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  1. FelipeV

    Block ALL internet access except one site.

    I´m having some problems doing this using hosts files and nework configuration. What I need. Stop All internet Allow only one site accessible. If possible Windows Updates and AV updates (Microsoft AV) I found this method. Configur IP manualy outside the range of the router, router...
  2. FelipeV

    Kingston DataTraveler 100 SLOW Copy.

    Anyone knows some program to format ou repair or anything else to format to factory setting (if that is possible) a USB Flashdrive. I have a Datatraveler 100 4GB, till few weeks ago it was working fine, read average of 16mb/s write at 10mb/s, then suddenly the write speed goes down, now...
  3. FelipeV

    New Crysis WARHEAD Benchmark Tool BETA

    Hello !! I've created a small utility to assist on benchmarking Crysis Warhead, much like Crysis Benchmarking tool. Frontend screenshot Requirements Windows XP/Vista Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Crysis WARHEAD (not included) ====================== FBWH Tool 0.31 Installer (Update...
  4. FelipeV

    The Search for Micro Stuttering in 4870X2

    Me and my friends start testing the new X2 from ATI and comparing it with the 3870X2 and a Single 4870. This are the first comparisson we make comparing the frametimes between this cards, and we get surprise to see the results of the new X2. EDIT: We use Fraps to record Frametimes during a...
  5. FelipeV

    HD4870X2 GPU1 not going 3D clocks

    Hi, I having some issues with my New 4870X2. My new X2 is not going to 3D clock for its second GPU, its allways at 2D clocks. CCC only show one card at overdrive menu. I did try GPU-Z and AMD GPU clock tool, and both show 2D clocks in one of the cards when running 3D, so a I tried...
  6. FelipeV

    Crysis vs HD 3870X2

    This are some tests I´m doing with Crysis and my X2, some numbers to compare with the new X2 coming next month. This was done using Fraps, recordind, FPS and Frametimes. 50 fps = all fps 59 to 50 40 fps = all fps 49 to 40 30 fps = all fps 39 to 30 and so on. System used (signature) ATI...
  7. FelipeV

    Microstuttering is gone on R700!

    http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showpost.php?p=3132311&postcount=469 Good news for the ones waiting for the new X2.
  8. FelipeV

    Some tips for Crossfire user.

    Ok, A few weeks ago a friend was upset about Grid not working well with his X2, so I started trying renaming games executable to one from games that work with Crossfire setups. So in Grid, renaming to Oblivion.exe make CF works in this game, this was before 8.6. I did try other games...