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    Broken Hardwares

    Which pc parts has abruptly died in your hands? Can be from overclocking, dead on arrival, wear and tear, bad installation Let me know your story how long have you had it?, was it expensive? etc i had an amd athlon xp 2400+, i cracked the cpu with thermaltake cooler had it for 2 years and i...
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    Year 2020 wishlist (tech wise)

    Hey guys its almost dawn on us the start of a new decade :) What is on your wishlist for 2020? Upgrades - What do you want to upgrade? New Box - What kind of specs are you aiming for? Other things - Headphones, amps, nas etc etc I'm looking forward to upgrading my current GPU and my 1080p...
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    Optimizing Old Laptop

    Hey guys I have an old laptop (acer s13) that has decent specs for work applications. Its mainly used for doing presentation, excel, word, firefox and steam. I have full version of trend micro maximum installed as well. Steam is only used for chatting. Specs are i5 6th gen (cant remember on...
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    New Build or upgrade current?

    Dear forum dwellers, I cannot decide for my life whether at this stage i should do a new build or upgrade the current rig. CPU : I7 6700k Ram : DDR4 2666mhz SSD : 512 Crucial BX100 GPU : Asus Strix GTX 1070ti MON : 27" 1080p As for new build i havent really decided on ryzen or intel yet for...