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  1. silapakorn

    SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC)

    The D-pad on my 3 years old gen 2 xbox one controller started acting up after the first year. Buttons sometimes need multiple presses for them to register, not the mention the buttons are stiff to start with, comparing to Dual Shock 4's d-pad. This is a nightmare for games that require holding...
  2. silapakorn

    SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC)

    From this image I can see that they made zero modification to the d-pad, which is the area that xbox one controller needs to improve the most. No thanks Corsair.
  3. silapakorn

    Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Five Months to September 2020

    Mainly for early access. If you are streamers or youtubers it's a real world benefit. You get a head start in making contents that will attract viewers who are on the fence about buying the game. Secondly is to show support to the developer that you like. I know it sounds cheesy but for people...
  4. silapakorn

    Kojima Productions: Death Stranding is Coming to PC

    I appreciate them telling us early that their game will be on multiple platforms instead of keeping quiet for a year like Rockstar did with RDR2, probably hoping to squeeze sales from console markets as much as possible first.
  5. silapakorn

    Red Dead Redemption 2 to be Epic Games Store Exclusive for a Month

    Wondering how much Epic paid Rockstar for this exclusive deal.
  6. silapakorn

    Gearbox Reveals Minimum, Recommended Specs for Borderlands 3

    I won't be fooled by these humble specs. Borderlands games have always been known for performance issues. My 1080ti drops to 20fps when cranking up Physx to medium or high in BL Pre-Sequel, which is disappointing since many modern FPS games that look way better than BLPS don't have such issue...
  7. silapakorn

    Need for Speed Heat Arrives on November 8th, Burning All Limits

    Speak for yourself. I enjoy story and characters in NFS2015 very much, it's a perfect complement to original Underground where all characters are faceless. NFS is one of very few good arcade racers nowadays when other franchises aim for realistic simulation. I used to like DiRT 1-3 because they...
  8. silapakorn

    PC Beats PS4 as Ubisoft's Most Lucrative Platform

    Every studio that signed exclusive deal with Sony to avoid piracy on PC: Wait, that's illegal.
  9. silapakorn

    Cooler Master Introduces the Silencio S400 & S600 Cases

    It's nice to see some companies still have the love for 5.25" bay.
  10. silapakorn

    MonsterLabo Shows Off "The First" at Computex

    Dat watermarks.
  11. silapakorn

    AMD Ryzen 9 3000 is a 16-core Socket AM4 Beast

    Maybe this time I'll go back to red team after over a decade of being on blue team.
  12. silapakorn

    Tesla Dumps NVIDIA, Designs and Deploys its Own Self-driving AI Chip

    And to think Nvidia named its GPU after them. :laugh:
  13. silapakorn

    AOC Readying New AGON 353-series - 4K HDR 1000 Gaming @ 200 Hz

    They should also make a 32" and non-curved variation. Not everyone's into ultrawide.
  14. silapakorn

    AOC and Porsche Partner in Bringing Two Porsche Design Monitors to Market

    I'm just glad that the era of curved monitor is finally over.
  15. silapakorn

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti KINGPIN Out Now

    If someone could pay that much for graphic cards they probably already have custom loop water cooling system in their rig.
  16. silapakorn

    Quantic Dreams' PlayStation Exclusives Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human Announced for PC as EPIC Games Store Exclusives

    I'm curious that the PC version will have unlocked framerate or capped at 30fps for cinematic experience. After all, these games are like 90% cinamatic and 10% gameplay.
  17. silapakorn

    Upcoming Release List On Steam Sees Abuse By Developers

    This wouldn't happen on Epic Store.
  18. silapakorn

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Sold 23 Million Copies In Three Months... Without Help from PC

    Things are different now, you can't use past history as reference in every case. Modern consoles have the same architecture as PC, so porting shouldn't be much of a problem.
  19. silapakorn

    EA Officially Announces Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Remaster - No Microtransactions

    Old titles aren't the point of my argument. The main factor here is Origin which was established in 2011, any games released before that are moot. I never have problem with Origin so far, meanwhile Steam still gives me problems every now and then. But it seems you already made up your mind that...
  20. silapakorn

    EA Officially Announces Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Remaster - No Microtransactions

    People have been wishing that since BF3 release, and that's 7 years ago. Origin is not going away anytime soon. That's something you have to accept. If 'not buying otherwise' is your ultimatum, then you might as well stop reading or replying to any topics related to EA games, because you won't...
  21. silapakorn

    Destiny 2 Free to Grab Over Battle.net Client Until November 18th

    I play both Destiny 2 and The Division, both have the grinding nature and are branded as disappointing games. Surprisingly Division is more fun and have more things to do after end-game, without the need of DLCs.
  22. silapakorn

    CCP Says They Expected the VR Market to Boom Much Sooner

    Well, Wii is a fad too, but a long-lived one. I haven't seen any new, successful motion controlled games for years. I know a lot of Wii owners who can't remember the last time they hook it up and play games on it. Most of them moved on to PS4 and back to couch gaming. When I ask why the most...
  23. silapakorn

    CCP Says They Expected the VR Market to Boom Much Sooner

    Anything that adds more hassles to gaming/movie watching will never be popular. 3D tech already proved that.
  24. silapakorn

    ZOTAC Announces MEK Ultra Line of Gaming Desktops

    That GPU support looks nice. I wish more case manufacturers provide it as a basic accessory.
  25. silapakorn

    Facebook has Won. Google+ is Shutting Down

    Wait a minute, Google+ has 500k users?