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  1. DinaAngel

    Help With picking wifi router for Boosters

    Heia. I need help picking a router that i can change the antennas of with a cable for two 20W boosters and it needs to be supporting these nodes. 2.400-2500 mhz IEEE 802.11b/g/n Ethernet cable connection Max 20 dBm output. Minimum 3 dBm output Great Receiver sensitivity 2 minimum antenna cable...
  2. DinaAngel

    Evga 780 Classy OC tips/help

    Hello, iv been ocing my 780s for awhile and theres one thing that allways bugs me and now i tought id try fix it or atleast know why so i could oc them instead of getting 980s. if someone is wondering i play in 1440p. the picture below why isnt it stable higher than this even tho its not...
  3. DinaAngel

    Little Kitty

    Heia, little early but i couldnt wait, i will buy all the parts when i get home from vecation, around 15th august, my birthday also is on 5th august so will have some extra budget just to make myself feel alittle happyer :). budget 4200 dollar for now, i got more but ill probbaly use more...