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  1. J

    Editorial Intel Planning 14nm "Ozark Lake" 16-core Processor for Spring 2021

    Usually, around this time of year, boring low effort troll posts start masquerading as news items.
  2. J

    AMD Processors No Longer Crippled with Latest MATLAB MKL Update

    They make two releases a year, March and September. Not every company panic blows a truckload of patches every week.
  3. J

    Microsoft Azure Traffic Surges 775% Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

    Glad I'm not the only one who is wondering what the point of Teams even was. Amusingly, the signup page has three options. One of which just redirects you to sign up for Skype. I thought it was a joke, but MSFT is serious. Teams is so bad, they cannot even recommend it for casual use...
  4. J

    stupid fujitsu 12v only psu 16pin connector

    Luckily, ATX spec is moving to incorporate 12V-Only setups (depreciating the outdated 5V and 3.3V rails/wires from the 24pin plug altogether and beefing up the 12V deliver on the new, smaller plug).
  5. J

    Intel Adds Game Capture and Broadcasting Features to Graphics Command Center

    I completely agree, it really should. But the Dell XPS 7590 isn't the only one that exhibits this behavior. The Dell Precision 7530 is also affected, too. Only a sample size of two, and both anecdotal. But I err on the side of blaming Dell.
  6. J

    AMD's Ryzen 5 4600 and Ryzen 7 4800HS CPU Benchmarks Leaked

    Looking forward to either of the ASUS G14/G15 laptops with the 4800HS, 240Hz display (adaptive sync!), RTX2060, and (historically) 70+WHr battery. ASUS also added USB-C charging (as a backup) for the 4800HS models. Add in RJ45, battery charge state control, and clustered function key groups...
  7. J

    Three Unknown NVIDIA GPUs GeekBench Compute Score Leaked, Possibly Ampere?

    After Apple, the defacto chair of the Kronos group (OpenCL committe/standards body) burned OpenCL - which Apple themselves created - in favor of their own proprietary "Metal," who is going to have faith in OpenCL's development?
  8. J

    Intel Restarts 14 nm Operations in Costa Rica, Aims to Increase Capacity for Xeon Output

    Slowly undoing Krzanich's mistakes one by one.
  9. J

    Intel Adds Game Capture and Broadcasting Features to Graphics Command Center

    Depends on your laptop. My junk laptop (known as the) Dell XPS 15 7590 loses battery life doing that.
  10. J

    CD Projekt Red Now Second Largest Gaming Company in Europe

    Right, a single developer (as in a single human) makes a comment in a forum = "they (implicitly, the whole company)." Very cool.
  11. J

    ASUS Unveils GeForce RTX 2060 DUAL Mini, Possible RX 5600 XT and EVGA KO Competitor

    Is it actually Dual Link DVI, or just Single Link DVI? New Dual Link DVI cards from Nvidia (I don't know about AMD) are rather hard to come by, nowadays, ever since Nvidia dropped them from the Pascal reference designs (in favor of Single Link DVI). I sold off my last Dual Link DVI screen last...
  12. J

    Centaur Releases In-Depth Analysis from The Linley Group for its NCORE-Equipped x86 Processor

    It's on TSMC 16nm, and it's an 8 core CPU that runs at 2.5GHz with no indication of turbo. Lots of talk about power efficiency without any metrics, comparisons, or numbers, so I am not expecting much there, either. In the end, I expect this to be a very poor client-desktop product. Its niche is...
  13. J

    AMD X570-successor to be Third-Party Sourced

    If the “B550” is just PCIe 3.0, why is it taking so long to arrive?
  14. J

    MSI Confirms Upcoming TRX40 Platform, Lists Creator TRX40 Motherboard

    I feel that is fine, sinceTR's socket was impaired from the beginning. It's using EPYC's socket, which is massive and acutely oversized for the original 16core TR. The 32core TR (2nd gen) had the issue where two of the die had their memory controllers too far from the TR socket DDR fanout, so...
  15. J

    MSI Announces the Creator X299 and X299 Pro 10G Motherboards

    Finally, a X299 board that actually uses 2066's PCIe lanes for TB3 and 10GbE. I know addon cards exist... but so did separate cards to drive a KB interface.
  16. J

    Intel Ships Stratix 10 DX FPGAs, VMWare Among Early Partners

    But it's an useful comment, since it shows true colors (or reinforces them for future posterity). Either way, what's interesting about this part, is the PCIe 4.0 is a separate chip connected across EMIB (UPI protocol - replacement for Intel QPI). If anything, this is probably for customers who...
  17. J

    Intel Cascade Lake-X Core i9-10980XE Put Through Its Paces in GeekBench

    "pin compatible" with LGA2066 like "pin compatible" was with LGA1151? Even if they use the same chipset (goodbye Z270, hello "Z370!"), I no longer give Intel any benefit of the doubt.
  18. J

    LG Announces UltraGear IPS 1 ms Lineup with NVIDIA G-SYNC

    They still have native G-sync modules in some of their current models.
  19. J

    Remedy Games' Control Content Roadmap Updated

    It does. I am not spending any of my money on EGS. GOG or bust, for me.
  20. J

    Is your current main PC Intel or AMD

    7700k, so I'm not exactly looking for a CPU upgrade at this time. Have a Ryzen 2500U laptop, too :D I'll see how this Threadripper 3 vs Intel Cascade Lake X deal shakes out, hopefully either platform can reasonably justify a hobbyist's upgrade!
  21. J

    LG Announces UltraGear IPS 1 ms Lineup with NVIDIA G-SYNC

    Not only that, I have bought a recent LG G-Sync monitor (native G-Sync - 32GK650G). GPUs all the way back to Kepler support G-Sync, but only had DP1.2. VESA Adaptive Sync (Freesync, basically) needs DP1.2a (specifically, the amended version from May 2014, not the shipping version from May 2012)...
  22. J

    GlobalFoundries sues TSMC, looks to ban US imports for Apple and Nvidia chips

    For AMD, when they spun off GloFo, they probably included a lot of licensing and other agreements to prevent this from ever happening. For Intel... just see what happened to DEC. Intel doesn't screw around when it comes to patent licensing. GloFo is looking for a payout, not death.
  23. J

    AMD Releases Radeon Software 19.7.5 - Still No Fix to Elevated RX 5700 Idle Fan-Noise

    Are you sure AMD didn't "rush" out their fifth driver this month? Still happy to have actual AMD drivers on my E485.
  24. J

    AMD Ryzen 3900X & 3700X Tested on X470

    I think the "selective BIOS" deal with the 350/370 boards is some vendors cheaped out on the BIOS chip capacity, so to make the Zen 2 support code fit, they have to drop something. Usually, it's dropping Bulldozer support (since those were mostly OEM-only anyways, with the exception of the...
  25. J

    NVIDIA Manufacturing Turing GPUs at Samsung Korea Fab, 11nm?

    Those may be packaged in Taiwan, but all the ones I've seen are still marked with Korea. EDIT: I see the link. Nice, I haven't seen those before.