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  1. rooivalk

    21:9 addition in GPU Review

    Suggestion for GPU review, especially mid-high end GPU: - Add 3440x1440 resolution since it fills rather big gap between 2560x1440 to 4K. I think 2560x1080 is not really needed since it's halfway between 1920x1080 to 2560x1440. - Drop 1600x900 to offset the time wasted testing 3440x1440.
  2. rooivalk

    How to buy non region locked game in Steam?

    I want to gift few Steam games to my friend in Japan. Problem is, I live in South East Asia and it's region locked here (since it's cheaper here). I don't mind paying higher for non region locked/international version, but I don't see the option to do so. Is it possible? Since it's a gift...
  3. rooivalk

    GTX970 vs R9 390

    I want to upgrade gpu since I have plan to buy 1440p monitor soon. I think it's going to be GTX970 vs R9 390. In this case I prefer vanilla R9 390 over 970 due to: - I could get 390 cheaper (almost $70) than 970, both from respectable brands with ok warranty in my area (PowerColor/Sapphire vs...
  4. rooivalk

    [ASK] Gigabyte 280X

    Hey fellas, I just bought Gigabyte 280X OC Windforce, I want to ask several things: 1. GPU-Z reported it as 7900 series. Is it normal? 2. What is the stock core/mem clock? mine is 1028 Mhz and 5900 Mhz, and that setting many games would crash, reducing the core clock to 1000MHz solve the...
  5. rooivalk

    Seagate 2TB is busted

    Hmm apparently my Seagate ST2000DM001 is busted. It showing blue screen 0x000000F4 a week ago everytime I play a game from its drive, but after I change it to another SATA slot (The cable's head is a bit thick and tightly squeezing its neighbour cable), it works again for a week. Today, the...
  6. rooivalk

    Help me choose z77 and ddr3

    My old rig is broken and my friend just gave me his 2600k, so I'm thinking of building new rig based on that. I want to daily overclock it to about 4.2-4.5ghz and mainly will be used for gaming, so this is my questions: Motherboard 1. Any decent but cheap z77? My budget is limited (just about...