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  1. rangerone766

    Intel RMA review

    so my poor to mediocre 2600k finally crapped out on me last week. topped out at 5.0 and needed a ton of volts, the IMC wouldn't do more than 1886mhz when the multi was above 44. in the grand scheme of things, good riddance. Tuesday the 17 I chatted with intel about getting an RMA going...
  2. rangerone766

    no post diag.

    woke up to find my rig power cycling the other morning. it would power on for a few seconds spin up the fans then shut down. then start up and spin the fans again. i assumed the board had died, and since i bought an extended warranty with it. i returned it to microcenter and got an asrock z77...
  3. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] evga 9800gt 512/ wb for gtx 470

    shipping to lower 48 is free. anywhere else, buyer pays shipping. i accept paypal or postal money orders. price- sold selling an evga 9800gt very little run time on this, and its a very good overclocker. it is a 512mb version with the 2 slot "akimbo" cooler on it. comes as a bare card no...
  4. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] mushkin ddr3

    SOLD!!!!!!!! Mushkin Enhanced Redline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 1.5volt bought these a few weeks ago for my new build, and only ran them for a few weeks. upgraded to a 16gig set instead. they are a great set of ram, got them up to 2200mhz, but never went any higher. they...
  5. rangerone766

    [US] SeaSonic X-1250 1250W 15% off @ newegg

    SeaSonic X-1250 1250W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready 8... 15% off w/ promo code SEASONIC15, ends 2/8 brings price down to $230 with code. i just bought one. anyone needing a large psu, this is a great one at a great price. actually, several of the the seasonics are on sale with that code...
  6. rangerone766

    needing new psu

    my current rig consists of msi z68-gd65 e2600k@5.0 gtx470 adding a second for sli, hence needing new psu, second 470 puts me over on power. 3x 74gig raptors 3x samsung sata drives 2x swftech 655 pumps 8x yate loon medium 120mm all that puts me at about 750watts, my psu is a...
  7. rangerone766

    steam, and cheating

    i recently bought MW3 from steam. from the first online match i played, it was apparent that cheating is rampant. in the previous COD games you would run across an aimbotter once in awhile. but MW3 has cheaters in most of the matches i joined, and not just one cheater. in a fit of...
  8. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] q9550 Giga P45 1066 ballistix

    cpu sold on ebay i have my old rig for sale or trade here. don't be shy with offers, prices obo q9550 E0 ran this at 4.1 under water most of the 1.5 years i had it. gigabyte ep45-ds4p, comes with a small fan glued to the nb sink, a back plate, and the rear panel cover for your case...
  9. rangerone766

    msi z68 gd65 is up and running!

    i've had a few issues. 1st make sure your usb keyboard and mouse are plugged into the usb 2.0 ports. NOT the usb 3.0. and 2nd, the #@%$^&* driver disc that came in the box is blank! tried it in 3 seperate computers. they all say, "please insert disc" and then eject the stupid thing. had...
  10. rangerone766

    Another sandy build need advice

    going to be retiring/selling off the old rig. and beginning anew with sandy. i just need help with mb selection. microcenter has a pretty decent deal of $50 off a mb with purchase of a 2600k. so the board and cpu will be from microcenter and it will be a 2600k. but for boards i'm a bit...
  11. rangerone766

    sending in a gtx 285 to EVGA

    what do you think i will get back from EVGA? my 285 has died. i know this has been asked 1000 times, but i'll ask again.
  12. rangerone766

    itching to upgrade

    i've been having that itch for a while now, and i've made a list. next upgrade will be a vid card. probably the new 448 shader gtx560ti but depending on budget may go to a 580. and i also have a pair of ssd's in mind, my 3x74gig raptors are starting to show their age. but is there a...
  13. rangerone766

    unlockable gtx 465

    is this unlockable to a gtx 470? Uploaded with ImageShack.us found it on craigslist for cheap. it's a MSI brand with a refrence heatsink. if its unlockable i will try and buy it.
  14. rangerone766

