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    Siberia Elite headset jack adaptor (3.5 headphone and mic jacks) frayed, need replacement

    Hello everyone, My brother has been biting my ear off all day over how he has lost sound on his headset, which is a Steelseries Elite. I was dragged over to his apartment to find that it was the two-jack headset adaptor frayed via the headphone jack being pulled out. Fortunately, none of the...
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    LF 2 Battlefield 4 Sqaud mates (PC)

    Full DLC requirement, full Skype availability between 8-11pm EST. Absence WILL be tolerated. Casual gaming is supported. Please provide Skype in PMs if you wish for a chat. Thank you. Deadlyraver
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    Best 2-slot dual fan VGA cooler f?or R9-270Xs?

    I have two R9 270Xs from Club 3d, and their front fans are beginning to "sag" down towards the neighboring cards since they are crappy sleeve fans. I need two replacements, and I am fine with any large expenses involved however what are my options? I know most aftermarket coolers that are good...
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    BSOD after past time surge fix

    A month ago, I was diagnosing an issue for a friend's PC which had it's stability affected by a brown-out power surge. I looked at error checks and tests and deduced it was the power supply doing the dirty work. I then replaced it and it worked like a charm. Now, the same thing is happening...
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    EMI issue, new motherboard needed?

    I just bought a new sound card, mainly in order to compensate for the sh*tty chip in the mobo. But that got me thinking, I have a DAC connected via fiber for mainly a couple reasons. First, the sound is awesome and I am sure to not regret the price ($150), and second was to be able to access...
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    i7 920 with 3x 290X Performance Question: Can it take it?

    I have had my 920 for quite some time now, but I am reaching the point where I am coming close to building a whole new system. But before I do that, I wanna make use of all of my PCI-E 16 slots. I want three 290s soooo badly, but I do not know if the i7 will bottleneck it. What do you guys think?
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    Competitive shooters vs Today's shooters

    For years, FPS games are becoming more and more popular by the masses. Famous franchises such as Call of Duty and Battlefield are front row at your local GameStop, yet gamers embrace their experiences entirely upon acquiring a copy. Times in video games are booming through the community, as more...
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    Memory detection issues

    I have 24gb of memory, and since the 8.1 release I have only been seeing 16Gb instead. I check the CPU-Z app and it detects 24GBs instead unlike the system page. What should I do?
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    Battlefield 4 Crossfire issues

    I have been experiencing stability issues with both of my cards enabled, 15-30 minutes of play until screen freezes and makes the PC inoperable until manual shutdown. Single card mode works. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?
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    Will I bottleneck the R9-280X?

    Hello all, I am looking forward to purchasing the R9-280X. But while I am saving up, I am slightly concerned about my current setup atm. I have PCI Express 2.0 slots, and the bus type is 3.0 on the new cards. I am worried that there could be a bottleneck with the new cards, as there is over...
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    Sapphire RMA Testimonial: Don't buy if your not in Asia!

    I have had rather pleasant RMA throughout most of my time as a PC enthusiast, but holy crap the Sapphire brand sent that streak to hell. About a month and a half ago, one of my 7850s' fans had malfunctioned. One of the sleeve bearings on them had gone loose and made the fan crooked enough to...
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    EMI issue

    I am having an EMI issue with my computer for the past 6 months, it has been escalating ever since and I've went through many attempts to clear it. Heres what I can tell you: -It doesn't matter which outlet I plug in to. -The speakers work perfectly when the computer is turned off or in use...
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    Gaming NIC card, to buy or not to buy?

    I haven't been more into games that are managed by servers as every month goes by. However, due to matchmaking lobbies and different networks of servers they are becoming more difficult to prioritize. After spending years squeezing as much performance out of my router as I can and still seeing...
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    Aion crashes friend's computer, probable cause: HD 6970@GB

    Hello forums, I just got back from my friend's computer issues. He plays AION and before every couple minutes of so after starting the game the drivers crash as well as recover. I recommended him to update to 13.1 (sounded like a good idea at the time) and now its the same thing but with the...
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    Windows 8 DRM Hell

    I am so irritated at my copy of Windows 8 right now. I have been trying to load up my content from iTunes into my Traktor DJ software for a week now and have tried almost all methods. After re downloading my entire library even to solve the problem, nothing works. After bashing my face against...
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    The H-Frame from In Win: What do you think?

    The H-Frame from In Win: What do you think? I have stumbled upon this case in my store and I am looking forward to see it in my setup. The looks are so unique I am having such a hard time work around it in the store I am assigned to! I just want to know if there is anyone else somewhat blown...
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    K90 or Deathstalker?

    Ok guys, heres my dilemma of choice. I am a LoL, CS, and Borderlands 2 gamer who seeks a new keyboard that will exceed far beyond his current Sidewinder X4. Had the thing for about 5 years so the keys are starting to become noticeably spongy. I don't mind up to $200 in budget as the store I...
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    Decisions Decisions: Gulftown or LGA 2011?

    For quite some time, I have the i7 920 installed on this computer. I have appreciated it's longevity in performance with newer technologies and am looking forward to keeping it for a longer period of time. However, I do admit that I got incredibly p!$$3d off that Intel ditched LGA 1366 awhile...
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    New desk, new display issue.

    Hello Forum, I have just purchased a new production desk since I am partially a DJ, musician, gamer, and a technician all-in-one. All in all, I am satisfied with the newly included space on my table until I look at the monitor I currently own, which is an ASUS MS238H. Due to the new monitor...
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    LF SATA to USB 3.0 INTERNAL adaptor

    Hello Forum, I work in a computer store and snagged a sweet deal off of some HD 6950s and 6970s. I was thinking about purchasing two to be installed alongside my existing video card configuration to have a tri-fire setup, however my USB 3.0 controller is occupying the third PCI-E slot of my...
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    Raspberry Pi Thread

    Hello, forum! I am happy to let you know that I am a student of Seneca College in the York campus, where the open-source projects of the Raspberry Pi take place! I have conversed to Jordan Cwang, Software Researcher of the ARM project, and have managed to seize an opportunity to ask...