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  1. blu3flannel

    Parts Appraisal!

    Alright, I need some appraisals on parts so I can move on to P67/Z68. First part: GTX 470 This is an EVGA GTX 470 without the stock heatsink. Everything else is included, and it runs perfectly (overclocks up to 825MHz core), it just doesn't have a heatsink. i5 750 This CPU comes with all...
  2. blu3flannel

    HDD Not Recognized by H61M/U3S3

    I was assembling a low-budget build when I uncovered a problem. The motherboard, an ASRock H61M/U3S3, would not recognize the hard drive, a Seagate ST3500413AS. I thought nothing of it and installed Windows 7 on it from my computer. When I plugged it back in to the new build and rebooted, it...
  3. blu3flannel

    SixthSense Technology

    This is a really interesting video on this technology being developed by Pranav Mistry, a guy at MIT. It has massive potential for various fields of science, medicine and of course consumer use.
  4. blu3flannel

    25-Foot HDMI Cable Config Issues

    I posted a thread similar to this a couple of weeks ago, but there have been a few new developments that merit a new thread. I purchased another, functional 25-foot HDMI cable to hook up to my coupler that links to my mini-HDMI-to-HDMI cable. Since the other one was faulty I assumed it would...
  5. blu3flannel

    HDMI Cable Configuration Not Working

    I have a GTX 470 that comes with the mini-HDMI port. I bought a coupler so I could connect the mini-HDMI cable to a regular HDMI cable and extend it into my living room where my TV is. I bought a 25-foot HDMI cable, and after hooking everything up (diagram attached), it doesn't work. I at first...
  6. blu3flannel

    [FS][US] $15 iTunes Card

    I need a few more bucks in my PayPal so I can buy some Grado SR-60i's so I'm selling this card. It was given to me at Christmas and has not been touched since then. I'm asking $4 FOR THE NEXT HALF HOUR for it. Pics: Thanks for looking!
  7. blu3flannel

    Headphones Problem

    Mods, feel free to switch this to General Software, if that's the direction this thread takes. This may be a noobish question, but I can't stand it anymore. I have a (cheapish, but great sound quality) set of Skullcandy headphones, seen here (I have a different color, but whatever). I've used...
  8. blu3flannel

    Is SB a Worthy Upgrade?

    You can see my specs to the left. I use my PC for gaming, occasional encoding, and Photoshop. If I were to sell the CPU, mobo, and GPU with waterblock (all around $575), would it be worth it to put the funds towards an i5 2500k, a motherboard and a 6870 and overclock the crap out of it? Keep in...
  9. blu3flannel

    Appraisal for PSU Sleeving

    If I wanted someone to sleeve this Cooler Master GX Series RS750 PSU with black sleeving and heatshrink, about how much would that cost? Include all costs you can think of. Thanks. :toast:
  10. blu3flannel

    Overclock = White Screen of Death!

    I had just finished running 3DMark 11 and had put my results in when I saw a score, made with a GTX 470 at a higher clock, that was higher than mine. Naturally wanting to outscore this score, I opened Afterburner and adjusted my clocks (it was ridiculously high TBH). When I hit "Apply", the...
  11. blu3flannel

    Having Trouble Removing the GTX 470 Heatsink

    Hey all, I'm going to put a Bitspower Black Freezer waterblock on my GTX 470. I was beginning to remove the screws for the heatsink when they started to get very hard to remove. There are now seven of them that, even though I have fitting screwdrivers, I cannot remove for the life of me. Does...
  12. blu3flannel

    Pump Making Grinding Sound

    My pump, after running for over 12 hours or so, begins to make this grinding/ stripping noise. It happens for a while, goes away, then comes back again. It also makes this high-pitched whining noise that doesn't stop when the grinding does. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks. :toast:
  13. blu3flannel

    RAM Timings vs. Frequencies

    Quick question: Should I have my memory set to 1600MHz at CL 7 or to 2000MHz at CL 10 and why? May as well make it a poll too.
  14. blu3flannel

    Push/Pull Fan Configuration Worth It?

    I'm putting my loop back together after adding a reservoir and I realized that the benefits in temperature might not justify the amount of sound the fans make. What do you guys think?
  15. blu3flannel

    [WTB][US] A $50 Replacement Video Card

    Hey all, I need a video card I can use as a replacement when I'm in GPU transitioning, and my 9500GT can't really support 1080p gaming very well. It will need to be $50 shipped, so PM me with offers and we can work something out. Heat is in the sig. Thanks! :toast:
  16. blu3flannel

    [FS/FT][US] blu3flannel's Components Palace!

    Well, it's not exactly a palace, but I'll add stuff when I can. -Heatware- The Terms: I use PayPal and PayPal only. I ship USPS Priority from 27284 to anywhere in the US, but shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise noted. Everything is OBO, but please, no lowballing. If there...
  17. blu3flannel

    Which card to choose?

    Well, since this GTX 470 is on sale for $300, and 5850's are normally $300, which one should I get? Keep in mind that I will be water cooling said card (eventually), and doing SLI/Crossfire sometime in the future. Thanks. :toast:
  18. blu3flannel

    Very New to Water Cooling, Need All the Help I Can Get!

    I ordered some (new and used) water cooling parts off both here, Danger Den and Frozen CPU. I'm very new to water cooling, meaning I've never done it before. The closest I've come is using an H50 for a while. I need help setting everything up and will give a parts list so you can tell me if...
  19. blu3flannel

    240 Rad vs 280 Rad?

    Hey, I was just wondering if I would see much of a difference between a 120.2 and a 140.2 radiator? Would temps be significantly lower or would the difference be negligible? Thanks! :toast:
  20. blu3flannel

    [WTB][US] 140 x2 Radiator

    I need a 120mm x2 radiator to go into my CM 690 II Advanced, PM me with any offers you may have. I'd prefer for it to have 3/8" fittings on, but I'll take anything. I need this really soon as I'm going on vacation and would like to have it here when I get back. Shoot me a PM with the merch and...
  21. blu3flannel

    i5 750 up to i7 860- worth the upgrade?

    Hi, I just bought an i5 750 (just, as in a couple of hours ago). After doing so, I saw a deal in the classifieds section of a Core i7 860 for $200. Is it worth returning my i5 750 to get the i7 860 or should I just take my i5 750 to ~4GHz and not bother? Thanks.