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  1. iamajunky

    Just upgraded mg rig and having alot of suttering.

    I just upgraded my pc to a 4790k 16 gigs of ram and a gtx 970 with a h100 cooler. But i have a problems with smoothness of frames in games where i know my system can handle it and go above 60 fps. Now i have a somewhat older monitor a dell 3007wfp. I was wondering if the monitor i have could be...
  2. iamajunky

    Are 4790k easily stable at 4.5ghz?

    I just recently got a new setup: Intel 4790k, MSI z97 gaming, Patriot Viperx ddr3 1866, and H100i cooler. I was just wondering how easy is it to get to 4.5ghz stable with this setup and if anyone has any tips for me. I use to have a q9450 and could not get it past 3.4ghz stable and I just want...
  3. iamajunky

    Upgrading from q9450 taking some suggestions..

    I just recently was able to acquire money for a system upgrade, and I was trying to figure out whether I should go with a intel or amd setup. Across from 5820k or 4790k or save money and build on a fx 9590. Microcenter and frys have good deals on all of them the frys mobo and cpu 5820k and msi...
  4. iamajunky

    7970 and 7970 ghz?

    What's the difference between the two other than the stock over clock. I want to buy one or the other, but i haven't decided.
  5. iamajunky

    Upgrading from gtx 295 soon!!!

    Need TPU's opinion.. I'm getting ready to upgrade to a newer video card wondering if I should got with a 7970 ghz ed. or a gtx 680.. I've been looking at reviews only thing that the gtx 680 has over the 7970 ghz so far is physx and cuda cores.
  6. iamajunky

    [FS][US] Gigabyte gtx 295 perfect condition $120

    Sold To Ramirez. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. iamajunky

    gtx 295 and 8800gts physx?

    I have a gtx 295 and i'm trying to run my 8800 gts as a dedicated physx card... Is it possible? Anyone out there have any ideas
  8. iamajunky

    4870x2 dying

    My 4870x2 is dying and i want to get something with similar gaming performance, i only have like a 250$ to spare for this some guy is selling a gtx 295 for $265, in forums and a 4870x2 for 200, but i kinda want to go with nvidia this time, any tips, suggestions would be nice.
  9. iamajunky

    1080p tv tuner

    I've been looking for a tv tuner that can do 1080p hd if anyone knows of one tip me off please.
  10. iamajunky

    qx9770 on air?

    How far could i got with a non lapped qx9770 on air stable? i've heard you can do 4.0ghz easy but i don't know i'm running x48 dfi lp dark edition
  11. iamajunky

    Oh crap qx9775=lg771

    I'm just wondering if a qx9775 will fit on my x48 or am i gonna loose money and have to order another board. I could get a 790i ultra from xfx for 80 bucks my board manufacturer and specs says it can handle 1600 mhz processors
  12. iamajunky

    anyone go this 1k watt psu, is it any good?

    I saw this PSU on tigerdirect it's cheat but i was wondering if it's worth buying or should i wait and just get the corsair, i would like to save some money.... let me know what you think....To save you clicking on the link it's the Xion Real Power 1k watt PSU
  13. iamajunky

    recording videos and need some help

    I want to make like gameplay videos for youtube, but i can't seem to record high quality videos in fraps my framerate drops down to like 19 frames a sec, does anyone have tips from smoother videos, do i need hardware or is it all software, i got a 4870x2, q9450 @3.4ghz, 8gb or ddr2 thanks ahead...
  14. iamajunky

    finally got my board to do 3.4ghz on air but temps?

    Just wondering i'm getting 44 at idle and up to 65 at load these i believe are safe temps my bios says something else like 35c idle
  15. iamajunky

    Bios temps or Realtemp/Coretemps

    Just wondering is my bios temps more accurate than realtemp and coretemps programs?
  16. iamajunky

    4870x2 + 8600 gts for physx will it work?

    i have a 4870x2 and a 8600 gts on xp 64bit can i get it to work for physx on xp or does it have to be vista someone had a thread awhile ago about this but i can't find
  17. iamajunky

    4870x2 cfx not enabled?

    If i'm mistaken please correct me but I have a 4870x2 and a 4850 in what appears to be a possible cfx setup but i'm not reading the 4850 even exist in my system any have any ideas or fixes, i do have the 4870x2 in the first slot btw .
  18. iamajunky

    dust covering my heatsink

    i don't know what i should use to clear this gunk from my heatsink, i was thinking alcohol or maybe distilled water, i was thinking getting a zalman 9700 to push the air out the back of the case to reduce dust build up tp tell me what you think
  19. iamajunky

    I don't understand 4870x2?

    Okay I don't know if someone has made this thread. AMD has claimed that they haven't even used the full potential of the 4870x2, i don't know if it's due to the bandwidth limit of the pcie 2.0, but they said that there is an unactivated bridge or something that links the two chips together for...
  20. iamajunky

    PSU energy usage software?

    I'm wondering is there software on the net that can tell me my energy usage?
  21. iamajunky

    artifacting fullscreen

    For some reason in full screen i'm artifacting and windowed mode i'm not i got 2x4850 temps are not high at all but i artifact like crazy i've tried uninstalling drivers and installing them updating my motherboard, chipset i think it's my motherboard though i'm gonna try it on my other coputer...
  22. iamajunky

    testing for artifacts

    I have 2xHD4850s and i'm getting artifacts my temps never go above 45c what can i use to test artifacts since ati tool doesn't work on the 4k series
  23. iamajunky

    Try or not try Windows 7

    I was thinking of trying windows 7 beta anyone got any advice and what and what not to does, is it truly seeming better than windows vista or is it just another windows vista with new widgets and stuff
  24. iamajunky

    [FT][US] 3870x2 and 2x3870s

    This is a trade only i'm willing to trade 1xASUS 3870x2 for a 4850 traded to boogah and 1xdiamond 3870 traded to blTb + 1xHIS iceq3 3870 traded to blTb for a 4850
  25. iamajunky

    3870x2 or 4850?

    I'm looking to either keep my 3870x2 or trade maybe for a 4850, just want some input they seem to be on par for everything except for 3dmark06 which doesn't mean squat to me?...but if I got crossfire i guess two 4850s will be a 3870 and maybe even two of them in cfx