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    Sony Launches AMD "Polaris" Powered PlayStation 4 Pro

    I am excited for this machine, as it provides a performance boost overall. I know my gaming PC is significantly higher in horespower; however, I can not play the games that are exclusive to the playstation. I really do enjoy Uncharted, Bloodborn, Infamous etc. . . I recently upgraded my living...
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    BenQ Readies the BL3200PT 32-Inch AMVA Monitor

    Not sure how the experience will feel, but having had owned a 2560x1080 monitor I really could not stand the black bars when the games didn't not work with it. Also, the UI in most games had major issues fitting. Again, my experience with the 2560x1440 Dell your millage on the LG one might vary...
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    Microsoft Introduces the Surface Pro 3

    Well I am not sure why you think they are POS. I own Surface 2 RT 32gb and love the darn thing. I use it for my school and occasional youtubing. It is light and easy to carry around and far more capable than either my iPad 4 or Samsung Tab 3. Please elaborate as I would really love to understand...
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    NVIDIA 337.81 Beta Drivers Released with 4K single-tile monitor support

    YES finally some one sees it as well... wanna take a sip of this cool aid?
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    NVIDIA 337.81 Beta Drivers Released with 4K single-tile monitor support

    Yay...finally I can play on 4k on my monitor. What drove me nuts is my TRI SLI had the grunt, but you would get this flickering when SLI was at 4k. Hopefully when I get home that will be fixed.
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    NVIDIA Announces Watch_Dogs Bundle

    Son of a german.... I just got three GTX 780 Classy cards a few days ago...will amazons till give me the codes? Lets keep fingers crossed lol.
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    BenQ Readies the BL3200PT 32-Inch AMVA Monitor

    2560x1440 with 8X AA would look really sharp on that 32" hmmm tempted. However, its priced at 1 grand in the US.
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    Palit Launches GeForce GTX 780 JetStream 6GB OC Graphics Card

    I just got a 2nd 780 Classy to SLI with the old one, and was wondering if it would be enough Vram for 3440x1440 on the LG 34UM95? How do you calculate amount of ram needed? Thank you,
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Refresh CPUs Launch Date Revealed

    Followed the source and looks like its only 1150 socket CPUS, and no X99....skimmed the article. Dang yeah, I would love to have the newest and freshest but the 4930k will have to suffice.
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Refresh CPUs Launch Date Revealed

    Dang...I am getting a Z79 Asus Delux and i74930k delivered today from Amazon? Are new chips and mobos shipping before May 10th?
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    MAINGEAR Offers AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Graphics In Desktops

    I dont see an issue breath there at all. I ran my pair of GTX 780's like that just fine with minimal temp difference. I was told the same thing swapped out the mobo and case, and saw no real gain maybe one or two C. I think this is a none issue, and only problem I see is that freakin psu needs...
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    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX TITAN-Z

    I'd be lying if I was to say oh I wouldn't want that lol..id take on in a heart beat if I was financially capable of spending this much on something I use for gaming, but to me this card seems to be focused for pro's. I would love to have one, or why stick with one when two of them is better...
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    NVIDIA Outlines Support Plans for its DirectX 10 Generation GPUs

    You said it brother....lets move on. I would love for the quality of drivers to get better if it means giving up support on 07 gpis.
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    NVIDIA Outlines Support Plans for its DirectX 10 Generation GPUs

    Wow...time flys I remember buying my MSI GTX8800Ultra.
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    John Carmack Left iD Software Because He Couldn't Work on Virtual Reality

    I loved Doom 3 and Rage, but I do understand where some people had issues with them. However, there isn't a single game designer id rather listen to break down the tech and talk about it than him. Cant wait to see what he brings out next, as he is one of the reasons we have a lot of these FPS...
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    AMD Announces 4th Generation A-Series "Kaveri" Desktop APUs

    What is the fastest GPU that you could crossfire with the A10-7850? Is it a 7850gpu? I am thinking of maybe playing around with building a steam box system or a smaller gaming rig.
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    BenQ Releases G-Sync Gaming Monitors

    Any word if G-sync kit will work for BenQ 2420TE 144hz monitor? I just got it a few months back loving it very much so, but would be nice if I could upgrade to G-sync.
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    Corsair Also Launches the Graphite Series 760T and 730T Full-Tower PC Cases

    Looking good to me. Would be nice case to build something water-cooled in there.
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    CYBERPOWERPC Debuts Steam OS Powered Gaming System at CES

    Well these Steam boxes' are rolling in, and I'd love to get a controller my self, and build my own machine. I got a spare i7 4770k, GTX 780.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3 GB

    Great card, but gotta say not feeling the itch to move from my 780's one bit... maybe two gens down the road. If I was in the market id buy one of these and be set for 1080/1440 120hz for sure.
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 4 GB

    I wonder if we are able to flash 290x bios on the 290? That would be killer like in the 6950/6970 reference cards.
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    ASUS Announces Adoption of NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

    Thank you that was informative, so I guess I am out of luck with my 280x. Well at least some one benefits, and who knows AMD might have something in the piplines as well. Again thanks. :nutkick:
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    ASUS Announces Adoption of NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology

    Not up to date on this G-sync stuff is it open source, so people who own AMD can use it? My gut tells me its like PhysX :slap:
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    Reference Radeon R9 290X Taken Apart

    Say it isnt so Jhonny....god what I hate the most is the damn whine noise that some of my older cards produced. It drove me nuts, so much that I would upgrade at a loss just to get out of it. My MSI 7
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    Reference Radeon R9 290X Taken Apart

    Too bad these cards wont ship for about 500ish, as that would have been a must buy GPU. I know people who did/didn't need to upgrade would have lol. Also, from the looks of that PCB it would a good idea to wait out for a Asus custom, but my understanding is for now the AIB are not allowed to...