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    Build me a gaming PC for under $650!

    Here's what I got: What could be better? And here's the site I'm working with: http://www.umart.com.au/newindex2.phtml?bid=5 The build is for a teenager, so bigger specs = better. And of course he wants a shiny/cool looking case. Go! Go! Go! Go! :toast:
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    Which SSD would you choose?

    Going from this website: http://www.gamedude.com.au/, which 120GB SSD would be the best/fastest for $150 or less? I would love an intel 520, but they are still pricey as heck. Whats are the new OCZ vertex/agility 4's like? I have not yet read any reviews on them. I assume they no longer have...
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    How to enable all RAM in windows?

    Recently windows has been only able to use 4GB of my 8GB total RAM (HTPC in system specs). When I go to Computer>properties it says: Installed memory (RAM): 8.00GB (3.99GB usable), so it knows I have 8GB installed, but its not able to use it. Windows task manager confirms that only 4GB is...
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    TV out capable video card?

    I would like to know how one would go about connecting a computer to a TV via composite RGB cables. Something like this... Everything I have read about connecting to a TV with such a cable says that the gpu has to be 'TV out' enabled. So I guess my question would be: which graphics cards...
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    Fastest motherboard-powered graphics card?

    As the title says. I need a good video card that can be powered by the motherboard. HDMI out is also neccessary. Thanks in advance! :toast:
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    Crossfire video memory...

    I thought the amount of video memory, when crossfiring, equals the amount of memory on the card with the lower amount of memory, e.g. if you have a 1GB HD6950 and crossfire it with a 2GB HD 6970, there will only be 1GB available video memory. Likewise, if you have 2x 2GB 6950's (which is what I...
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    BSOD when I change fan speed?

    Just got another 6950 for crossfire, and every time I try and change the fan speed on either one, whether it be in Afterburner or Catalyst control centre, I get a BSOD, usually with stop code 0x3B. This would be fine if the fans were on auto, but sometimes theyre stuck at 65%, other times at...
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    Post your Ivy Bridge overclocks!

    I would like this thread to be for people to share their Ivy OC results with others, whether it be suicide runs or 24/7 clocks. I think it would be a great reference for people wanting to overclock their Ivy processor; to see the average voltage/clocks and compare their own. Please list...
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    Question about Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset

    What's the go with drivers with this thing since it's USB input/output? Reason I ask is I have an external soundcard hooked in through firewire, and I use the propriety driver for it, and firewire soundcards are a bit fussy when it comes to drivers and devices. Does the headset have its own...
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    How to allow superfetch to max out your memory?

    I have 16GB of memory but windows only caches about 5GB and leaves the rest free. Is there any way to make windows superfetch load more things into cache? For example, I notice that my music player (winamp) most likely is not loaded into superfetch because it takes a few seconds to open, but...
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    BF3 keeps crashing

    Ever since the latest patch, the game randomly freezes and the audio stays the same as when it freezed. Temps are all okay, with GPU getting no hotter than 70C. I've tried downclocking to stock clocks but the same thing happens. ????? Thanks guys.
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    Best wireless gaming keyboard?

    As the title says, I'm looking for a wireless keyboard that i will use mainly for gaming. I love everything about my mx3000 logitech but the fact that the receiver has to be less than 2 feet away is quite lame. Here's a pic of it: I have no interest in macros. Keyboard must but good...
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    How to tell how much GPU memory is being used?

    ...at any one point in time. It's easy to tell how much regular ram is being used (task manager), but what about the memory on your video card? How do you check how much of that is being used? Say if I have a game running that task manager is saying is using 1.7gb, is some or all (or none) of...
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    Mechanical wireless keyboards?

    Any suggestions? I can't really seem to find many... Many thanks in advance.
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    Check this stuff out, might out it on my mouse!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9jHSqp6K5E&feature=player_embedded Seems like a cool mod! I plant to put it on my Logitech G700 mouse (middle bit) and MX3000 keyboard (Silver bit) Thought you guys might be interested. :o
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    Can't add friends to origin

    So I just installed BF3 and tried to add a buddy and it doesn't work. I press add friends>type in friend's name>friend comes up>press add friend. He doesn't get a friend request. He's tried it several times for me and the same result. All the privacy settings are ticked. Suggestions?
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    Question about xbox controllers for PC

    Question: can I buy a receiver that will allow me to use a standard xbox 360 controller or do I have to buy a specially designed 360 controller for pc? If the answer to the first question was yes, do you think this receiver is the right one for use with the standard 360 controller...
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    Anyone know where I can get some cool icons?

    Here's my desktop: As you can see, I've changed the icons on the left side and middle, but I can't seem to find decent looking blackish icons for CCC, CPU-z, HWmonitor, prime95 and Furmark. Can anyone help? thanks a bunch in advance. :toast:
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    Check out my n00bish case modding! :D

    Case needed better air flow, what better way to allow this than to hack up my cheap raidmax! I just cut out the hole roughly with an angle grinder (after drawing circles and properly measuring of course), Then filed the edges back so they were nice and smooth with a standard steel dome file...
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    No AA in Hard Reset?

    Can't find the AA selection in Hard Reset. It's a shame coz the game runs stupidly fast (120fps) but I can't stand no AA. Thanks in advance.
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    Does HD 6990 need PCI-E 16x?

    I'm thinking of buying a 6990 to go with my 6950 but I've got the z68 chipset which only allows for crossfire in 8x mode. So my question is do I need the 16x when in CFX like the SB-e motherboards? Or will the 6990 reach its full potential at 8x? Thanks!