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  1. blibba

    [WTB][EU] [UK] Any reliable 400+W PSU

    Don't care about brand etc, this is just for my occasional use ghetto PC. Willing to pay £15 posted, more if the make/model gives me a compelling reason to pay more :) Yes, I realise I won't be seeing Corsairs, Seasonics etc. at this price.
  2. blibba

    [WTB][EU] [UK] GTX 590 / 560Ti / 2x570 / 2x580

    Price ranges (depending on model & condition), including postage or delivery to central London address: 590: £50-£75 560Ti: £25-£45 2x570: £50-£75 2x580: £55-£80 Heatware in signature. Payment by PayPal or BACS.
  3. blibba

    Mouse stuttering, occasional system hangs

    Ok, so a few weeks ago my accommodation block at uni switched to wireless-only networking. I've had to start using a shitty old USB wireless dongle that I have, and since doing so I've been running into a couple of problems. The timing may or may not be a coincidence. Every couple of days or...
  4. blibba

    [FS][EU] [UK] 3.2GHZ Athlon X3 450 + MSI 870-C45

    Perfect condition, never overclocked. I do not have the original packaging, however. Looking for £60 posted within the UK. I am open to discussing shipping to the rest of the EU on a case by case basis. I'll be sticking this on eBay pretty soon, so respond quickly if you're interested...
  5. blibba

    [WTB][EU] Socket 1156 motherboard

    I'm looking for an OC-ready 1156 motherboard. Price depends on the board. What have people got?
  6. blibba

    [FS][EU] [uk] q6600 g0, 4gb ddr2 (1066mhz, 5-5-5-15)

    I'd like £45 posted (UK, 2nd class) for the Q6600 and/or £20 posted for the RAM. Both have been tested thoroughly, but as I don't have an overclockable 775 board atm, I've only been able to test the RAM at 800MHZ 5-5-5-15. I presume it also works fine at 1066MHZ - don't see why it wouldn't...
  7. blibba

    [WTB][EU] [UK] Thermalright HR-03 GT

    I'm looking for one of these for a 460 I acquired on eBay. It has a very short PCB, and this is the only aftermarket cooler I can think of that will fit.
  8. blibba

    [WTB][EU] [UK] i5-2300/2400, £95 shipped

    Thread title says it all. Must come with cooler, though original Intel boxed jobby is fine. Obviously I'd consider higher-end socket 1155 CPUs for the same price, though as I have no way of bios flashing the (H61) board, I'd rather not risk Ivy Bridge.
  9. blibba

    [FS/FT][EU] [UK] E7200, 4GB XMS2 PC2-8500, Asrock P43DE, Zalman CNPS9500

    I'd rather sell this as a bundle, but I'd consider breaking. All is in excellent working order and has served me very well. Never treated to silly voltages etc. Ideally I'd like £99 posted for the lot. If that seems too much, make me an offer or suggest a trade. If you only want some of it...
  10. blibba

    [FS/FT][EU] [UK] £124 desktop (dual-core, 4GB RAM, HD2600XT, legit Vista Ultmate x64)

    Processor: Intel® Pentium® D Processor 820 (2M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) Memory: 4GB Buffalo Firestix at 800MHZ, CL5 Storage: Two 80GB, 7200RPM SATA Hard Drives Case: Cooler Master Elite 330 (Sound insulated) Graphics Card: HIS HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo 512MB GDDR3 PCIe Optical Drive: IDE DVD-RW...
  11. blibba

    [FS/FT][EU] [UK] Barely used HD6850, original packaging

    Hi all! I won this Powercolor HD6850 (1GB GDDR5) last year. It's a great card, but I'm entering my last (exam-filled) year at uni, and it's just overkill for my needs right now. It's powered through Skyrim, Crysis Warhead, Deus-Ex and goodness-knows-what-else at 2048*1152 with AA. The card is...
  12. blibba

    Ultra-high-end old vs. mid-range new

    I'd be really curious to see setups like 7950GX2-quad, 8800 Ultra/GTX Tri and HD4890 quad benched against current popular cards like the GTX460 and HD5770. Especially as many current games are still DX9 and DX10 only. I'm not suggesting that this would be particularly useful consumer advice...
  13. blibba

    [WTB][EU] Bulldozer

    Pre-ordered Bulldozer and feel a little let down? I'm interested in either a CPUs on its own or a bundle of some sort (including cooler/mobo/RAM). Willing to buy for knock-down price or swap for barely used reference HD6850 (Powercolor). Your price must include postage to the UK.
  14. blibba

    [WTB][EU] P4 HT or similar socket 775 CPU, UK.

    I'm looking to get hold of a very cheap socket 775 CPU, preferably a P4 HT. As long as it runs stably idc how it arrives or where it came from. Will pay £4 shipped for a P4 and consider more for more powerful CPUs. This may seem like a joke price, but I'm offering to take an otherwise...