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    Avexir Blitz Red Dragon 1.1 Memory Series Now Available

    Nice, but no, I'll stay with my G.Skill TridentXs (2x8/2400CL10). Avexir is close to non-existent in my country (barely found these G.Skills on special order to begin with). My Z87-GD65 will look amazing either way.
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    AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta v1.3 for Windows is Now Available

    Anyone with CrossFire tried this? The more cards in the setup, the better... I'm really curious of what kind of FPS they get with this driver and 3-4 R9s especially, even with a hexa i7, such setups should be very CPU limited in BF4 most of the time under D3D11, so gains should be huge, on top...
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    MSI Radeon R9 290X Gaming 4 GB

    Not sure how or why I should take these reviews serious when you guys can't even be bothered to update to the latest drivers of at least the card you are reviewing... Hell, Catalyst 14.2 Beta v1.3 just came out moments ago, tho they came out after the review, I said it to make a point. And...
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    MSI GTX 750 Ti Gaming 2 GB

    Even if the custom ones where 150... it'd still be crap compared to R7 265. Sorry but performance-wise AMD wins in this segment hands down (like in most others). The power consumption however looks stellar tho, props to nVidia for that at least. Edit: Nice to see you guys have time to...
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    AMD Announces the Radeon R7 265 Graphics Card

    Enthusiasts be like... oh f this, another rebrand... the rest of the 99% consumers be like... OMG unbeatable performance for that price, great OC potential, very decent power consumption at just on 6-pin, free game(s?)... etc... Seriously tho, it's a great card for the price, and with the R7...
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    MSI Intel 8 Series Motherboards Fully Support Next Generation Processors

    I don't really get what they mean... next generation as in i5-4690K/i7-4790K? Because I just bought a Z87-GD65 Gaming with (and soon a Pentium G3420... as I'm strapped for cash ATM and really need a rig up-and-running as soon as possible) with the sole purpose of being able to later buy a and...
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    BIOSTAR Unveils the Hi-Fi A88W 3D FM2+ Motherboard

    Uhm, hmmm... I'm guessing you're not familar with PCI-Express 1x... ?
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    SilverStone Releases the RAVEN Z Mini-ITX PC Case

    Shhh... don't give VAlLVe any ideas...
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    AMD Also Works on Radeon R9 280 to Heat Up Sub-$300 Segment

    All AMD cards are priced what they where priced before the mining fiasco, where I live that is. God, it's good to be the king for once. How you like THEM apples? US and whatever other countries have jacked up prices because of it. Mwahahaha.
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    AMD Readies Radeon R7 265

    No point, there's R9 270 for that.
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    John Carmack Left iD Software Because He Couldn't Work on Virtual Reality

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaporware http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/overrated http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/all+show+and+no+go Kinda self-explanatory, how does one not get that.
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    John Carmack Left iD Software Because He Couldn't Work on Virtual Reality

    He's the Duke Nukem FOREVER of game developers... 'nuff said.
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    AMD Mantle Driver to Only Benefit Four GPUs Initially

    Yeah, but Rockstar did good with Max Mayne 3 (same engine, most not a port, specific PC-enhancements done, actual PC code). So fingers crossed GTA V walks in it's path. What are people discussing here anyway? Mantle is far from an official release and doesn't have it's documentation layed out...
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    AMD "Kabini" Low Power APU Lineup Detailed Some More

    Those people with the "it's slow" posts... seriously have no clue what they are talking about. 1. It isn't, it does just about anything you could expect for it's market segment and then some more (gaming). 2. Do you people even know what low-power/SoC means? Or do you just twitch on sight when...
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    AMD Readies Radeon R7 250X to Seal the Gap Between R7 250 and R7 260X

    R7 250 = 7850K iGPU - 128 cores R7 250X = 7850K iGPU + 128 cores... So... !? Anyway, I would have much liked a new card with 512 GCN 1.1 cores, 1-2GB 64bit @ 5GHz+ GDDR5, 720 to 1100MHz core clock, that would be more or less advertised and specifically enhanced in the drivers to work with a...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta 1.6 Posted

    Unlike tech like PhysX, Shadowplay or GeForce Experience wich all worked flawlessly even since their behind-thedoors alphas, right? Seriously, I don't know where some people are going with this, AMD said Mantle official specifications won't be launched until Q3 2014 at it's earliest, untill...
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    AMD Catalyst Mantle Driver Delayed

    The fact that a company that is pushing so much for a ton of software-specific tie-ins to it's hardware (HSA, Mantle...). that don't make or break their hardware, but if they'd work as intended, will surely bring in sales of several magnitutes higher than now... is allocating so little resources...
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    Iiyama Unveils Four New AH-IPS Monitors

    *generic OMG it's only 1920x1080, so it's pure shit comment*
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    EK First to Support Cooling of De-Lidded AMD A-Series Processors

    I thought you where talking about why for FM2+, not why on the board in the picture, I honestly didn't even notice it, cause I don't care, if I'd buy this kit, it'd be for a my motherboard, not for a digital image. LOL But aside from all of this, indeed, WTF's up with that, do they use low end...
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    AMD Mantle Driver to Only Benefit Four GPUs Initially

    Haha, yes, how could one forget that... Well, it helps if you don't have a blind green eye...
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    EK First to Support Cooling of De-Lidded AMD A-Series Processors

    Yes (supposedly), and you continuing to be cryptic and an ass about it sure help, right?
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    AMD Mantle Driver to Only Benefit Four GPUs Initially

    And then came Far Cry 2 wich actually ran faster on D3D10 than on D3D9... Oh wait, it turned out it did so because the "Ultra" preset on D3D10 was actually worse looking than than "Very High" one in D3D9. If anything I'd like Mantle to succed just for the bitchslap factor to Micro$oft.
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    DICE Posts its Own Battlefield 4 DirectX vs. Mantle Performance Numbers

    Random thought to you and the guy who you replied to... Have you guys thought that they might be using 200% scaling in the settings menu? I have no clue what that does exactly, but I do know it eats from your performance. That could explain why they're getting such low frames in all of their tests.