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  1. mrhuggles

    Can't get games to use NVIDIA graphics card

    uhh, i dont have one, but if you look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Nvidia_graphics_processing_units#GeForce_600M_.286xxM.29_Series the 650m looks quite a bit more powerfull..... on paper anyways?
  2. mrhuggles

    [build log] Project Abyss

    what about an old style ammonia fridge, that doesn't need as much pressure, did anyone ever try that?
  3. mrhuggles

    windows 7 Samsung OEM with any OEM disc

    worked fine on mine.
  4. mrhuggles

    Limiting bandwidth help!

    i would do QoS and limit the bandwidth both really. openWRT/dd-WRT maybe tomato too? ive got no experience with that.
  5. mrhuggles

    Png to Jpg converter

    lview pro 1.2D seems to get me the best filesize/quality but i use Irfanview cuz its more modern
  6. mrhuggles

    Impression of windows 8 so far.

    lol, thanks i really needed that.
  7. mrhuggles

    Impression of windows 8 so far.

    yes, we really do.
  8. mrhuggles

    Impression of windows 8 so far.

    re: tacked-on UI, reminds me of packard bell navigator
  9. mrhuggles

    ePSXe and modern hardware?

    thats what i always liked about pSX, it was pure software so it didnt look all fancy, but it looked very authentic, and ran almost everything really well
  10. mrhuggles

    ePSXe and modern hardware?

    the hardest thing to emulate quickly is the frame buffer so all frame buffer effects are really slow unless you use a software renderer, <3 pSX 1.13... dunno if thats whats going on but it definately could be, no matter how fast your hardware is framebuffer effects are gonna suck on n64 and psx...
  11. mrhuggles

    Acronis True Image Personal 2010

    got serial, oddly, when i put it in and click activate my computer BSODs
  12. mrhuggles

    Home network

    802.11n will probably get about 4 to 4.5mb/sec transfers
  13. mrhuggles


  14. mrhuggles

    Introducing World's Smallest USB Stick

    readyboost on a laptop
  15. mrhuggles

    [WTB] IBM Thinkpad parts

    are the t41's battery compatible with the t42's? i have a couple of those, and a screen, and i think maybe a wifi card too
  16. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    i haven't, i haven't had any reason to, the only change i can notice is that now it says its from ATI and not intel.... the only reason any of this interests me is because i was thinking maybe intel is going to be subbing out development to ATI? that could be kind of cool, the 12 unified...
  17. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    mine doesnt support any of that stuff, no directcompute, no openCL, it does have 12 unified shaders tho.
  18. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    erm, the driver is from windows update...
  19. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    mine only has the 1 intel HD gpu, the one that comes on the cpu, not the one thats on die just on the package next to it, its a core i5 480 M
  20. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    it doesnt appear to be a problem, just quite interesting, it wasn't like that before the update.
  21. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    there we go. EDIT: oh btw, there is no second gpu in my computer, i kind of wish there were, and this is a default windows install not an OEM install thingy.
  22. mrhuggles

    Intel HD [ATI drivers]

    all the sudden my video drivers say they came from ATI Technologies Inc. ? sorry, i should have done this right away, i have intel HD original, the highest clocked one tho, i think 500 something mhz normal, 766mhz max? im not switchable, its just that one gpu all by its self and as you can...
  23. mrhuggles

    Bandwidth control

    dd-wrt thats what i use, it can do it, if thats a v5 router its limited to micro, i used to have one, upgraded to uhh, WRT54G v2.0, then WHR-HP-GN [awesome cheap router, antenna upgradeable, good buy] dd-wrt can do just about anything, personaly i prefer openWRT myself but alot of things are...