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  1. rk3066

    Add Stereo to my Mono BT Speaker

    Hey guys, So awhile back my Family and I went to the Flea-Market in Mobile, Alabama to get some stuff for the backyard and I saw this IP-2085A Bluetooth Mono Speaker. I'm wondering if it's possible to Add Stereo to it. When I can I'll open it up and see what's what cause there are no Pictures...
  2. rk3066

    This is getting out of Control...

    PHONES without Bezels? Ha! LINK
  3. rk3066

    OS install Fails

    I get this everytime I try to install FERENOS. I tried redownloading the image and using a different USB stick. I even disconnected the IDE HDD I have
  4. rk3066

    This M.2 WiFi M.2 Advice

    Hey guys, So I bought this WiFi Intel 3168NGW LINK for my Hp Pavilion x360 cr0055od with these Antennas LINK but I'm afraid I ordered the wrong Antennas again... :eek::(
  5. rk3066

    Magnetic Wi-Fi Antenna? [Fixed]

    Hi guys, So I have a Hp Pavilion x360 convertible 15 and I wanted to replace the M.2 Wi-Fi Card but stupidly they have a Block list with I should of known from the 8460p I had. I had to remove the tape they had to ensure proper connection to the one connector on the card Now if I'm right the...
  6. rk3066

    Technicolor C2100T Bandwidth stupidness

    Hi guys, For All that is holy please tell me Why our Kids Xbox ONE takes up or if not most of our bandwidth? I know at one point they were downloading a update to a game but still after that it'll push it to where we can't watch youtube or it takes a bit longer to load sites. Bare in mind our...
  7. rk3066

    Web based or App for Battery Life purpose...

    Hi guys, I got to thinking what if one just used Mobile Web Based Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Etc. And just not install the Apps from the Play-Store? Just use the default (which is what I'm doing to type this) browser or your browser of choice from the play store. Do apps waste battery...
  8. rk3066

    LG Monitor won't stay put! [Fixed!]

    "Staying put" - I mean with the input, it's either a power issue or something but when I don't have any displays in it just searches for a signal. I've about had it with this. This is the 5th time it's happen. Takes like 20min or so to finally stop and back to normal sorry the Mount is blocking...
  9. rk3066

    Trying to install this program.... [Fixed!]

    Hi... For the life of me I can't install this program in Linux (Lite) which this program is similar to Input-Director LINK This Program is Barrier LINK Just I know there's a way to install via Terminal but it just doesn't work as I tried looking for the software in the Terminal
  10. rk3066

    SLOW Buffer/Etc

    Hello guy's... Again, Now I've done some research and the Technicolor c1100t (is what we have) is bad regardless of the reviews. Maybe it's are location of where we live "Summerdale, AL" but I go in the Internet Access menu and it says 'Poor' in the DSL Line Status. We were hoping buying a...
  11. rk3066

    My Sister's kids with there Xbox [Fixed!]

    Hello guys, Everytime the kids are here and they play games it automatically takes up All the Bandwidth off our router. Why is this? Ive looked up and we don't have money for router or a faster internet which we can DL at 2MB which is fine for me
  12. rk3066

    Windows 7 Boot Logo issue

    Hi guy's, So for sometime I've been using this Boot Changer for W7 but I can only get it to work with W7Go Ult. Edition LINK. Why is that? When with a standard install it just crashes with&without Admin. I mean I can create skins with the program but can't install any but only with the Go...
  13. rk3066

    OC Help ASUS P5Q-EM

    Hi guy's It's been a while since I have been OC done. So I have the Xeon E5450 and would like 4GHZ+ Pior to the Voltage, what do I need? and cpu FSB at 415? Or similar.
  14. rk3066

    Display Size

    Hi guy's.... Again :rolleyes: So just been looking along and what y'all think about our phone and its screen size. Prior it's more of a tablet now. Heck I have a Samsung S8+ and my pockets can't hold it in as when I sit it tends to fall and yes it's fallen a couple of times. What ya think
  15. rk3066

    Amazon Echo for non-smart houses

    Hi guys, So been searching and searching and nothing comes up to the answer I need so. Does Amazon Echo Need smart things for it to work? Like lights, TVs Etc? That's all I need to know. Not that we plan on it but was just curious...
  16. rk3066

    Does Software drain Battery Life

    Hi guys, So I'm doing a test here and came that apks on Android actually gives a huge loss of Battery Life where the Mobile Sites do not (like Facebook, Instagram, XDA Etc.) but me curious of what ya think... Here's my recent Screen of just using Mobile with the Default Browser from the S8+
  17. rk3066

    In W10 it works but W7 it don't

    Hi guys, So on my HP 8460p I have two OS's with one being W10 on my SSD and W7 on the CD/Drive HDD Enclosure. So the W10 works great when I watch videos via Windows Media Player but Windows 7 it doesn't. I have it Fully updated and the Media Player player codec installed, Etc. I also have the...
  18. rk3066

    How big are the recorded shows on Directv

    Hi guys, Just curious... How big are the recorded shows on Directv? We have a 55" TV @1080p though I assume the HDD is a 2-4TB I'm guessing
  19. rk3066

    Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

    What y'all think? LINK I think the phone is too big. 3 years ago I had a LG G4 with a TQTHL 10,000 Battery and the case was huge but this, this is too big and probably heavier than mine was XDA for my LG G4
  20. rk3066

    My AM3 Build (Future Planned)

    Hi guys, So my 775 Build is Almost Finished and would like my AMD Build back. Those days I had the Athlon X4 CPU @2.5 to 3.1GHZ which at the time was great. The following MB I plan to use ASUS M4A88T-M The RAM is some my friend has @4GB (The brand/type coming soon) I'll have a mSata SSD in...
  21. rk3066

    What would it take for companies for clear phones

    Hi guys, Now I've seen Jerry Everything and seen a few clear phones his made. What would it take for companies to realize we tech people would pay a little extra for the clear phones and no that wouldn't lose water or dust resistant to a certain degree. What y'all think?
  22. rk3066

    ASUS P5Q-EM DO won't boot anything

    Hi guys, So seeing this Post you'll see I've tried everything to try and boot. The Windows setup won't boot, CR Setup won't, heck I even disconnected the SSD and disabled All features in BIOS like Mr. (or ME) "Forgot the name :slap:" and that annoying Marvell crap complaining there's no IDE...
  23. rk3066

    Help with Cloudready seeing my drive.

    Hi guys, I'm going to post a LINK <<< to a CLOUDREADY Thread. It's odd because CR doesn't see the drive but Windows Setup does. By looking at the Photos of that thread. What ya think...
  24. rk3066

    Issue with the PSU! [Fixed!]

    Hi guys, You know my 775 Build? The Dang PSU "A Rosewill 610W Modular" is acting up. We have to set the Case on it's side or completely upside down to make where it completely shutsdown/restarts. Just today it restarted when I awoke. What's the deal?
  25. rk3066

    Prices gone down

    Hey guys, for as far I can remember the ram prices are as low as I remember back in 2010 @30-45$ for DDR3A RM. Has my prayers been anwsered? Just looked @Newegg and seems so