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  1. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    Failed Realbench after 7 min at 1.32...4.9is good enuf :)
  2. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    Maybe later on at night after this 90+ deg heat wave passes or another night when the air conditioning is on :)
  3. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    Not going for 5ghz stress testing on air, I like this chip too much, LOL! But here is 4.9ghz@1.28v for you, 74c max - not bad at all!
  4. LagunaX

    Sandy Bridge to Skylake. Is it worth it?

    4.8ghz 2500k, ignore open CL: 4.8ghz 4790k, again ignore open CL: Encoding and heavy multitasking times are cut by roughly 33% from the 2500k to the 4790k at the same clock speeds, not sure if hyperthreading was accounted for in the 4790k. Skylake is supposedly 5% faster than Haswell too...
  5. LagunaX

    Your favorite case fan?

    I like the Cougar Vortex series and also use the Cooler Master Sickle Flow fans too. Just ordered these Enermax fans from Newegg since there is a 20% off sale with free shipping thru 8/16, the above are 18-19dBA, these Enermax are suppposedly 14dBA: ENERMAX T.B. Silence UCTB12N-R 120mm Red LED...
  6. LagunaX

    Will you upgrade to Intel Skylake?

    No for me - there is little to no improvement over an i7-4790k - so not worth the new processor, DDR4, and motherboard (easily $600-1000). Pretty happy with my Vietnam 4.8-4.9ghz 4790k at the moment too: Sounds like we won't necessarily have to upgrade our DX11+ graphics cards either to make...
  7. LagunaX

    2013 Ivy Bridge i7-3770k overclocking results

    Batch 3231B145 Costa Rica Delidded Air Cooling 4.8ghz 1 hour x264 V2 and Asus ROG RealBench stable, 1.264v. x264 conversion is the new stress test for Sandy, Ivy, and Haswell, see if your chip can pass it or not...I was stable on Prime/IBT/AIDA64 but crashed quickly on x264 stressing:
  8. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    Haven't been here for a while, but I've changed my Haswell Stress Testing slightly. I use 2 tests now, x264 Stability Test V2 or the Asus ROG RealBench Stress Test: A) x264 Stability Test V2: https://mega.co.nz/#!3tAGnAqZ!QbCz2r1fG0WjM8DgGYeExngGypaHftAzPUgTSn2kAdk I run either 8 loops (1...
  9. LagunaX

    [WTB] 4790K

    siliconlottery.com has pre-binned chips. I have a delidded one on eBay now too. But outside of eBay it would be 10% lower.
  10. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    Yeah I like it too, as for most ppl x264 encoding or BF4 is the most stressful their CPU will get. Try the other looped one too - I passed x264 v.5.0.1 x64 BUT had to up my voltage up just a little to pass 5 loops of the looped version x64 16 threads chosen.
  11. LagunaX

    Thumbs up to Thermalright Cooling customer support

    Not sure which forum this belongs in so here goes: Bought a Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme high end air cooler, one of the few air coolers capable of handling an overclocked Devil's Canyon i7-4790k. Was missing an Intel backplate nylon washer. Emailed Thermalright customer support...
  12. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    Oh yeah, just for everyone's FYI I delidded using the hammerless vice method, which I believe to be the most brainless and safest, where once you have the padded green chip PCB against one edge and the top shelf of the metal IHS against the other edge, gradually little twists of the vice will...
  13. LagunaX

    Intel Haswell Overclocking Clubhouse.

    I settled for 4.7ghz core 4.4ghz uncore on my delidded Devil's Canyon as far as vcore and temps for 24/7. One thing I must say is that Prime95 v285 is worthless unless you want to fry an egg for Haswell. Funny thing is that I thought I was stable after passing IBT on max and AIDA64 for 1.5...
  14. LagunaX

    Devil's Canyon Shipped Today

    Gonna wait to see how the first retail batches do (Malay vs. Costa Rica) and, of course, for a Microcenter Combo!
  15. LagunaX

    MSI Unveils the Nightblade Gaming Barebone

    Someone translate what a 113w overclock is.
  16. LagunaX

    [FS] SOLD

    Thanks similar to my batch good luck with your sale!
  17. LagunaX

    [FS] SOLD

    What is the Batch number of the 4770k?
  18. LagunaX

    Acer Introduces the K272HUL 27-Inch WQHD Monitor

    That is a pretty nice adjustable stand actually compared to most of the Korean IPS and PLS monitors off eBay...
  19. LagunaX

    3570k @ 4.5Ghz help and advice!

    Yes you are at the sweet spot for your chip unless you delid.
  20. LagunaX

    How do i make this computer faster?

    Definitely need more ram, 2x1gb minimum but 2x2gb ddr2 preferred for Win 7. New 2x1gb will run you $30 and 2x2gb $50ish. You can probably find a nice matched pair used on thee forums here for less.
  21. LagunaX

    AMD R9-290X Noise Test

    My brief ownership of an XFX reference R9 290 did reflect a hot 92c card BUT at load the noise wasn't that bad at all - nothing high pitched but a noticeable but acceptable whoosh sound.
  22. LagunaX

    2700k @ 5.0 or 4770k @ 4.6? What would you keep?

    Nice 2700k - how many volts for 5ghz stable? I'm in the same boat but haven't sold - still got my 4.8ghz 2600k rig, 4.8ghz delidded 3770k rig, and all the parts for a 4770k rig that I haven't built yet ( props to Fry's Fountain Valley CA for price matching the $199 4770k sale price at Microcenter).
  23. LagunaX

    VTX3D Unveils the Radeon R9 290X/ R9 290 X-Edition Graphics Cards

    Haven't heard of "renowned brand" VTX3D before here in the US but after some research they aren't Visiontek or Club3D. Not sure but I think they popped up earlier this decade. They are actually in the TUL family which has a more familiar name Powercolor to other people o_O.
  24. LagunaX

    My cheap psu that still rocks!

    JunkBear you need to keep your JunkAvatar in your Trunk, it is worse than plumber's crack. Undoubtably inefficient with unacceptable ripple, but if all grandma does is check her AOL email, then it'll do.