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    Unreleased Games that you CAN wait for

    This is a thread for all the members who want to show their feelings/complaints about upcoming games that they threat to boycott, user rate at a low score, or just want to murder the Developer's CEO about it. Enjoy, and don't forget to debate about it! ;)
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    Driver Issue on Crysis Warhead

    I finally unloacked my driver signing features on Vista since I would try to OC my video card. After OC'ing my HD 3870 to just about over 800MHz core clock, I took the clock for a test drive on Crysis Warhead, in Adapt or Perish levels. After playing the levels, i exited Crysis in order to check...
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    Who still uses ATI CCC?

    I have realized since getting reintroduced to Vista that Catalyst Control Center still kills our gaming performance scores after so many months of rebuild opportunity. Forcing AA may be good but performance is too. Despite all my senses of hatred with CCC after Round 1 with Crysis (Max...
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    What's the best modded drivers for ATI?

    There has been a lot of things going on for Nvidia nowadays, but what about ATI? Well, all I have heard about ATI is that people are going crazy trying to hack PhysX and stuff, rather than supplying ATI users with drivers that provide performance, not lag. My HD 3870 is now starting to show...
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    Can't wait for DX11 hardware?

    This thread is for people who seem too anxious to wait for DX11 hardware, alongside with Model Shader 5.0. Enjoy!
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    Windows 7 can take Vista drivers?

    I heard from this blog that you can actually use Vista drivers with Windows 7 just by enabling the compatibility troubleshooter from right-click on driver installer. I dunno if the guy was just posting for comments but it would be nice of somebody can actually try this method out. Heres the...
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    HD3870 single slot OCing

    Hi Guys, I have been through a lot with my HD 3870, since it has been performance hogged by Windows 7 while I;m gaming and folding. Now I believe it is now the time to finally OC this thing. Problem however is it is single slot cooled so I might need to make the best of it by overclocking...
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    F@H Question: Is this right?

    Hi guys, I just started folding now that I got a sufficient setup to deal with it while gaming. I have both the 32-bit and GPU client (For ATI). I have two problems, but one that I am not sure if it is a problem since I use Windows 7 on these clients. First, on the 32-bit, is with the...
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    What was the scariest game you have ever played?

    Hi guys, I am asking users what was the most scariest game they have ever played. I did this because: 1. I was bored. 2. I need a game that is not about killing things, I wanna be scared for the thrill of it. Thank you and enjoy.
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    COD4 problem with Windows 7

    Hi, guys I have a Windows API problem with the COD4 Multiplayer. The problem code is 131134. Every time when I connect to any game server I disconnect (kicked) after I finish. I have updated PB manually and I own the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Beta, 7000 Build with latest updates.
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    ATI Catalyst for Windows 7 Beta

    I'm calling all ATI users who are using Windows 7 Beta. I own an HD 3870 graphics card, and I thought that I should get CCC for Windows 7 cause it would be nice to have that since I game a lot. I found a Preview package for the RC1 of Windows 7, its dated WAY BACK in 2008 though, and I don't...
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    AMD cuts prices of HD 4870 X2!

    For people who love 30" monitors!!!!!!!!:D Common price: $450 (A $100 price cut!) http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/video/display/20090108221331_AMD_Cuts_Price_of_ATI_Radeon_HD_4870_X2_Graphics_Card.html http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102768&Tpk=hd%204870%20x2 Happy buying!
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    AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 3.1GHz 89W for just $76!

    I noticed the TDP is 89W so I thought on random this could give AMD overclockers a plus. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103272
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    Meeting at recommended power requirements.

    I am looking forward to saving for an HD 4870 X2 and even crossfire it sometime if performance demands are getting bigger. However I am not too sure if I should break the bank on getting an 800W PSU since I live in Canada and most of my upgrades have to go on special order due to availability...