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    Fastest way to clean filthy cases

    It's very fast, thorough and doesn't require much effort. Pretty self-explanatory: 1. Remove all electrical components that you care about. 2. Use a spray bottle to cover everything with a weak soap solution. A bit of dishwashing soap works pretty good. 3. Hose everything down (with tank water...
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    How many old CPUs have you collected?

    I'm not a collector in the least, but over time I've come to own a decent amount of these inedible sweets. Not all of them are in the photo....excluding the processors that are currently installed in computers, I'd say there's around 20 in total. Mostly LGA775 dual cores and quite a few Xeons...
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    Hate dust? Turn off your fans

    Shock horror: Less airflow means less dust intake and therefore less cleaning maintenance will be required. I have 7 fans in total but only 3 are active at idle and spin at around 300rpm (very slow). Everything kicks into action when gaming obviously. Even after two years of neglect and...
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    Can you identify this gaming PC case?

    It's seen better days but I rescued this awesome PC case (complete with both side panels and 750W PSU) from the scrap heap. No idea what it actually is though, there's no branding whatsoever. All I know is that it's possibly 8 years old (has an AMD FX badge) and it's built like a tank in terms...
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    Drawing fractals patterns with JavaScript canvas

    This is an interesting programming project I did a few years ago when I was super interested in playing with code. The "coolFractals" program was originally not mine (it was an example program included with Just Basic) but my idea was to port it to JavaScript. Obviously the benefits of HTML is...
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    Space Engine Universe Simulator software

    Quite a few people may already know about this, but there doesn't seem to be any mention of it and so I'm starting a new thread for it. Space Engine is a free-to-download program that simulates the entire universe and it's super cool. It's incredibly useful too, I personally use it for...
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    Eeeeee Pc Seashell by the seashore ediiton

    Such a fine piece of machinery. I must use it more often for typing memoirs and conducting web conferences with important political figures. May I also direct your attention to the 2GB ram upgrade I just did, mainly for the purpose of demonstrating superiority. Userbenchmark ASUS Eee PC...
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    Need a 140mm PWM case fan for ~300rpm

    Requirements: 140mm PWM case fan capable of sustaining very low (~300rpm) speeds. I've been researching Noctua and be quiet! fans, but the minimum speed information can be conflicting or not even available. Anyone? Currently I'm running some kind of Antec 2-speed non-PWM fan that does a...
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    How to run external PCI-E x1 card with laptop?

    This one has stumped me because it seems that there's no easy way to do this: I've got an MSI WS65 8SK-469AU laptop, which I will be using (as my only option) to run a VR setup. Problem is, I need to somehow hook up an external PCI-E x1 expansion card so that my HTC Vive can be used wirelessly...