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    core 2 quad numa affinity and scheduling

    Hold on mate, that can't be true, there are OS out there that come with KDE as the default DE :laugh: I'd be interested in before and after benches if you can
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    Windows 10 always resets my Time

    Sounds like one of your OSs is using utc system clock and the other local time, change the setting in one of them.
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    anyone know if there are any problems using a gtx1070 for games and an r9 290 for compute in the same pc?
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Just picked up a 4tb dual bay nas down from staples for £99 Nice of them to be closing down
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    neither, iceland
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    Help needed setting the right cooling for a AMD FX-8370

    If space isn't a constraint it's difficult to better this without making significantly more noise http://noctua.at/en/nh-d15.html
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    Help needed setting the right cooling for a AMD FX-8370

    While they are the popular suggestion in a lot of communities right now and while watercooling is very good for small form factor/ build tidiness/ showing off, they're dramatically behind air coolers on the cooling/$ and in similar setups, cooling/db
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    Help needed setting the right cooling for a AMD FX-8370

    A mistake I'd suggest you're making is thinking that a 120mm rad is better than a lot of 120mm tower coolers out there
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    What program will I use to speed up my gpu fan?

    if it's that immediate it could very well be completely unrelated to temperature is this new or since purchase?
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    What is source of gpu power?

    Should be a wall socket somewhere :laugh:
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    Intel Gets Sixteen "Broadwell" Cores to Run at 45W TDP

    I think the idea was one thread per vm
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Mind me asking where?
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    Noctua Introduces Chromax Accessories

    What if someone wanted both?
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    Extremely high GPU temperatures after BIOS flashing

    look at the card(use your eyes), is the fan spinning?
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    Extremely high GPU temperatures after BIOS flashing

    Most likely the bios you flashed is still a bit different from the original
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    The Future Of Flat Panel Display 4096 x 2304

    I don't even have a dvd drive anymore
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    Logitech G Introduces New Gaming Headphones

    It's an especially great statement because Logitech already made headphones, hence it implies all of Logitech previous headphones are not high quality
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    Free2Play. Discussion. Name your favorites.

    I can't see a mention of "dota 2" here, and it's one that's actually free
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    Possible Power Issue

    Did either/both of you upgrade from windows 7?
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    High GPU usage and fairly low CPU usage while playing Trove

    game is single threaded, maximum utilisation of one thread by a single program and any background tasks (including windows itself) is going to make windows report between 20%-30% cpu usage
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    Network Bandwidth Monitor?

    *this isn't really what you asked for so feel free to ignore it Can you assume the majority of your devices using lots of data are windows/ios/android and take a look at the built in data usage metrics?
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    WIndows 10 can't see BIOS while using Dedicated GPU

    Sounds like a form of fastboots been enabled, does MSI have any "Reboot To UEFI" equivalent?
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    GTX970 - black screen after few hours on FF Realm Reborn

    Well I'm all the way over on AMD, my mate has had no end of troubles with his 760 though in ffxiv, yet another friend who also has an i5+760 no problems That's why I think it's something system specific, how much difference can there be between 2 i5+760 systems Edit: writing is difficult when...
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    GTX970 - black screen after few hours on FF Realm Reborn

    DX11 working fine here, might be system specific?
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I may have just got a house down there and the fact I could see 5 virgin media wi-fi networks inside of the house makes me wonder if it might be oversubscribed you see