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  1. FilipM

    24" 1440P 60Hz (OC to 75Hz) vs 24" 1080P 144Hz

    As my system specs indicate, I run a triple 1080P setup at the moment. However, I am building a custom rig for simracing where these 3 monitors will be placed and will stay there fixed. I need another (4th) screen for general work/other gaming stuff. Price limit is 250EUR and I have these two...
  2. FilipM

    GTX1060 Bios crossflash, different connectors?

    I want to crossflash my card (Gigabyte Windforce OC 6GB) with a bios from a G1 Gaming, cos of the higher power limit. However, my card and that card have different connectors at the back, and I run triple screen setup (1xHDMI and 2xDVI). The G1 gaming has 1xHDMI, 1xDVI and 3xDP The OC has...
  3. FilipM

    MSI Afterburner 2.0

    Msi has released this (sorry if posted before didnt look) and now there are options to change the voltage on GPU, Memory and Auxiliary voltage. On my reerence Asus HD5870 changing the memory voltage isnt supported (at least not with MSI Afterburner) however you can change the auxiliary voltage...
  4. FilipM

    HD5870 into FirePro

    Is there any FirePro equivalent to the HD5870 and if so is it possible to make a crossflash to a FirePro? I'll be doing some 3ds max rendering, will it be fine on a standard HD5870?
  5. FilipM

    TWo monitors at choice - cannot decide

    With my new PC i ordered a 23.5 inch wide screen and they gave me a 21.5. Im gonna sell one of them anyways, if it was a 23.5 one i would have kept it but now i cannot decide since i already got a 22" anyways. So my current one is: Samsung SM2232BW (1680 x 1050) The new one is...
  6. FilipM

    GPU-Z Translation: Macedonian

    I will work on this project and will finish it very soon
  7. FilipM

    Sapphire Pure Element 740G CPu support

    I am making a very low budget build for a friend of mine here, here is the mobo i have chosen (dont ask why not a different one, im rather limited on choices) http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?psn=000102&pid=241 Sapphire Pure Element 740G The CPU i have chosen is an AMD...
  8. FilipM

    Measure MCH Temprature

    I went on the internet and i found this: http://forums.overclockers.ru/viewtopic.php?t=253402 Surprisingly it measures MCH temp So what you do is, you download that MCH temp here: http://cp.people.overclockers.ru/cgi-bin/dl.pl?id=30882&filename=MCHTempSetup.zip - 1.20...
  9. FilipM

    Changing Thermalpaste on mobo

    I was thinking of chanign the thermal paste on the northbridge on my motherboard. Will i have to worry about something whilst taking all that copper off? If it's possible due to mobo being worked for over a year now, will i need thermal pads afterwards or something else? Thats what i got
  10. FilipM

    Want to buy a new cooler - choices below

    I need your help, i want to exchange the CPU cooler on my machine with a better one. However choices are limited - here is what i can go for: 1. Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme 2. Coolermaster GeminII S 3. Scythe Kama Cross 4. Scythe Ninja 2 5. Thermalright AXP-140 6. Xigmatek...
  11. FilipM

    TPU annoying ad...

    At the top right hand side of the home page there is an ad about you've won something like the usual stuff and it just keeps goin Tling...tling, like when you have finished a burning process in Nero or something, it does it like every 5 sec or so. Is it me or the web site, i dont seem to have it...
  12. FilipM

    CM Storm?! Coolermaster or a partner make?

    http://www.cmstorm.com/en/start/ Are CM Storm basicly Coolermaster or a partner make? Or they just have a web site for their storm products?
  13. FilipM

    Looking/testing for best antivirus

    I want to find the best antivirus and thought that you could help Norton - crap, not even trying KIS 2009 - good Eset Smart Security 4 - just installed it AVG - too much false alarms what do you think about AVAST free edition? Is it better than KIS/Eset and also which one would you...
  14. FilipM

    X48 NB default voltage

    Can anyone tell me what is the default NB voltage on an X48 (the actual value), cos on mine in the bios, it doesn't give specific numbers, I have Normal, and increasements in 0.05V showing as +0.05;+0,1V and so on Thanks
  15. FilipM

    Overclock not stable out of a sudden with safe voltages

    I had my E8400 on my X48 DS4 mobo at 4.0Ghz (444 x 9) for two days at 1.37500 without loadline calibration, thus dropping to 1.344 in bios and 1.328/1.316 in idle and load respectably. (within Intel specification of 1.3625V) On my mobo I had skew for CPU 50Ps and for NB 150Ps, GMCH overvoltage...
  16. FilipM

    9800GTX+ bios on a 9800GTX

    Don't know if already asked, probably yes but can a 9800GTX+ bios be put on a 9800GTX without any problem? Clocks aren't a problem, the card that i got holds much higher than the reference on the 9800GTX+. I noticed here...
  17. FilipM

    Replacing thermal paste on a 9800 GTX

    I wanna replace the thermal paste on my 9800 GTX with some Arctic Cooling MX-2. There are no stickers covering any of the screws on thye bottom side of the card so i can un-screw it without doing any damage to any of them. When I pop the card, do i clean it off with a cloth and alchocol like...
  18. FilipM

    Does higher FSB mean higher temprature?

    Well, question is above, does higher FSB affect CPU temprature on Intel Core 2 Duo chips? For eg, 400FSB x 9 vs 450FSB x 8?
  19. FilipM

    What motherboard from the choices below

    Buuilding a PC for a friend which will consist of a 9600GT/9800GT, 4GB of ram, Coolermaster Centurion 534 case, Coolermaster Real Power M 520W psu and an Intel E5200 cpu. For that CPU, what would be the best mobo: Gigabyte P35 S3G Gigabyte P31 DS3L Asus P5K Asus P5K SE/EPU Im...
  20. FilipM

    Nvidia 181.00 -- new drivers -- Open GL3.0

    http://developer.nvidia.com/object/opengl_3_driver.html They bring OpenGL3.0 aswell...
  21. FilipM

    X48 GMCH safe voltage

    I have a Gigabyte X48 DS4, trying to get my E8400 to 4Ghz, and I wanted to ask a question, whats a safe voltage for the (G)MCH? My bios has the option of Normal, or +x.xxx in 0.025V increasements. How far can I go? I have stock cooler on, no fan. Also, what is the stock voltage, it's giving me a...
  22. FilipM

    Real Temp Calibration

    I read and did the calibration in real temp for my E8400 and here is what happens: First off, it says that a good ventilated CPU, opened case @ 1600Mhz with 1.1V should idle about 4-5 deg hotter than ambient temperature. But however, that was when everyone believed that the TJMax is 95 deg...
  23. FilipM

    Do you believe in this?

    I don't know if it's been posted, but take a look at this: http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=10107&Itemid=1 80 Cores!
  24. FilipM

    Driver has stopped working and recovered?!

    Whats with this trend with my pc these days? When I put 177.98 ones in with 8.08PhysX, it works totally fine, but if I put any of the newer ones, i just get that message no matter what. Is there something wrong with my gfx? Is there a way to fix this?
  25. FilipM

    Vista Superfetch...

    Does this thing actually improve anything? I mean, HDD is going nuts when this is on, going grrgrggrrgrrrgrgr...all the time. I disabled it, memory usage went down and hdd is normal now. Should I turn it back on?