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  1. DinaAngel

    Ping issue

    :confused: idk then
  2. DinaAngel

    Ping issue

  3. DinaAngel

    Ping issue

    http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4817272344 http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4817276702 http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4817278687
  4. DinaAngel

    Ping issue

    How come I get 7 in ping to France but 26 to my own city when France is far away. I live in norway. Also I get 14 in ping to Japan but I get 140 to west coast usa. Doesn't make sense
  5. DinaAngel

    Angels Fall First on steam is super fun

    Angels Fall First on steam is super fun
  6. DinaAngel

    **ENDED**Giveaway time: Metro Redux Bundle*Dead Island +GOTY editons*MaxPayne3*& More to Come

    im in for Fear 1-2, i only got fear 3. thanks for the giveaway
  7. DinaAngel

    Why AMD will perform better than NVIDIA in DirectX 12

    http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/8070955? i got 17 501 040 drawcalls with titan x
  8. DinaAngel

    Titan X upgrade?

    Yeah I'll probbably replace my titan x when I buy 4k monitor end of summer
  9. DinaAngel

    Titan X upgrade?

    So your saying extreme texture packs are dumb? Lol. I'd rather have extreme texture packs and 4x4 AA than 400 fps. And you do realize titan x and 980 and 970 all use different amounts of ram for almost every game?. Why does titan x use excessive of 5gb of vram in some games that 980 uses...
  10. DinaAngel

    Titan X upgrade?

    lol its bigger difference than that
  11. DinaAngel

    Titan X upgrade?

    haha, faster? i can overclock my titan x to 1400mhz easly. 980 ti at 1400mhz isnt as fast, because of shader difference 980 ti 2816 shaders. titan x 3072 shaders. with my vbios i can go up to max 425 watt TDP. and if u want further performance then u can just solder some better/more solid caps...
  12. DinaAngel

    Now knowing the performance of Fury X, what would you choose?

    yeah its so stupid really. also why lock fury x to reference design only? like lol, AMD should just let the third partys do what they want, fury x lost the dx11 race but thankfully did win in the dx12 race for now until something new comes out. the normal fury should have problems beating 980ti...
  13. DinaAngel

    Now knowing the performance of Fury X, what would you choose?

    i want to know why they only set 64 rops and not 128. the card would run soo much faster with more rops. kinda shooting themselves in the foot
  14. DinaAngel

    HBM update!!!

    poor fury x, its gonna be so limited with its low ROPS
  15. DinaAngel

    fallout 4 looks good!

    fallout 4 looks good!
  16. DinaAngel

    Nvidia GTX Titan-Z problems: This isn't acceptable!

    Personally I think nvidia isn't doing anything wrong. they don't care about the community. Why continue support to Kepler that's gotten old and boring. My titan x will hafto be replaced in a year or two anyways as it will lose support. People will buy. they don't earn from continuing support...
  17. DinaAngel

    OFFICIAL The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Discussion)

    game unplayable, just crashes every 15 min. nvidia driver stopped working. only game this happens to
  18. DinaAngel

    Need help with this Bsod

    Image? Pirated? How come dump file is in rar file?
  19. DinaAngel

    Mysteries of the Sun

    I wish I lived soo Long that I'd see us incapsule a star for power generation
  20. DinaAngel

    Help With picking wifi router for Boosters

    does anyone have good experience with this router? Linksys WRT1200AC http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833124575&cm_re=Linksys_WRT1200AC-_-33-124-575-_-Product
  21. DinaAngel

    Help With picking wifi router for Boosters

    i prefer omhni directional as i want to be able to reach on open ocean
  22. DinaAngel

    Help With picking wifi router for Boosters

    im not doing router to router. i allready got the antennas and the cables and the boosters, just need a better router than what i found myself
  23. DinaAngel

    never chew your vitamins, it tastes ewww

    never chew your vitamins, it tastes ewww
  24. DinaAngel

    Help With picking wifi router for Boosters

    Heia. I need help picking a router that i can change the antennas of with a cable for two 20W boosters and it needs to be supporting these nodes. 2.400-2500 mhz IEEE 802.11b/g/n Ethernet cable connection Max 20 dBm output. Minimum 3 dBm output Great Receiver sensitivity 2 minimum antenna cable...