    [FS][US] mushkin ascent ddr2 1066MHz

    sold! 2x2gig=4gig total model 996619 http://www.mushkin.com/Memory/Blackline/996619.aspx picked up a 4 gig set of some ballistix, so no longer need these. had these up to 1156MHz in my x38 board. i've never RMA'd anything through mushkin before, so i don't know how thier warranty works...
  15. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] maximus formula/ripjaws

    some extra parts i have laying around $100 obo gskill f3-16000cl9d-4gbrh DDR3 these are new in the box unused. bought them before i got a deal on a ddr2 board By rangerone7669 at 2010-09-27 trade for a vid card+cash needing a 8800gt/8800gso 9600gt something along those lines heat...
  16. rangerone766

    psu max watt limits

    what is everyone's thoughts on psu requirements, how close do you get to a psu's rated wattage before you upgrade? any dangers to running near the limit? i had assumed psu's were most efficient near their max output. say, your rig draws 700watts. would you be comfortable powering it with a...
  17. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] Q6600 g0

    TRADED!!! its been a great cpu, but i picked up a q9550 dirt cheap and dont need the q66000 anymore. cpu was made in 2007, so its one of the good ones vid is 1.275 i normally ran it at 3.8 but i was able to bench at 4.0 on a x38 maximus formula, of course YMMV. asking $99 for it with...
  18. rangerone766

    [WTB][US] very cheap s775 board

    a friends board died, and i'm needing a new one. cpu is a old conroe e6600. i don't need a great oc board, just one that runs. since i'm buying it for him, i'd like as cheap as possible please.
  19. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] EK-FC285 GTX - Nickel

    sold this fits version 1 pcb's only!!! gtx 285's i didnt check first, so i'm reselling. asking $30 or trade for s775 dual core. i can add cash for a e8xxx By rangerone766 at 2010-08-04 heat is under- rangerone766
  20. rangerone766

    motherboard suggestions

    i need a new mb, and i need a few suggestions on what to buy. my needs- p35 p45 x38 x48 s775 ddr2 2x pcie slots or more, to fold on decent oc'er with a q6600 and a decent replacement for a x38 maximus formula. i would really like to jump up to I7 or phenom, but i just cant afford new...
  21. rangerone766

    MB dieing? odd problem

    got the weirdest problem, with a pretty large back story. reinstalled windows 7 pro on my rig with 3x74 gig raptors. first time i've had 3 drives in raid on this board. all seemed well. then, a few days later i picked up a gtx285, installed that into my rig and moved my gtx260 into slot 2...
  22. rangerone766

    3x 74 gig raptors?

    well, i'm currently running 2x 74 gig raptors in raid 0. but 150 gigs is just not enough with how big games are getting these days. esp. unreal tournament 2004 almost 12 gigs for a game that old wtf. the only thing i run on my raid is windows 7 programs and game files. so i'm not worried...
  23. rangerone766

    [WTB][US] 74 gig raptor 8meg

    looking to buy another 8 meg 74 gig raptor to add to my raid array. its getting close to time for a reformat. and would like a bit more speed. if anyone still has 1 i'd like it.
  24. rangerone766

    [FF] needing a 56k modem

    ok peeps, i cant believe it. but after searching all my boxes of junk i cant find a modem. i need a pci 56k modem to go into a box i built for dad. he moved and can only get dial up at his new place. so if anyone has an extra modem they would like to donate to me, i'd be greatfull. i'm in...
  25. rangerone766

    [FS/FT][US] Evga 9600gso

    sold i have a 9600GSO with the dual slot cooler(the good one) bought it off newegg a few months back as a refurb, so the 90 day warantee is over. but the card works perfect. puts out about 3500ppd, so its a decent folding card. thats what i used it for. i'm looking to get $40 out of it. i...