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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 Super WindForce OC

    Strange conclusion. The difference between the 5500xt and the 1650 super seem negligible at best, but looking at the charts the 1650 is approx 1fps faster in 1080p and the 5500xt is approx 1fps faster at 1440p, in the uk the 5500xt and 1650 super are the same price. so there is no real...
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    Windows 10 Home OEM or Pro on old socket 775 system?

    why is the graphics card in the bottom slot ? i would move it to the top
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    Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen 3000

    Hynix is running 1t the Samsung is running 2t
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    AMD 1700 with a 5700 XT

    Just because Zen 2 was released dosnt all of a sudden make your 1700 bad, the 1700 is still a capable cpu, more than enough for a 5700xt.
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    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

    thx , its not visible unless you know :confused:
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    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

    i am getting some very strange timings with version 1.6.2, anyone have a link to version 1.6.1?
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    Haven't built in a decade - clueless where to start. Advice greatly appreciated!

    ICH10R i dont think Intel make win 10 drivers for that chip set anymore
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    Old PC CPU Upgrade

    you'll will be happy i didn't realize that a q9xxx cpu was the same price as a xeon now so i think you went the right route. i think you will notice a difference mainly down to the extra cache memory that cpu has. as for breaking the push pins on your cooler i have seen them for sale on ebay...
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    Old PC CPU Upgrade

    personally i would go the xeon route. i upgraded a system from a c2d earlier this yea and it was able to play far cry 5 with no problems, it had a p5qle motherboard which is worse than yours with the same p35 chipset. adding the xeon cpu codes to the bios is straightforward as this was a thing...
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    Ryzen 3900X can't clock 1800MHz Infinity Fabric with 3600 CL14. Disappointed with Ryzen.

    i can tell your not running everything stock. your overclocking everything at the same time then blaming the memory controller. run everything stock then increase your infinity fabric and see if that's stable first. then try tighter memory timings then overclock the cpu. start again from scratch...
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    What kind of paint can I buy that will be safe to customize plastic shroud of GPU?

    maybe look for some ceramic spray paint if your worried about heat although i doubt your heatsink will get that hot it will be harder wearing than the standard stuff and about the same price.
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    I'm sold, who else is getting an AMD 3600x?

    kinda happy with my 1600 TBH no need to upgrade
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    Cooler for Ryzen 5 1600x

    im still using my ninja rev b , although ive got new fans on it, so any half decent cooler should be fine
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    Ram issue Ryzen

    Have you checked the compatability list for the memory(https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B350-GAMING-PLUS#support-mem-12), some sticks will not work with all slots populated in this motherboard. mixing brands is going to make things more difficult. make sure the memory with the loosest...
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    Which graphics card is the one to buy at the moment? Or wait till next year?

    The vega56 with the blower cooler is going for under $300. best value AMD card ATM
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    Please help me build a good budget gaming pc for my son

    This is what i would be looking at https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/pK7vxG I would look to buy a windowns 10 pro key online, ive seen legit ones for 11$ on the grey market. ive never had a problem using them. The only possible issue is the motherboard may need a bios update before it will...
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    Socket 775 Build

    that looks like a graphics card issue.
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    My Windforce 1050 ti is DEAD

    There is a warning on the bios page regarding what bios files you can flash from what series. F1, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F2-F9. F10, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F11-F19. F20, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F21-F29. maybe you have tried to flash...
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    PC hangs while gaming, with loud noise to boot.

    I would defiantly attribute this to a failing psu. corsair's fail like this(is your psu a corsair?), its the circuit protection kicking in, then the pc wont restart unless you turn it off at the switch.
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    A-Data Releases Eight New Tri-Channel DDR3 Memory Kits

    YOUR RIGHT on i7 theres a warning on the motherboards that a voltage of more than 1.65 on the memory may damage the cpu
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    Scythe Launches Ninja 2 CPU Cooler

    mystery solved my ninja has 23 fins and this new one has 27.
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    Scythe Launches Ninja 2 CPU Cooler

    there is a diffrence they have cut a square out of the four corners of the bottom 3 fins. should i take a hacksaw to mine to get this 15% boost in peformance there talking about ;/. or maybe they have added three fins at the bottom with cutout corners. would that add up to 15% more fins i wonder
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    Cs:source Server Test

    hi im trying to test a server and would appreciate it if ppl could join it for a bit thanks in advance
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    NVIDIA Drivers Sacrificing Crysis Quality for Performance

    those 2 screen shots havent been taken from the same place so its not reasonable to compare them. slightly diffrent veiwing angle