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  1. gumpty

    Random 'Test Reviews' popping up in my RSS reader pointing to broken links.

    Hey just wondering what's with the random links to reviews that have popped up in Google Reader just now. They point either to broken links or reviews with no content. This: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/W1zzard/Test/ & this: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/test/
  2. gumpty

    Watercooling pumps - how noisy are they?

    Just a random question I'm interested in knowing the answer too ... are custom water-cooling pumps noisy? I'm interested because some day I want to go (properly) water-cooled, but I wont bother if the pump is going to whine or groan or resonate in any way. Essentially it's all about the noise...
  3. gumpty

    Windows randomly hangs on OC

    Hi guys, hopefully I can get a bit of help with the problem I'm having overclocking my i5-760. So, basically the problem is that no matter what overclock I put into my CPU, I've had it stable through hours of stress tests at 4Ghz or 3.8Ghz, for some reason it will randomly hang in Windows...
  4. gumpty

    Baptise me with your water cooling knowledge.

    Okay guys, I'm toying up with the idea of a scratch-build, and I'd ideally like to set a design that will be flexible enough in the future (or present) to accommodate enough water cooling kit to keep my pc dead quiet. Ideally what I would like is for my CPU and GPU to be under water, with a...
  5. gumpty

    Advice on HTPC case - ATX sized

    Hello all. Well sadly I've got to the point where 'life' and 'reality' gets in the way of hobbies and passions. Due to space issues in the room I share with my fiance, I need to sell my current case and replace it with a smaller one. Planning ahead, I've resigned myself to the fact that it'll...
  6. gumpty

    Win7 Arrives & Vista Rebels

    My copy of Win7 arrived early today! :rockout: Bless the British Mail Workers and their strike scheduled to start tomorrow. :toast: Anyway, funny thing is - my existing Vista install must have sensed it's imminent demise and so threw a BSOD on startup. Poor little bugger - it should have...
  7. gumpty

    RAID1 with differing firmware

    Hello chaps. Right, well I've had a couple of Seagate 1TB hard drives in RAID1 for a while (the ones with the dodgy firmware :shadedshu) - anyway, a couple of months ago one of them bricked. So I RMA'd it and it was replaced with a retail version of the same drive (slightly different product...
  8. gumpty

    OCZ Apex SSDs in RAID0?

    Just a bit of info needed. I just recently got me a 60Gb OCZ Apex SSD and installed Vista on it, and most of the rest of my programs on a WD 300Gb VelociCraptor. Sadly the raptor bricked soon after and was RMA'd. Now eBuyer no longer stock the raptor so I will be getting a refund and was...