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    Windows 10 Gaming Gear

    Anyone tested if Steelseries Engine 2 and 3 work on Windows 10 !?
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    SteelSeries Engine 2 malfunction Win 8.1 Pro

    Hi guys, Yesterday i've decided to switch from my Win7 and update to Win8.1 so that i could get familiar with it because of the Win10 release on 29th. I have some SS gadgets that include: Siberia Elite Prism, Sensei Mouse, etc.. It seems that Sensei isn't "yet" included in the Engine 3 software...
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    NEW Bios Update

    Z97-DELUXE BIOS 2401 Implement 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors code *Full support of the new CPU requires VGA driver version or later This is what my Z97-Deluxe has for the latest bios update. Again they implement 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors code? There is already an...
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    Intel HD4600 driver(s)

    I'm starting to NOT understand anymore how Intel is naming its drivers... Today i've saw that i have an update pending, the, but after the update in GPU-Z, Aida64 and Intel Graphics Control Panel i can see i have and it's dated from 15th of March :(
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    I've just noticed a new update for my MOBO's BIOS. Z97-DELUXE BIOS 2205 1.Support 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors 2.Support USB 3.1 3.Support NVMe http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z97DELUXE/HelpDesk_Download/ This means Broadwell-K is closing on us !? It appears that all other Z97 boards...
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    Remove static electricity from plastic/glass panels

    This maybe will sound strange and funny, but I would like to know what is the best method to eliminate static electricity from plastic/glass side panels and also what are the best materials to clean them. So far i managed to put a lot of scratches on it just from cleaning it up. They are so...
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    Best PSU manufacturer

    Which would be the Top5 ? I don't know if I made a mistake, but I have a Corsair AX860i and it's not even old, it has 3 months only and already has coil noise. And from my point it is faulty. I will do a RMA, but I would like to know from you guys, many maybe have experienced the same thing...
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    Custom Loop Watercool

    Hey guys.. I just acquired the NZXT Kraken X61 custom liquid cooler and 6 Noctua IPPC 3000RPM fans. I would like to mount this at the top of my NZXT 820 Phantom Case. The question is how should i put the push-pull config for maximum cooling performance ?
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    HDD partitions format

    Hey guys, Last night was trying some Ubuntu and Debian installations, but now i want to install windows back on my laptop. I've tried using an ms-dos bootable usb for use fdisk but i couldn't get fdisk working. Do you know any other solutions to make the partitions active and ready for windows...
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    Bluetooth Z97-Deluxe

    Yo guys, How in the hell i can make BT working? it's killing me. I've installed all the drivers. Updated them. Antena is hooked up because i have wireless signal also. BT adapter is enabled. I've added 2 devices to it. But from some reason when i try to send files from my Samsung Galaxy S4 it...
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    Recover lost data from deleted/formated partition

    Is there a way to recover such data!? On my old laptop I had WinXP but i wanted Win7 on it. Doing so I was forced to delete all my partitions and I couldn't back anything up. Could I recover some of the data from the old partitions? Any software suitable for the job?
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB low speed performance

    Hy guys.. I don't know if this is suspect or no, but the performance of this ssd is very low. On the box it says 540MB/s and 520MB/s, but i only get 380MB/s and 420MB/s sometimes.. I've used Samsung Magician software to do the optimizations, except the Rapid Mode. Rapid Mode is basically to use...
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    Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z97

    Yo guys, another day, another motherboard. This time i have on my hands the G1.Sniper from Gigabyte on the Z97 chipset. Using an i5-4670k on it. It seems there are some issues with the RAM memory. I have two dual channel kits. One is from Patriot 2x2GB 1333Mhz kit and another one is from...
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    Some issues with new build

    Hy there guys, Just finished my new build today and everything went ok. It powered on, i went into BIOS, changed settings for SATA into AHCI(it was in RAID), activated the XMP profile for my memory so that i could have 1866MHz. All went well, installed windows7@x64 on it. After the installation...
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    SATA 3 - M.2 SSD

    The current SATA 3 6GB/s SSD would have any chance to be compatible with the M.2 10GB/s ? With some sort of adaptor to take full advantage of the 10GB/s ?