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  1. Judas

    Which monitor I choose?

    For gaming: VG248QE
  2. Judas

    A system for Sims, WoW, LoL, etc.

    Forget about option 1. it`s dead end.. had the Fx 6300 running at 4.4ghz go intel you wont regret it Got the i5 4690k now, it can run rings around the Fx 6300 running at same 4.4ghz
  3. Judas

    Happy Christmas from Tatty

    Merry Christmas everyone :toast:
  4. Judas

    new to watercooling

    Thats a nice rad, much better =) should fit his case with a pull fan set-up EBWB have a few kits http://www.ekwb.com/shop/kits-cases/kits.html
  5. Judas

    new to watercooling

    Congrats on joining the water club =) Id would go for a thicker Rad, and the kit comes with tubing
  6. Judas

    EKWB Supremacy Elite Series CPU Water Blocks Start Shipping

    EK make good products No problems with the circles here
  7. Judas

    Merry Christmas from TechPowerUp!

    Merry Christmas to all
  8. Judas

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Welcome on-board the SSD express train :) :p
  9. Judas

    AMD OC Record Broken, Still Powered by AMD FX-8150

    Hehe nice voltage too :p
  10. Judas

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Ok well .... then you need an updated one :D
  11. Judas

    Cooler Master Also Intros NVIDIA Edition of CM 690 II Advanced

    Nice looking case .... is there one in red for ATi ? :)
  12. Judas

    3DMark 11 Release Date Announced, Pre-ordering Begins

    Good news ...and looks great too ;) Full version's not so expensive either
  13. Judas

    NVIDIA Readying Dual-GF110 Graphics Accelerator, Eying Total Performance Leadership

    2 of those in SLI ,would need your own nuclear power reactor in your shed to run them :)
  14. Judas

    Congratulations to Our New Moderators

    Well done all .... and good luck :)
  15. Judas

    My production Fermi arrived!

    Maybe the card comes with a fire extinguisher :p
  16. Judas

    the old farts club

    Ahhh One sees that all you old farts are still alive =) :laugh::toast:
  17. Judas

    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year from techPowerUp!

    Merry Christmas All :)
  18. Judas

    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Detailed

    Cooler Master make some really good cases, got me self an Atcs 840 and really happy with it :)
  19. Judas

    Windows 7 or vista..?

    I'd go for Windows 7 :)
  20. Judas

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    Can I join ? got my Processor just waiting on the Crosshair.. none in stock at the mo :o
  21. Judas

    AMD Introduces Phenom II X4 965 BE RB-C3 Revision 125W

    I ordered mine.... AMD here we come :p need MB too, hmm I think the Crosshair III will do nicely
  22. Judas

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I am a mixed breed ......but still British lol =P
  23. Judas

    Thermaltake Element S Case

    Nice case,nice review. I have always like TT cases, but it's all down to personnel choice :)
  24. Judas

    NEC Rolls-out First USB 3.0 Add-on Cards

    Ahhh.. you beat me too it was just going to say the same thing Weer :)