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  1. a_ump

    ASRock Radeon RX 5500 XT Phantom Gaming OC 8 GB

    Based on the specs announced/shown, the RX 5500 is only going to differ in base click but same boost clock???same shader count and memory?? How is this worth buying. They should perform identical if temps are kept in check. Just baffled/confused that those two products are damn near twins
  2. a_ump

    bridging, double bandwidth usage?

    So I know 9/10 bridging a router will cut the speed in half or 3/4th. I've seen both. Anyways tonight I was downloading a game onto a bridged PC network and wondered - Does downloading at half the speed on my bridged computer still use half the home network's speed? in my situation, the at home...
  3. a_ump

    [FS][US] Xbox One 500Gb X2 +Kinect + games

    So wish i had my last W2 already, would def buy this. Hope its still around in a few weeks. gl
  4. a_ump

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 PCI-Express Scaling

    thanks W1z. and my 2 cents. its rather cool to see that it does make a difference. However, i also see in some of those results, what looks to me like there's no indication that 3.0 isn't already maxed and that more bus bandwidth could improve performance further. I mean there's a decent...
  5. a_ump

    [WTB] NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra (NV30)

    I'm surprised no one else has asked. JC, why? though i've always wanted to have the flagship gpu of each gen(8800 GTX for example) for nostalgia, i'm guessing you have a project in mind?
  6. a_ump

    How to fix a button on a controller which sticks sometimes ?

    idk about the buttons, and i know that's what you're asking, but my joy sticks on a 3rd party ps3 controller started sticking after it sat collecting dust for a good 2 yrs. cleaned it with alc and que tips, still sticking. Grabbed some (PB Blaster) and worked it around with que tips and idk if...
  7. a_ump

    AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Drivers

    I really wish there'd be more round up reviews. Like rx 460/70/80, fury(s), R9 390(X) vs Gtx 1050/ti, 1060 3/6GB, 1070, 1080. Now I said all those but since I have a Rx 470 I mainly just want to see it. Only newish game I own is shadow of mordor. Edit: plus I bought my 470 for 189.99 at best...
  8. a_ump

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.2 Hotfix

    ahh well what a relief, i hope joining the red camp this gen won't come to bite me. Very happy with performance in crysis(yep still play it once a year), shadow of mordor. Need to get some newer games now that i'm not stuck on GTX 560
  9. a_ump

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.2 Hotfix

    surely they can fix issues if they can reproduce them enough to consider them known issues....so why release it then you could drill out those fixes in 1 or 2 more days? or is that a never ending cycle? and they release hotfixes weekly or something? Sorry new Radeon owner, at least since HD...
  10. a_ump

    PC restarts when playing not high demanding games (Football manager). Tried everything, help.

    Have you tried running it with just one stick of RAM? alternating them? and you're 100% on the fact that it only does this with Football Manager? Do you have a spare GPU you can throw in your pc to see if its GPU related? as 'TechAddiction" said, some games will utilize the gpu and its memory...
  11. a_ump

    i gave my x-wife my old computer now it won't boot

    @Toothless not everyone is able/willing to solder onto their mobo, nor have the devices required to solder. but yep otherwise it would seem you're SOL OP
  12. a_ump

    Upgrading Computer (No clue where to start)

    Guys, if you google the PSU, its a Cool Power Gaming 980watt PSU, even if that brand isn't great it'll be plenty for any $300 upgrade. @OP, overclocking on the old C2Q/C2D cpu architecture is fairly simple and fun as long as you follow some guides. It also is rewarding bc you gain experience...
  13. a_ump

    Colorful Launches New GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Cards

    I'm surprised it has such a beefy cooler for a low powered card. Should help with budget oriented gamers that like to overclock. Bring it up to or close to GTX 960 speeds.
  14. a_ump

    AMD Rolls Out Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.1.1 Beta

    just curious, but can't anyone use crossfire or SLI with that alternating frames configuration? ya know GPU1 does even frames, GPU2 does odd. I just wouldn't think that would require much since both gpu's know how to render the game by themselves, so surely just doing odd or even number frames...
  15. a_ump

    TV/Monitor going to Rainbow Static??

    just vga and s video, which the latter isn't on my card. gonna try something else tomorrow. thanks so far for the input everyone!
  16. a_ump

    TV/Monitor going to Rainbow Static??

    @ Jetser: Yes its a TV not an "official" monitor. @Bill_Bright : I had it hooked up to my 40" tv at 1080p no problems, same hdmi cord, and have it reconnected to it now with no issues. So again i'm sure its the TV. As for using VGA, i had thought about that but it only allowed 1024x768 max on...
  17. a_ump

    TV/Monitor going to Rainbow Static??

    usually i wouldn't even bother, but this is a decent little monitor for free, and while a screen replacement wouldn't be worth it, a power board or even mainboard, 20-50bucks to fix and make anew would be. I'm leaning towards the power board just based on googling, but i'd rather get advised by...
  18. a_ump

    TV/Monitor going to Rainbow Static??

    As title states, after 3 to 10 minutes of being on this random monitor/tv my in laws had goes to rainbow static starting from the top and working its way down. Now my computer keeps running just fine, and if i turn off the monitor and turn it back on problem is gone...until that random amount of...
  19. a_ump

    [WTB] GTX 750 Ti, 'tis the solution to my problerm.

    right against the case huh? can't be good for GPU breathing lol best luck
  20. a_ump

    [FS][US] SOLD: Zotac GTX 760

    damn, i wish i could get my cards i'm about to post sold quick. I'm trying to get rid of an 8800GT, HD 5770, and GTX 560 to hopefully get about 100 to buy a better card than the GTX 560. This woulda been perfect.
  21. a_ump

    Inspiron 15 7000 won't stay on

    If it was that you wouldn't think the laptop would power on at all. Usually those things go dead for good or work. Xorbe could be onto something with the battery being no good. I know my laptops run just fine without a battery buuuttt they're like c2d age or gen 1 core age.
  22. a_ump

    Toshiba Laptop Black Screen

    by taking apart did that include disconnecting all the cables? mainly you said from fan area. if it works to an output a quick(not always right) assumption is the screen went bad, or at least the connection. Odd that you were doing something completely software and this happened but such things...
  23. a_ump

    Inspiron 15 7000 won't stay on

    well there's always a CMOS flash, removing the circular battery found somewhere on the motherboard. Course if its a new laptop idk if they even have them on those, but i've had similar issues on a desktop once that would fix it. does it make any beeps???
  24. a_ump

    AMD Demonstrates Revolutionary 14 nm FinFET Polaris GPU Architecture

    ahh thanks, so that would explain why in dark dark scenes, my tv tends to have somewhat noticeable black "shade" lines as i call them, where its distinguishable from one area of black on my screen to another area instead of a smooth transition. Course my TV is from 2012. Here i thought they...