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  1. f22a4bandit

    InWin Shows Off New Signature Chassis, mini-ITX Chassis, and Cooling Solutions

    The signature case looks eerily similar to this Ikea light fixture:
  2. f22a4bandit

    AMD "Navi 14" and "Navi 12" GPUs Detailed Some More

    You're lucky to have not experienced any issues. My friend experienced crashes and blue screens with his 5700 XT and needed to roll drivers back to 19.7.2 to get it stable. I myself haven't had anything but bad luck with my 5700 XT - crashing any game to desktop that's more demanding than...
  3. f22a4bandit

    Suggestions For A New Gaming Monitor

    I'm currently running a 32" 1440p Viotek. Decent performance for the price. My friend just purchased this monitor off Amazon, and the picture quality is solid as well.
  4. f22a4bandit

    New Lord of the Rings MMO being developed by...Amazon...and a chicken farming - processing company

    A free-to-play MMO. Incoming pipe-weed microtransactions anyone?
  5. f22a4bandit

    Anime Nation

    I really enjoyed Kakegurui as well. High stakes gambling featuring characters absolutely addicted to the thrill of the gamble itself. The story in season two kept it fresh as well. Sets up for a nice showdown going forward. Plus the games they play are ridiculously absurd. Love it.
  6. f22a4bandit

    Anime Nation

    I believe it was Attack Titan.
  7. f22a4bandit

    AMD Radeon RX 3080 XT "Navi" to Challenge RTX 2070 at $330

    Going to treat this rumor with a mountain of salt. However, is the pricing really that unbelievable? It's not as if AMD will have dedicated hardware for raytracing on these things, nor the RnD costs of the RTX cards to make up. It's plausible at least.
  8. f22a4bandit

    What are you playing?

    Never played previous From Software titles, however decided to pick up Sekiro for the heck of it. I'm really impressed! The challenge is a nice change of pace from my usual strategy/survival rotation. Also played the BFV battle royale mode. It's not bad, a nice alternative to PUBG with much...
  9. f22a4bandit

    AMD to Unlock Professional Features for Radeon VII to Blunt RTX 2080's Ray-tracing Edge

    Good move considering they marketed this card for content creators as well.
  10. f22a4bandit

    AMD Updates Wafer Supply Agreement with GlobalFoundries to Free Itself of "7nm Tax"

    The amendment slide states AMD is free to use any foundry for 7nm and beyond without any one-time payments or royalties. That's freeing themselves from something, would you not agree?
  11. f22a4bandit

    Lenovo Legion Y44w Ultra-Wide Monitor Hands-on

    Wouldn't be surprised if the blurriness is caused by the lack of light and no flash. You've gotta have a tripod to get perfect pictures in a dim setting.
  12. f22a4bandit

    NVIDIA Confirms Issues Cropping Up With Turing-based Cards, "It's Not a Broad Issue"

    My friend ended up having to RMA his 2080ti and received a refund instead because of short supply. Not exactly a smooth launch so far.
  13. f22a4bandit

    What are you playing?

    I've been obsessed with RimWorld lately. That "one more task" aspect always gets me.
  14. f22a4bandit

    How many people still use sound cards?

    I'm running a Creative Sound Blaster Z right now. It's actually my first soundcard as I'd used onboard previously. I'm able to pick up game sounds much sooner than some of my friends which is nice. Plus the audio experience is richer when doing other things like listening to music or watching shows.
  15. f22a4bandit

    AMD "Navi" GPU by Q3-2018: Report

    Zen+ is supposedly right around the corner for early 2018. That might explain some of the discounts we've seen lately. Also likely to better position themselves against Coffee Lake. It sounds like your nephew's friends simply go for Intel because they've been touted as the best for years...
  16. f22a4bandit


    I've been having some issues with PUBG and have yet to find a fix. Essentially, my game will hang, forcing me to alt+tab out twice (first to 'unfreeze' and the second to be able to turn body/head). It happens randomly, although more often within the first five minutes of the game. It's...
  17. f22a4bandit


    I'm enjoying the game, but I've had some awful experiences when it comes into the initial firefights. Every single time, without fail, my PC takes a dump whenever shots are being fired at me. I'm unable to do anything for about five seconds before things return to normal. The funny thing is that...
  18. f22a4bandit

    Anime Nation

    My Hero Academia is definitely one of my recent favorites. They do a great job with the fight scenes.
  19. f22a4bandit

    Liquid Cooled AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Now on Sale for $1,489.99

    Unfortunately, a lot of people neglected to read the product page on Radeon's website. It's heavily marketed to developers as anyone who takes a minute to read will find out. For those who haven't checked it out yet https://pro.radeon.com/en-us/product/radeon-vega-frontier-edition/.
  20. f22a4bandit

    AMD CEO Talks Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen 3 Series in Latest Company Video

    That's funny, the 16 core/32 thread part is predicted to sell for $999 compared to the 10 core/20 thread part that currently sells for nearly $1,200. How is the 10 core a better deal than the 16 core beyond the brand name?
  21. f22a4bandit

    Developers of ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Scrub Swastika From ‘Historically Authentic’ Game

    So essentially, our Democratic party in the US falls more in line with the conservative spectrum in Europe. Is that a fair comparison? Also, you need look no further than the Kansas experiment to realize that trickle down economic policies are a farce. They slashed taxes and absolutely...
  22. f22a4bandit

    ASUS Unveils Three Freesync-enabled, High Refresh Rate Strix Monitors

    Disappointed that their 27" panel is stuck at a bland 1080p rather than 1440p.
  23. f22a4bandit

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Finally got my rig tuned in a bit. The RAM doesn't like going above 2933, but that's alright for now.
  24. f22a4bandit

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I'm really loving mine so far. Looking forward to see how it crunches. I hope your new build goes well!
  25. f22a4bandit

    Anime Nation

    This week's My Hero Academia...wow! That was a pretty awesome episode.