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    Alphacool Eisbaer 240LT maximum cooling capacity?

    Hi, I'm planning to update my cpu sometime in next spring or summer. I tried to find more info with Google, but it didn't help. I'm currently using Ryzen 1800X and temperatures and noice is good. But what about new Ryzens, 3800X - 3950X? There's no room for bigger AIO, and I can't afford...
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    Zen2, impossible update?

    So, I have this AsRock x370 itx motherboard (1800X). It is said, that it cannot support new 2 gen ryzens. They're in the supported cpu lists at AsRock website. So, is it possible? I know, no PBO in use, but will it work? Like 3800X- 3950? I have modded my vrm heatsink...
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    Sleep / monitor off not working

    So, the classic happened, w10 home updated itself while i was asleep a few days back. Now it won't sleep anymore. Yes, i know, sleepy things. So, i have to remove some updates, which one(s)?
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    [work log] Diy itx case, aka ikea case

    Greetings from Finland! :-) My first post to TPU and this forum... So, i'm building a new itx case from a scratch. It's gona be a long project and my first, but at least i've started building it. :-) I have a lot of other money holes atm, so i think this project could take additional 3-9 months...