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  1. f22a4bandit

    New Build Advice - Worth Upgrading from i7 960?

    Hi everyone, As the title says, I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading from my current i7 960 to something more current. I've been using this processor for a few years now, and have been happy with its performance. However, I've been feeling the itch to upgrade for a few months now. Would it...
  2. f22a4bandit

    University hit by new climate leak ahead of talks

    Anyone remember the leaked emails on climate change about two years ago? Apparently, some more have been leaked (think 5,000) ahead of the upcoming talks on climate change. Think what you will, just thought I'd post this here. Read the article here: Associated Press
  3. f22a4bandit

    Weird Blurring w/out MorphAA

    I have an AMD Radeon 6870 from Sapphire (reference). Morphological AA is NOT on, and I'm still getting a strange blurred effect on my monitor. While gaming I don't notice the problem, but while I'm on desktop or browsing the internet, everything just seems a little muted and blurred. I just...
  4. f22a4bandit

    Help me decide what to purchase next!

    I just recently purchased an i7 960 for an awesome price thanks to the IRE program. I'm having difficulty deciding on what to purchase next. My sister gave me a $100 Newegg gift card, so I'm trying to decide between purchasing the motherboard for the system, or instead purchasing RAM so I don't...
  5. f22a4bandit

    Assuming I'm right with my RAM...

    I just recently replaced my 2 x 1GB OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 with a 2 x 2GB Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066 kit. My problem is that my RAM is automatically downgraded from 1066 to 800. I had no problems in the past with my OCZ running at stock timings, but for the life of me I can't get the Kingston to...