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    922 pci retention bracket replace..

    hi, i have a old 922 haf case which i butchered years ago to manhandle a btx board in to. now i want to put it back in to service.. i had a look and the mangled part seems t be riveted in place so easy to replace... i just cannot seem to find any, thoght id ask here if any 1 knows if its...
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    QUESTION about avi or mp4 fix

    Right then: I recorded a video with obs. I noticed it said encoder over loaded but decided to ignore it. OBS Settings i can fix so it wont overload ion the future. but the video i recorded is not great. obviously obs dropped frames whilst i was recording, and where those frames are missing the...
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    [WTB] [UK] PSU possibly 600w Found

    Just bought a 600w evga psu on ebay which was DOA so returning it. forced to reuse my old 500w psu which does not have enough amps to allow over clocking of the 970. getting fed up of things from eBay needing to be returned so figured id ask here. So: id like to buy a 600w or better psu...
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    EDID help ?

    Hi, been a while. Any way i have an issue i will try to explain as quickly as possible.. I have a HDMI audio extractor.. it pretends to be a monitor with stereo sound. When i connect it to the pc (i use the intel gpu) it makes a lontium monitor that can be used as a audio device and all works...
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    270x Downgrade bios to 7870 for M91p motherboard.

    Ok. here we go after my last bit of tom foolery with SFF prebuilt systems, i bought second one This time its a lenovo M91p SFF.. Standard atx layout, no silly proprietary nonsense (the usff version is to be avoided).. AND YET! Some one decided to throw in a GPU white list in to the bios. Why...
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    stupid fujitsu 12v only psu 16pin connector

    ok so i have this fujitsu esprimo c700, Its not terrible specs really for a tin thting.. 4ram slots 1x pci-e slot 3 Sata ports tin little motherboard M-atx or something similar with an i5-2400.. So seems good for a simple build, BUT its not really.. Im going to skip the long story and just...
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    have a kfa2 780 gtx now. (not hof) are ther unlockable goodies?

    Just wondering if there were ever unlockable extra stuff on these cards that made them more like the ti? like a bios edit or something that unlocked extra shaders or some thing similar. I have it over clocked reasonably well for now and did not need any voltage mods, but i am just wating on a...
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    gpuz vddc correct ??

    just want to know if the vddc reading from gpuz is right... if i up the voltage on my gpu then put it under load the vddc drops lower than it says it is at idle.. at idle it says its using 1.25 (or similar whatever stock is) but idle should be something like 0.825 under heavy load it will go...
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    2 Litres of coolan "green pref" in uk with anti corosive and anti fungal

    ok. what i want to buy is One two litre bottle of green coolant i dont need it to be UV or anything like that just want it to be green. with anti corosive additives that they add for aluminium/copper/brass loop mixes (im all copper right now but i keep changing stuff in this loop as i get the...
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    time for a new os drive, small dilema. maybe you can give an oppinion

    ok my aging 250gb os drive (still fine no errors) has arrived at the point where its time to change it. i have decided to go for a 1tb wd red drive (still couldnt justify the £80 for a 256gb ssd when it cam to hit pay) any way the wd red is bought and paid for so not a point of debat.. what i...
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    i5-2500k cpu package temps

    i never had a cpu before where the package temps were hotter than or the same as core temps.. but the 2500k seems to be at or around the same temps as the cores.. ther is some variation to it.. but in generall the package temp is right about the same temperature as my hottest core.. if im stress...
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    Speed fan being strange..

    ok used speed fan for years and its never been a problem before.. I just added some side fans to my case and have the fans for my radiator too. All seems fine. i set the speed for low temps and it drops down to that.. I then run prime. and manually change the fan speeds to get the quietest point...
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    what/which is a really big pc case?

    ok so i always use full atx cases for my main system(s). but even these seem small to me. so what is the biggest full atx case available "without being stupid about it" would like to have it taller and wider than a standard full atx case, Space to mount 2x 240 radiators at the back...
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    2x 60cfm push pull vs 1x 100 cfm fan push

    what would you think is going to be better one 100 cfm fan or even 120 whatever vs 2x 60 cfm fans. for arguments sake lets say the 100+ cfm fan would have a rpm or 2500 or more and the 60 cfm would have a rpm of 1500. obviously the 2x 60 cfm would be less noisy. but would the 100+ cfm fan alone...
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    latency on ddr3

    I noticed that latency on ddr3 seems to be quite high compared to what i was used to on ddr2. Is this across the board or are there high performance ddr3 with good 7-7-7 or 5-5-5 latency as standard? the lowest i can seem to find is 9-9-9 Which to me seems a bit slow..
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    Finaly finished the upgrade. (well nearly)

    ok so it started off with my poor old q6600 getting retired. I got an fx-8120 with a lame mother board that could only just run it at stock speeds. turned out the 8120 really was not any faster than the over clocked q6600 in my system so i sold that. i got an i5 and some lame old msi board...
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    show me that a q6600 is no good now

    Ok, basically i know that the q6600 is considered ancient in terms of computing power. But i just cant seem to justify an i3 or low cost i5 because i simply dont see how they can actually be that much better. I dont mean the higest value i5's and i7's I mean the run of the mill i dont have much...
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    7850 bios editing?

    Hi. i bought a faulty 7850 (saphire 1gb oc) from the description i was 90% sure it was a 2d clock issue so i bought it. set it up and ran gpu tool set to test for stability. 1st thing gpu was pumped to 3d clocks the tearing and glitches on screen went away cofirming my issue (i had same...