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    Hitachi Debuts the Ultrastar C10K900 10,000 RPM Hard Drives

    these are essentially WD Raptors right?
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    HP to Contribute webOS to Open Source

    ha, yeah, this is true. However, and i can't remember where i was reading it but, apparently, WebOS won't be entirely open ether, the development path will be very strict and directed closely by HP. The idea is to keep product recognition tight.
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    HP to Contribute webOS to Open Source

    i really enjoy WebOS, and opening the code up is awesome. It will be nice to get some extra player in the mobile OS market, now if only MeeGo/Tizen gets its act together there will be a nice handful of choice available.
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    IBM To Help World Medicine And Beat Patent Trolls At Their Own Game

    this doesn't have anything to do with thinking in a conscious way, this is just math. This super computer is just very good at math, thats it.
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    PS3 'OtherOS' Scandal: Sony 1, Customers 0

    yeah i've come to the same conclusion. Luckily for me, there have been very, very few games i've cared/enjoyed enough to want to play online with for any extended period of time, so that helps. As well, i'd much rather play a "couch" multiplayer game with friends. If a games good enough, 5 years...
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    Google Chrome Overtakes Mozilla Firefox in Browser Market-share: StatCounter

    google chrome has a handy google voice plugin, only reason i use it, i'd use opera otherwise, but i still use opera or firefox every once in awhile anyways
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    AMD To Give Up Competing With Intel On x86? CPU Prices Already Shooting Up

    xD lol armd, thats funny to me
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    Games: The Push To Online Distribution And Removal Of Your First Sale Rights

    the best ones to right? :) i still have some unwrapped in the plastic :D waiting for that "rainy day" (more like rainy month) xD
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    Secure Apple Macs Fall Prey To Linux DDoS Trojan

    yeah basically right, i think its more entertaining that everyone overlooks something this common. also, the mac OS is based more-so on BSD. of which, i remember a hack fest no so long ago, to which apples os came in last, over windows and linux.
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    Gigabyte Intros GZ-P5 Plus Case

    :/ gigabyte used to make some cool cases.. they have fallen down pretty hard..
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    Battlefield 3 To Duke It Out With Modern Warfare 3 For Supremacy

    why are people arguing?? really? these are both first person shoots, but, they play completely different.. they are more or less two completely different games. Better yet, can't decide on one? PLAY BOTH!...
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    Zalman Announces CNPS12X High-End CPU Cooler

    i think he is talking about the surface condition, not the appearance. Its not smooth at all.
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    Sunday Special: PC Gaming On the Rise, Set To Outsell Consoles by 2014 - NVIDIA

    hi feel like i'm being sold something here... that said, i think this issue still stands that purchasing PC hardware is much more expensive vs a console, as well, while PC games are developed for ever expanding hardware, consoles obviously do not change. Therefore, PC hardware does not stay...
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    EIZO Helps Businesses Go Green with LED-Backlit 23-inch Monitors

    rotate should be a normal feature on all OE monitor stands
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    Mozilla Foundation Develops its Own Operating System

    Maemo yes, Maemo was backed by Nokia and yeah, did look pretty cool. Moblin(which is still around in various forms) was just a very small and fun linux OS. Of which, if you do an image search for Moblin you'll get a good idea of what i imagine MeeGo will look like(as maemo and moblin merged to...
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    Mozilla Foundation Develops its Own Operating System

    MeeGo is not dead at all man, open source source software does not always work in a linear way like closed source software, deadlines and things do not always apply. Saying MeeGo is dead is like saying ReactOS is dead because there are months of no "updates" or that HaikuOS is dead because its...
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    Spire Announces the Swirl Universal CPU Cooler

    yep. Gigabyte 3D rocket, this is nearly identical to the "3D Rocket" by Gigbayte, they had two iterations.
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    Blu-Ray Capacity Increased.

    unless your projecting something onto a movie theatre sized screen, then the resolution won't matter past 1080P, our eyes can't even pick up the difference. onto this article... did they not just make a new standard here??? .... ie, needing all new hardware.. yeah, no, i can't see this...
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    GeForce GTX 400 Series Performance Expectations Hit the Web

    LOL! ....but seriously though.. this stuff is getting ridiculous.. (power consumption)
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    chromium OS

    i would like SOME applications based on the actual machine. I mean honestly... and its sad, but what do i use my machine for now adays, pictures and minor editing of them(cut, crop, resize, etc), music, video/movies, and then word processing. I think at a MINIMUM, there should be software for...
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    Samsung to Offer 1 Gigabit XDR DRAM

    right, to bad a crap ton of people copy their IP(past lawsuit over it) and oh yeah, they make amazing memory, its just that standards are standards and we are stuck with Crappy DDR... which oh yeah... hasn't really increased in performance from DDR to DDR3.. ending my trolling to the flame with...
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    Futuristic Intel Chip Could Reshape How Computers are Built

    This processor will find the REAL answer to life the universe and everything, and it won't be 42 :laugh: (this thread is hilarious)
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    Thermalright Intros Spitfire VGA Cooler

    you think? thats kinda what i was thinking about when i first saw it.. (turning the heatsink upside down so it goes towards the CPU)
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    DFI Releases Intel Atom Based Fanless Embedded System – ES951

    ....there is this website that has been selling fanless PCs for a couple years now... but i never bother to bookmark them... :banghead:
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    Acer Intros S243HLbmii W-LED Illuminated Display

    I'm a fan of LEDs. They have a lot of potential, but i just don't think they are quite ready for the mass market yet, and for two reasons only. They have a still have a lot of room to grow as far as energy converted to light(induction lights are near 100% effecient.. but have other drawbacks)...