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  1. DonInKansas

    TechPowerUP Wallpapers !

    I'd like this in Nvidia flavor. :D
  2. DonInKansas

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Preloaded with GOG; they really need to implement a pause button for downloads. I shut it down and had to start over. Not everyone can have a 23GB download tying up their internet all day.
  3. DonInKansas

    What is better a 1440p 60hz or a 1080p 144hz monitor?

    What's more important to you? Higher resolution or uber frame rates?
  4. DonInKansas

    GIVEAWAY: GTA V, Skyrim & Tomb Raider GOTY

    Thanks for the giveaway onedub! One day I shall win. :roll:
  5. DonInKansas

    GIVEAWAY: GTA V, Skyrim & Tomb Raider GOTY

    April is great! Grass starts greening up, I can get out and play golf or goof off with my kids, and the winter blues start going away for my wife who struggles with seasonal depression and arthritis that the cold weather irritates. TR for the backup; thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  6. DonInKansas

    Giveaway: Assassin's Creed Unity

    Theonedub choo...er....randomly picks cheerleaders. :):nutkick::pimp:
  7. DonInKansas

    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    Peet needs a thread secretary. :p
  8. DonInKansas

    Giveaway: Assassin's Creed Unity

    Don't worry, onedub. Soon dog will be back to answering your phone.
  9. DonInKansas

    Giveaway: Assassin's Creed Unity

    When I think of Unity I think of one of my favorite bands. 311 (and DonInKansas) is down for the Unity!
  10. DonInKansas

    Giveaway time. Kane & Lynch Collection**Added 6 NEW Titles. SEE OP

    In for Kane and Lynch! I will likely pay forward the other half as I havea couple of them but want a crack at the dog days. :p
  11. DonInKansas

    Giveaway time...GTA 4 Global steam, key.

    Niko Bellic: How would you like to die? Roman Bellic: Having a threesome on my hundredth birthday. I'm there, dude. :p
  12. DonInKansas

    Nvidia GTX 970 problems: This isn't acceptable.

    4GB of Ram with 3.5 usable? Maybe the 970 is just running a 32 Bit OS. :laugh:
  13. DonInKansas

    Problem with pop-ups.

    Avast browser cleaner got some items Malwarebytes missed for me.
  14. DonInKansas

    [US] GTX970/980 Open Boxes are starting to hit newegg for really good prices!

    970 back in stock for the moment...
  15. DonInKansas

    [US] 30% off and free shipping on refurb monitors at Dell Outlet

    Repost from SD: Dell Outlet.com offers 30% off their Outlet Refurbished Monitors when you apply coupon code RWTD2T4SCRKP0X at checkout. The discount depends on the cost of the item. Shipping is free. Offer is valid through 1/11...
  16. DonInKansas

    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    This threads got 99 pages but this bump's just one...
  17. DonInKansas

    Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven: 1959 - 2014

    Peace to Kreij and his family. His presence will be missed by many.
  18. DonInKansas

    I got a Bioshock key to give away

  19. DonInKansas

    What if RAM sticks get slammed?

    Unless they were thrown into a pitbull's mouth, they shuld be fine.
  20. DonInKansas

    Giveaway: Deus Ex - Human Revolution

    Star Trek II because... Count me in.
  21. DonInKansas

    New i5-3570K cpu overheating, would love some suggestions??

    First thing usually to try is reseating the CPU cooler, just to take that out of the picture. Are you using the stock cooler?
  22. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] Reasonable GTX 680?

    A reasonably priced 680 would be a mildly overclocked 670. :laugh:
  23. DonInKansas

    [WTB][US] Nvidia Geforce GTX 470

    Sneekypeet's got one in his thread if you're willing to consider EVGA.