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    Anisotropy filtering in assassin's creed origins

    Recently i'm playing through this game and it looks amazing, one of the best looking, most impressive games i've seen in quiet some time. But... yes, there always has to be some "but(t)"... in settings i do not see anisotropy filtering option, can't find it in config file either. Forcing it on...
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    USB-C to DVI adapter - any ideas of use of that?

    Yesterday i spotted such, imo, odd adapter and i'm wondering what could it be used for? Anyone has any ideas? Anything i come with makes me think there are better solutions like display port to dvi or hdmi to dvi.
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    Playing on desktop+laptop using just desktop's resources, possible?

    So setup looks like this: one pretty strong desktop with enough resources to run two games/two instances of one game at the same time one laptop with decent (as for mobile) cpu but just built-in, no discrete, gpu local network should be capable of local streaming What i would want to achieve is...
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    World of Tanks enCore RT benchmark - raytracing on any GPU

    Wargaming just released benchmark of their game with newly implemented raytracing. For this they did use Intel's library "embree". With it they were able to make raytracing to work on any gpu supporting dx11, not just nvidia's RTX series. More technical details you can learn here: Benchmark...
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    VSR resolutions not available in borderlands 3

    Recently i started playing borderlands 3 and wanted, just for fun, to push it as high as it can be. I have VSR enabled in driver and all other games i have installed correctly recognize resolutions added by VSR but borderlands 3 for some reason doesn't list them at all. I know in options this...
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    RX580 power color vs asrock

    At the moment I'm going for temporary gpu upgrade (while waiting for navi 5800/5900) from r9 380 and gpu of choice is 8GB 580. I'm split between to variants which are at the same price: powercolor red dragon or asrock phantom gaming x. I assume main difference between them would be in thermals...
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    Yeston Radeon 580 Cute Pet

    Since moment i've read about that card and saw pictures of it i was genuinely interested but still cautious about it. As yeston overall is not popular brand and is not easily accessible outside Asia there is always risk in buying such products. When importing directly from manufacturer from Asia...
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    Thermalright computex 2010 insane coolers

    For some reason youtube suggested me 9 years old video with coolers by thermalright showed off at computex. These are some insane designs and i would love to know if these were released to be available in shops and if someone in here tried any of these?
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    Wired version of microsoft wireless desktop 3050?

    Recently i found this kit at local store and i love layout and extra keys of its keyboard but i do not like two things about it: wireless and kit with mouse. Anyone knows if wired version of keyboard can be purchased separately?
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    Ryzen 9 3900x availability is bad

    I finally got full refund from store for 2700x+x470 taichi ultimate and now i'm thinking what to do next. From what i see situation is not as good as i would wish it to be. I was thinking about 3900x+x570 taichi. Motherboard is available anywhere but cpu... this is other kind of story. Via...
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    Asrock x570 Creator - what is use for display port input in middle of motherboard?

    At the moment i'm watching Buildzoid's analysis of this motherboard and the first thing i noticed and confused me a lot is placement of a port on left from 10Gb lan card. First thought when i spotted it "well, manufacturers came back to odd placement of sata ports" but right after this thought i...
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    Geralt of Rivia will assist you on road!

    Recently NaviExpert released voice of Geralt as option for their navigation software. Voice is in polish language. I have no idea if they plan to release english. Anyway, imo english voice of Geralt is too soft and too weak, polish voice actor has way more badass voice. On a sidenote: The...
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    What actually impacts memory capabilities on am4 boards if memory controller is in cpu?

    This thread is just pure asking for completing my theoretical knowledge about ryzen and am4 platform. One of basic elements of ryzen architecture is that memory controller is located in cpu. From practical perspective we see big differences on how memory performs between various motherboards...
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    Wired earphones with microphone for phonecalls

    Maybe i'm looking wrong way or something what used to be a standard is extinct nowadays. My nokia e51 had bundled earphones with microphone and on their wire basic button to pick up a phonecall. Now i'm trying to find such thing for my "smart"phone and all i'm able to find are wireless bluetooth...
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    Amd's xbox game pass - in what form is it delivered?

    Probably i'll be buying some hardware soon and i'll qualify to get this pass offer. Did anyone use this offer and can tell in what form pass is delivered at amdrewards.com? When you use code received from shop does amdrewards.com give you code for game pass or do you have to log in to your...
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    Can i install regular android apps on an android go?

    I'm just googling that for last few minutes and i can't find clear answer to that question. Recently i had to order any budget phone, i'm not a big fan of "smart"phones so i was wondering which phone should i choose: cat b25 or xiaomi redmi go and decided to give it a go to a "smart"phone. Yes...
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    exFAT vs NTFS for non-OS partitions

    At the moment i have to format clean, empty internal hdd which i will be using for storing data on it and i'm wondering which partition format should i choose. I'm dual booting windows and linux. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to exfat over ntfs?
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    Verbatim usb3.0 flash drive has "sinusoidal" writes

    Recently i did purchase thumb drive which is verbatim 64GB pinstripe (sku: 49318) and instantly i decided to give it some basic test like copying files onto it and i noticed very weird behavior, at least something i've never seen with any other usb drives before: transfer speeds on copying...
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    Changes to PBO in Ryzen 3xxx series

    AMD just released a video explaining changes to PBO in their new cpus:
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    Radeon RX5700 (non-XT) tested in Far Cry 5

    Recently i did watch video from "tech yes city" about Next Horizon event and the guy has collected some cool info about tech which will come with new navi gpus. On his way through the show he was also allowed to run benchmark of far cry 5 on pc with radeon RX5700 (non-XT) and as result turned...
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    Installing steam version of 3dmark on ramdisk

    Since i have 32GB of ram i put some games and benchmarks into ramdisk for, in some cases, improved framerate and frametime. Recently i've tried to see if ramdisk as a drive for 3dmark will affect benchmark score in any way. By default steam will not detect ramdisk partition as valid partition to...
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    DaVinci Resolve - how to create side-by-side output video?

    I was googling a bit about it and i was unable to find anything useful. Most of search results are about how to edit videos in side-by-side view but not how to render output video as side-by-side image. I would like to improve my youtube comparisons by creating sbs videos and i do not want to...
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    [Warning]Asrock x470 Taichi (Ultimate) bios v3.10 makes cpu fan louder

    Recently asrock published new bios versions with support for Ryzen 3xxx. I like to keep my hardware and its firmware up to date so i instantly flashed my motherboard. Before downloading v3.10 you are warned that you can't downgrade to 2.00 after flashing to 3.10. Once flashing was done and...
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    Temperatures worse on new pc case than on previous no-name with opened side

    Recently i have purchased new pc case, to be specific silentium pc Armis AR7 TG RGB which comes with 3 fans already installed. Also added on top of it set of three, also silentium pc, Sigma HP Corona RGB fans. Setup: two front fans are intake, back one is outake and same goes for 3 top fans...
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    How to disable videos and channels from youtube feed without logging in?

    I keep my main browser not logged into any of my google accounts and i want to keep it that way as long as possible. Recently i'm getting bs suggestions of videos and channels on main site of youtube. For example cars. I hate cars, i do not watch about them, i do not read about them, i do not...