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    Intel Could Launch 10th Gen Core "Comet Lake" Desktop Processors on April 30

    Anything between now and the next major architecture based on the new node from Intel are stop gaps. But being Intel, I'm pretty sure they won't lower the price (or at least not substantially). So not worth it.
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    Team Group MP33 512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD

    The firmware of the drive seems to have been tuned for benchmarks rather than real life applications. Also wondering if running at 83C with no throttling for extended period of time is going to adversely affected the lifespan of the drive (this kind of usage pattern is probably unrealistic on an...
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    Intel Rocket Lake-S Platform Detailed, Features PCIe 4.0 and Xe Graphics

    The feature set of the 500 series platform look very promising. But I'll stick to my 9700k for another year or two. Hopefully both AMD and Intel would be on 7nm by then.
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    Is buying a Delided i5 9400F a good choice?

    Make sure you do a rigorous test with a slew of benchmark software. Sometimes damage to the die doesn't show up immediately. I had an Athlon XP 3000+ and chipped the corner of its die by mistake. The PC would boot into WinXP and work fine with no adverse symptoms for browsing, watching videos...
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    ASRock Radeon RX 5500 XT Phantom Gaming OC 8 GB

    Well according to TPU own performance summary (@ 1080p and 1440p), 1660 is about 7 - 8% faster than 5500XT. I don't count 8% as within margin of error. As for 4K, yes a mere 2% difference is within margin, but neither is usable at that resolution. BTW a brand new 580 8GB is about £40 cheaper...
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    Editorial Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate: Why it Helps Gamers Pick Future Proof Graphics Cards

    I'm not familiar with the existing Xbox or PS4. Does anyone know how long they can sustain the peak performance before throttling due to heat?
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    ASRock Radeon RX 5500 XT Phantom Gaming OC 8 GB

    In the UK 1660 6GB can be had £5 cheaper and performs better than 5500XT. Don't really see there is a market for this card.
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    Sony Reveals PS5 Hardware: RDNA2 Raytracing, 16 GB GDDR6, 6 GB/s SSD, 2304 GPU Cores

    Haven't touched a console since PS2 time. But my boy has been asking for a console for quite some time now. So if we're going to get him one for next Christmas, I'd go for PS5 simply because I love some of the Sony exclusives and would like to take advantage of the console when he isn't playing.
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    MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT Gaming X 8 GB

    Terrible pricing. If a user wants to stick to AMD, 580/590 offers much better value than this.
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    EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO

    Since x60 is at the market sweet spot, I suppose it isn't unusual to see so many variant of the same card. I believe the same happened with GTX1060 before.
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    Western Digital Announces the WD Gold Series U.2 NVMe Enterprise SSDs

    Yes. That's why I've replaced all the storage disk in my desktops with SSD. However for my server, I simply can't afford multiple 2/4TB SSDs for RAID.
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    BIOSTAR Launches A Reboot of The H61 Series Motherboards

    Isn't the board in mini-ITX form factor instead? H81 and 4th gen i5/i7 can also be found around similar prices, so why going back to H61?
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    Arctic Unveils the Freezer 7 X CPU Cooler

    Still got my old freezer 7 pro cooling a 4570 in a hackintosh build. Sad to see it get replaced by a cost cutting version.
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    AMD Radeon "Navi" OpenCL Bug Makes it Unfit for SETI@Home

    Really? Fourier Transform is one of the fundamentals for compute work. If AMD indeed screwed up its implementation at the hardware level, they would need a recall.
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    Memory Chip Swap Mod SUPERcharges an RTX 2080 Ti

    Great craftsmanship, but not very practical (or creative). I doubt any 2080 Ti owners have the guts to try this out except for the richest of them.
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    Scythe Rolls Out SCY-920S Entry-level Tower-type CPU Cooler

    Surprised there is still a market for 92mm 2-pipe tower coolers. AMD stock coolers have surpassed this level of performance I believe. And for Intel you really need a 120mm+ 3-pipe cooler if you want reliable turbo boost. The only 92mm cooler I've used was the Thermalright Ultima 90. Now...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Super SC Ultra

    Is there any point for GTX1660 Ti to even exist now? Or maybe NV will up the memory speed of the Ti and sell it as v2 at the same price.
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    Intel Readies "The Element" - a Next-Generation of Modular PCs

    Basically a desktop equivalent of the blade server where every component is hot swappable.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    The model that interests me the most is the R7 3700X, plenty of cores, high performance and 65W TDP at Core i5 price.
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    Future Microsoft Office Versions Look to be Subscription Only

    Ridiculous. The only thing that keeps me on Windows is gaming or else I'd move to Linux full time. Not even greedy Apple is planning this for macOS.
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    NVIDIA Announces Availability of GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card - Cheapest Raytracing on October 17th

    Exactly what I'll be doing. Never buy 1st generation of some fancy new tech as by the time it's fine tuned and widely adopted the 1st gen would not have the horsepower to run it.
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    Samsung To Reduce DRAM Output Growth in Favor of Maintaining Prices, Says Bloomberg

    So basically when I picked up Corsair 2x16GB DDR4 2666 from Amazon for £200 (believe it was a labelling error) last November, that was like a last sight of an extinct animal. Unless the regulators do something or some new players join the market and stir things up, the DRAM price will never come...
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    First Intel Core i7-9700K Review Surfaces

    Wish this is true, but the reality is much worse.
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    Intel-Micron QLC NAND Yields Less Than 50%, a Prelude to Global SSD Price Hikes?

    Let's see if Sammy, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Sandisk etc. follow suits and declare poor yield as well. If not, then it's just an isolated case because of incompetence of Intel/IMFT. Otherwise we can expect an incoming price fix on SSDs.
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    Intel Gags Customers from Publishing Performance Impact of Microcode Updates

    Acts like this that keep consumers in the dark before they make their purchase decisions is in no way legal in Europe.