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    Graphic problem with Windows 1903

    I cannot recommend any cable. They should (SHOULD) all be the same made to a HDMI standard. Cheaper ones Are however worse. but any Mid range HDMI cable is as good as a high end cable. I would just buy Any new HDMI cable from a Computer STORE (not ebay)
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    Graphic problem with Windows 1903

    ok.. pixel clock is "very basic" the STATED amount of data (bandwidth) that can be transferred from the GPU to the monitor over the connection type you have (cga,dvi,hdmi,disp port) For me I run at 1920x1200 at 75hz over DVI. the DVI standard "for windows" cannot transfer the data needed to...
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    Graphic problem with Windows 1903

    looks like refresh rate or pixel clock issue. (gpu or connection, possibly monitor) did you have a overclock enabled on the monitor which needed a pixel clock patch before the update? if you did re apply the pixel; clock patch.
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    Exterior wifi (booster)

    i use those wall plug "home booster plugs". you can connect 1 to your router and the other one to a GOOD extension lead and the extension connects to any power outlet Then you can put it almost anywhere you like (i ran mine to a caravan which is right at the end of my property) in the caravan i...
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    Epic game store is epic at spying on you

    If you or i were taken to a time before all of this modern electronics the people of that time would think we were useless idiots, You cant learn a new skill any faster than people in the past could, and what you deem to be "intelligence" Is quite laughable compared to some of the Genuinely...
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    Bulldozer Core-Count Debate Comes Back to Haunt AMD

    never did i nor will i see these chips as 8 cores. But given AMD went back to using real cores now have decent cpu's again and this law suit is now settled.. Maybe we can get back to having AMD vs Intel And both being Really viable choices. If nothing else comes of this we can see that even...
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    270x Downgrade bios to 7870 for M91p motherboard.

    I dont know if that system has the same white list (but probably does due to it being from the same basic line) i did have a quick look and all i can see is they came with Intel integrated gpu (igpu on the cpu) or a radeon discreet gpu. Unfortunately it does not say Which radeon gpu. on a side...
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    custom built pc freezes

    server boards and even dell work machines usually have a mem test in the bios. not that common otherwize though.
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    270x Downgrade bios to 7870 for M91p motherboard.

    did you wait for windows to fully boot when testing after the flash?
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    Bent pin motherboard

    not impossible. But i doubt id want to test a cpu on it after i did it.
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    Reformatting Old Micro Sd card

    try this but i doubt it will work given what you already tried... https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter/
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    i7-3930K overclock from stock speed to 4.4 ghz caused Cinebench R15 score to drop?

    i found that you can get a lower score in bench tests with a higer clock but voltages just not quite high enough. not saying thats the issue here but it happens.
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    Beware of aggressive APM on Windows 10 Build 1809

    decided to use rst again the other day so had to swap back to raid drivers. Seems i forgot how i used to set it up though so had to move to priomocache instead. and set up one of my SSD's as a dedicated lvl 2 storage device.. really cant say i see any difference between primocache and how rst...
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    How do we see posts that were infracted/warnings?

    not sure saying i think cheaters in an online game should go to prison warrants a thread ban.. but hey ho.
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    “Retro” Windows 9x Gaming PC

    search for a system running windows 98 se. it was the best windows os built on dos. and any system running windows 98 se should have hardware that suits your needs. if the cpu is too fast for some games you can also run something like this: http://www.oldskool.org/pc/throttle/DOS/ this is not...
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    Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    windows 10 when it works Is absolutely fine "after a bit of tinkering like installing start shell and disabeling some spy-ware I mean telemetry. " I use windows 7 on laptops or any older system/ones without a 3rd party gpu but 10 on my gaming rig. but it is a bit shitty ms held dx12 to ransom...
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    How to run external PCI-E x1 card with laptop?

    Quite a few laptops have a whitelist of devices they can use in the wifi slot. best to check if they do if some one was thinking of going down that path.
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    How do we see posts that were infracted/warnings?

    i just lost permission to reply in a thread but got no warnings or points or any email/pm's. and when i pm'd a mod asking why i couldn't reply in a thread I didn't get a response. So not much to be done at times lol.
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    Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    i remember when ms that it was impossible to get dx 12 on 7. that annoyed me immensely at the time. It seems i got over it though because hearing that you can have dx 12 after all really should aggravate me more than it does. ( i think its because i never believed them to start it)
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    Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    the timing of this is confusing to me.. they are gearing up to end support for windows 7, and the only reall insentive windows 10 had to draw windows 7 users in was dx12. (which they proceeded to do nothing with other than kill off vulkan) so i dont see how ms will benifit from this at all...
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    Epic game store is epic at spying on you

    collect all the bank account information you can copy it down nice and safe, credit card numbers, and so on. and see what the police think about you copying and storing peoples bank info without permission Even if you never use it for anything other than decoration.
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    Epic game store is epic at spying on you

    Never remember steam needing to fix the fact that they were accessing my game-spy data files that contained my login details and then sent them back to their servers without asking for permission.. (because it never happened) I remember them "improving" by adding friends support, the ability to...
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    Epic game store is epic at spying on you

    Eula does not count under GDPR, neither is it nor has it ever been a legally binding contract, and it has never and will never be able to supersede any form of law. and that does not even say it will be taking private information from files friends lists from other launchers, or potentially...
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    Epic game store is epic at spying on you

    that entirely not true. if i provide you with a blank text document, which you then populate with data and private information, It is not your fault if software decided to read that text file and send it back to a server without permission. the API is there so Users CAN if they want to allow a...