right, so I'm one of those people that is obsessed with music. I love it to death, but I hate listening to Dark Side of the Moon on FLAC through $30 computer speakers. I'm a traditional guy, I prefer vinyl to Mp3, tube to solid state, and simple, musical speakers to 7.1 systems with...
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    The Official TPU Pink Floyd Clubhouse!

    Listening to Pink Floyd is like having a million orgasms simultaneously. this club was created so lovers of Pink Floyd can gather and express their love. There are no rules for members, if you wish, you may have an avatar (a) representing the band or (b) representing an album. I for example...
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    Space problem

    I cannot space without shifting in Windows Vista while Trillian is running. It is not a keyboard problem, and happens only in Vista. It only happened recently, I pressed something and it happened. This lack of space without pressing shift occurs in all apps. I appreciate any help.
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    Building an HTPC

    What kind of hardware do you guys recommend? My budget is...inconclusive, basically I want a decent system, and if that means $200 fine, if it means $600, fine. But I'd like to keep it under $500. We are using a standard TV at the moment, but we are planning to get a 1080P soon. Stuff we will...
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    Question about a schematic.

    I wanna build an effect, but I barely remember how to read a schematic, and I am too embarrassed to admit to my father (an electronic engineer) that I forgot how to read one, can you guys help me out? I already have all of the parts, and I understand the series/parallel rules of capacitors...
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    PDA question

    Does Palm OS Garnet v5.4 support handwriting recognition? My fathers friend wanted a PDA and he wants that feature. This is the PDA that looks the best for him. He's gonna place an order soon. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16858101135 Thanks
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    adjust buffering time?

    It seems that any site I go to, or anything I download, it takes a while for it to begin downoad, but then it downloads like a rocket, same with youtube, it will be like 3 minutes before the movie starts downloading, then it downloads in three seconds. My father does not have this problem on...
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    FEAR update problem

    Every time I try to update FEAR it tells me that it is not installed and update aborts, when it infact is installed. Any help is appreciated.
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    need setup.exe for bf2

    Somehow my BF2 dvd screwed up and I can't install bf2. i managed to rescue most of it but the setup.exe was corrupted. does anyone have the setup.exe? Thanks
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    Best distro for me?

    I am looking for a good distro of linux, some key things I'm looking for are: 1. Ease of configuration (so I can set up my network drive) 2. Ease of use (I don't want to be memorizing sudo and commands and that stuff) 3. Shitfulls of eye-candy. (I quite eating candy, so I need eye candy to...
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    Steam not downloading

    As stated in the title, Steam will not download content, saying that its servers are too busy to handle your request, it has been going on for a month now, and I'm starting to get upset. Any help would be appreciated. :toast:
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    BF2142 Probelm w/ login

    Whenever I log in it sez that login couldn't be found locally on this machine or something like that. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Vista error, barely can run anything.

    Whenever I try to install something from a CD or DVD, Vista sez: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. Whenever I try to open a zip, rar etc. it says the same, I can open things, and run things that are already...
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    The broke tekies software, tutorial and guide thread.

    LCCWIN32 An awesome C compiler for Windows, programming and newbie guides also available @ the site! Download Beginners web programming guide CSS, Javascript, HTML, and internet design! Here Flash & minor Photoshop tutorials Some good flash tutorials here, Photoshop tutorials not so...
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    Vista network conflict.

    Everyone knows how great Vista is @ discovering devices and networks, but now I have a problem. On startup, it finds two networks, one is my working "Network" network, and the other is some sort of "Unidentified network". This is causing a conflict, and I cannot connect to the internet, I...
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    The Instrumant Players' Clubhouse

    The Instrument Players' Clubhouse This clubhouse is for anyone that plays, owns, or wishes to play an instrument of any sort. You can show us pictures of your instrument, ask questions, upload tabs/music, or whatever! To join: Just tell me the name of the instrument(s) you play and you will...
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    Vista question...

    I am wondering where those "green" folders are located, they are not in "shell32.dll" as I checked. The reason I am asking is because I screwed up one of the icons on a folder and I want to get it back to normal.