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  1. 1d10t

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Pricing and Availability Detailed

    I bet these year's E3 , which supposedly leaking about upcoming Zen 3 platform, AMD might need 6 screens for comparison against Comet Lake :roll:
  2. 1d10t

    AMD "Renoir" 4700U Beats i7-1065G7 "Ice Lake" at PCMark 10, 18% Faster than 3700U

    For its iGPU [duh], unless you didn't notice these test consist 2D manipulating and 3D playback :rolleyes: Vega is already mature, so it doesn't need any driver? Try that with generic driver Intel UHD :p Well if you say nothing sort of a feat 8 core 2Ghz base 4.2Ghz turbo beats both 4 core 8...
  3. 1d10t

    AMD "Renoir" 4700U Beats i7-1065G7 "Ice Lake" at PCMark 10, 18% Faster than 3700U

    Yeah, 8 core without proper driver beat 4 core with dedicated GTX 1650 Max-Q with mature driver :laugh:
  4. 1d10t

    AMD "Renoir" 4700U Beats i7-1065G7 "Ice Lake" at PCMark 10, 18% Faster than 3700U

    ...and suddenly mobile PC,notebooks, portable doesn't matter anymore, just like desktop,servers and HEDT :rolleyes: Oh wait...
  5. 1d10t

    Apple Introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro, the World's Best Pro Notebook

    Oh great, they remove that inconvenient keyboard design.I fell like i'm typing on a chalkboard with these MacBook.
  6. 1d10t

    U.S. Legislators Including AOC Come Down Hard on Activision-Blizzard on Blitzchung Ban

    What could they do, pass a bill about Union game worker? Activision is american based, I don't think they'll faced same fate as Huawei :D In fact loot boxes fall below their radar, and EU commission are first to questioning these "mechanics". I could only guess this is all about money :D
  7. 1d10t

    ASRock AMD B550AM Gaming Motherboard Spied

    From your provided picture, I could guess only one M.2 , which is PCIe Gen 4, and 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2, 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 back and 2 in the front, Realtek ALC 1200 audio codec, Realtek Gigabit ethernet, generic 8 phases (4 phases with doublers, low side and high side, so its actually 4+2 ), single 8...
  8. 1d10t

    TSMC Extends 16 nm Lead Time, Possibly Because the Fab is Swamped

    I know, I'm just spreading lies :D Jokes aside, this is not the first time TSMC having some trouble delivering, thats just kinda surprising for me amidst ongoing trade war.
  9. 1d10t

    AMD Announces New Radeon Embedded E9000 Series GPU Models

    LOL! It's quantum mechanics, not surprise computing :laugh: I hope AMD could improve V1000, reduce TDP, added some I/O, put that on single board and made available outside OEM / ODM.
  10. 1d10t

    TSMC Extends 16 nm Lead Time, Possibly Because the Fab is Swamped

    ...or they "siding" with protester, delayed everything hopes that they gain attention from "western" :D
  11. 1d10t

    crossfire (potato style)

    Calm down there mate, if you scroll down you'll find my bit and chips :) I thought UFD Tech on YouTube ceasing their channel? Saw their video about going back to US seeking better treatment for their kid (God help them!).
  12. 1d10t

    crossfire (potato style)

    I'm afraid no.As I stated earlier, ray tracing is "low level" feature that doesn't simply work with on off toggle, its need to be done in engine level , not just simple post-processing ( Anti Aliasing alike ). If you enjoyed older game, I suggest installing shader pack (mod) to make it better...
  13. 1d10t

    crossfire (potato style)

    This will be my last Crossfire, no new games support it and AMD already "restricting" undervolt in their new Adrenaline, so I kinda stuck in 18.12 Low pay-off, unpaid debt, broken relationship, I don't need any more headache You can run any games as long as AMD provided crossfire profile in...
  14. 1d10t

    crossfire (potato style)

    I see your card is custom AIB, I forgot to mention mine was reference, BIOS switch to silent mode and Undervolt :D Might not be good for long term usage.Differences between bronze and gold rated PSU not just efficiency, but also better ripple suppression on gold rated,thus ensuring better...
  15. 1d10t

    crossfire (potato style)

    I can't believe my eyes, it's tokopedia apps :laugh: On side note, 500W is adequate, assuming it was 80+ gold rated PSU. I got myself a pair of RX Vega 56 and there's no problem at all with just 650W rated PSU.
  16. 1d10t

    Intel Clarifies on 10nm Desktop CPUs: Still on the Table, Likely in 2021

    Suddenly dekstop doesn't matter anymore, funny these statement would have been different 2 - 3 years ago :rolleyes: Mobile the most important, yeah, thats all everyone need , anything more demanding you can always rely on cloud :D
  17. 1d10t

    Intel Scraps 10nm for Desktop, Brazen it Out with 14nm Skylake Till 2022?

    This statement are right on the heels.For long time, Intel known to be good at building brand awareness, it's hard to get over with it.Their money is well spend toward marketing and "rebate". It's not a secret that OEM and channel partner are giving rebates and offering rewards if you engaging...
  18. 1d10t

    AMD TRX40 Chipset Not Compatible with 1st and 2nd Gen Threadrippers

    Bummer,this explains why AMD mostly silent about their upcoming Threadripper. I'm kinda suspicious when they change motherboard convention from X prefix to TRX, and there's no leaked BIOS from any motherboard manufacture. Oh well, guess I'll wait for review between 3950x versus lowest...
  19. 1d10t

    Next-Gen Intel Core i3 to Sport Hyper Threading?

    This new Core i3-10100 will be repurposed 7700K, 4c8t with base clock around 4.3Ghz and Turbo all core 5Ghz, it only make sense why they discontinuing 7th gen :rolleyes:
  20. 1d10t

    Blizzard's Account Deletion Mechanism Conveniently Breaks Down

    You can voice your opinion on matter, but it's not your call to pass such judgement. If you didn't play Blizzard game or hardcore fan of any game, your statement weight nothing. Like I said before, it's their right, and you have your own privilege but you choose to demeaning others. Just from 2...
  21. 1d10t

    Blizzard's Account Deletion Mechanism Conveniently Breaks Down

    Clearly someone had no idea about Blizzard and yet bashing everyone for exercising their rights.
  22. 1d10t

    Blizzard's Account Deletion Mechanism Conveniently Breaks Down

    I already lost them since my battle.net dispute and their diablo april fool joke. Oh come on, you already knew it... WoW Classic mobile announcement.
  23. 1d10t

    AMD-made PlayStation 5 Semi-custom Chip Has Ray-tracing Hardware (not a software solution)

    So much skeptical :D - First of all, Sony will not implement Microsoft DXR, they will have their on RTRT baked in Open GL or OpenCL. I believe they will address asymmetrical load type balance to both CPU and GPU, unlike Microsoft DXR that restrictive only to GPU. - Sony has their own developer...
  24. 1d10t

    AMD Launches Ryzen 9 3900 and Ryzen 5 3500X Processors

    ... or wait just a few days on eBay, for the price of 3900X :D
  25. 1d10t

    Blizzard Employees Protest Company's Blitzchung Ban

    Kneeling at national anthem v2.