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  1. repman244

    10Gb network/connection

    Ok, I need somebody that is more into 10Gb networking than I am. Right now, all of my computers are on a gigabit network. What I would need is to connect my main PC to my old storage server with something faster than gigabit connection. The reason behind that is I moved my SAS tape drive to my...
  2. repman244

    CPU upgrade

    So my 3930k is getting a bit old now, and I was looking at the Xeon E5-1680 V2 as an upgrade (I know it's only minor IPC upgrade but it's 2 more cores, more cache and same/lower power). If I choose that it would cost me around 380€ but I would not have to change any other components (RAM, MB)...
  3. repman244

    Time for a new HDD?

    So yesterday windows started to give warnings about a HDD failing. So I fire up HDTune, and check the SMART readings: The disk is a Samsung SpinPoint F3 (1TB), there are also 265 write errors. Despite all the errors the disk is running fine, everything on it still opens fine, other...
  4. repman244

    Need help with choosing SSD

    Ok I never really payed much attention on SSD but I decided I want to try it out with my laptop. The laptop is an HP 8560W and it supports SATA 3 speeds, primarily I'm looking for a reliable drive (as fast as possible of course but if it doesn't work, speeds mean nothing). I prefer the...
  5. repman244

    Dying drive?

    Recently I noticed a massive slowdown of my Samsung F3, but not with the sequential reads but the access time. So I tested the drive and got some shocking results: The sequential reads/writes are ok, but the access time is really horrible, what am I missing here. I tried connecting it...
  6. repman244

    Need a program...

    I'm searching for a program that could monitor disk usage (all of my disks). I know HDTune can do it but once you close it, the data is gone. I need something that could show me write/read per week/month/year/... is there anything like this somewhere?
  7. repman244

    Need your opinion

    For quite some time I was thinking of using the 3 SAS drives from my DL380 G5 in my PC instead of my Hitachi SAS. Today I finally decided to benchmark both my drive and the 3 drives in the DL which are in RAID 0. I always come up with weird results which probably come from using different RAID...
  8. repman244

    Ivy Bridge?

    Source: http://forum.coolaler.com/showthread.php?t=268383 CPU: 1. 22nm ivy bridge 2. 32nm sandy bridge i5-2300 3. 32nm sandy bridge pentium g620 Benchmarks:
  9. repman244

    New case

    Probably in the coming month or so I will be changing my current case (which is some crappy Antec midi tower...thing). Here is what I need the most: 1. Lots of room (that's why I need a big tower case) 2. Build quality doesn't have to be the top but still not the worst 3. Lowest noise...
  10. repman244


    Ok so I do quite a lot of rendering and was wondering about using my GPU for that. Since I have an AMD card I can't use CUDA for rendering (And OpenCL is so rare it's pathetic), so I was thinking about buying a second hand NVIDIA card that has CUDA (I was looking at a 8800GTS - does it support...
  11. repman244

    Second PSU for graphics card

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section but anyway. I have an old HD3870 that I would like to use in one of my servers (HP DL380G5) since there are no cables from the PSU there I thought if I could use a second (standard PC PSU) for the 6-pin power. Is this doable or will everything...