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  1. A Cheese Danish

    [FS/FT] Mobile Sale

    Here I have some mobile items for sale Wireless Intel Wireless A/B/G card WM3945ABG - $12 Broadcom Wireless B/G card BCM94312HMG - $12 [/spoiler] CPUs Intel T8100 - $25 Intel T2050 - $10 [/spoiler] RAM 512MB PC2-5300 CL5 - $5 1GB PC2-5300 - $10...
  2. A Cheese Danish

    [FS/FT] ACD's sale thread

    Hello everyone! I have a couple things I would like to get rid of since I'm kind of in need of some monies. Looking to buy some 3.5" internal hard drives ROKU HD600 (Comes with power and CF) - $100 HP Media Center Remote - $15 Heat Note: Offers are always welcome! :)...
  3. A Cheese Danish

    SSD not recognized in BIOS

    So I installed some updates this morning, restarted my computer, then my SSD was no longer recognized in the BIOS. I swapped SATA ports/cables. Still nothing. I swapped power and still nothing. The drive gets power as the LED's on the inside of the drive are lit. This is my boot drive, so I'm...
  4. A Cheese Danish

    [FS][US] A Cheese Danish's Vending Machine

    OFFERS PLEASE Accepting Trades A1: A2: B1: 500GB Samsung SpinPoint T - B2: C1: Note: Offers are always welcome! :) Non-CC Paypal preferred (If paying via credit/debit card, an extra fee will apply) Prices listed are with shipping Shipping US ONLY via USPS (unless otherwise noted)...
  5. A Cheese Danish

    Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

    So yeah. I got the Beta for MS Office 2010, or 14, whichever you prefer. And I was gonna throw a little compare and contrast thing with 2007 and was curious if anyone else was going to do a review of the beta so far or would like to throw input in on the matter if they get the beta. Or maybe...
  6. A Cheese Danish

    Wii 2 Leaked Specs

    Nothing special about the internals according to one site, however, this is interesting: A Wii with Blu-ray and 1080p support? Sounds like I'm in :D And Nintendo is said to be releasing special information one month before the official release. Wonder what it could be? More details here...
  7. A Cheese Danish

    Preorder Windows 7 on Newegg now!

    That is right! Newegg now has preorders of Win 7 available now. Free shipping and OEM's are $5-$15 off, depending which version you select. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2060350368%204811&Tpk=windows%207
  8. A Cheese Danish

    SteamID icon

    After reading a thread by douglatins, it gave me an idea of having an option to put in your SteamID and XFire where you put your AIM/Yahoo/etc.. names at. Just an idea, not sure if it has been brought up at all, or ever.
  9. A Cheese Danish

    Forza 3 250GB Elite Bundle

    October 23rd will be the release of the Forza 3 XBox 360 Bundle with a 250GB Hard Drive, but only for those in the UK. It will retail for £249 More details here
  10. A Cheese Danish

    Windows 7 Upgrades Could Take Over 20 Hours

    I don't know if this will be posted or not, but according to the wonderful people over at Maximum, PC state, It is understandable, and only two seem to really go a tad beyond 10 hours, but if you look at the chart, I wouldn't think it would be this bad... That looks pretty bad for some...
  11. A Cheese Danish

    Gran Turismo 5!

    Dunno if it was posted already, if so, I apologize :o So was watching E3, and they showed GT5! It looks so amazing! However, I haven't played the Prologue, but in GT5, you can actually race Nascar! Here are a couple screenies: Couple more here plus trailer.
  12. A Cheese Danish

    Best Buy $10 Video Game sale

    That is right! Starting April 26th, Best Buy is having a $10 video game sale. They are marking down PS3, 360, DS, and PS2 games. However, it is said Wii games as well, but I don't see them listed. The source link is down, but I found this as an additional link.
  13. A Cheese Danish

    Guitar Hero: Metallica misspells "Lynyrd Skynyrd"

    I found it funny that they had misspelled the name lol here is where you can see the game cover with misspelling and read more.
  14. A Cheese Danish

    Nintendo DSi Release

    The next hand held console from Nintendo, the Nintendo DSi, will be released in the United States on April 5th for $170. Which is $40 more than what the second gen is currently going for. It too, will not be able to play Game Boy Advanced games. You can check out full details here.
  15. A Cheese Danish

    TigerDirect 100 Deals under $100

    http://www.tigerdirect.com/email/wem1830.asp?SRCCODE=WEM1830SL&cm_mmc=Email-_-Main-_-WEM1830-_-post Thinking about snagging that external hard drive
  16. A Cheese Danish

    CPU-Z only seeing one core?

    I'm just wondering what would cause CPU-Z to only see 1 core. Multicore is enabled in the BIOS. My Computer says I'm running 2 cores at 2.49GHz whereas CPU-Z says I have 1 core at 1.197GHz...I installed all the drivers and stuff for Windows 7, and I didn't have this issue in the other beta of...
  17. A Cheese Danish

    Fracture. Anyone heard about it?

    I just read up on something about the game Fracture by Lucas Arts here. To me it looks like an ok game. One that i would have to play first to figure out if i actually like it. What do you guys think?
  18. A Cheese Danish

    Getting a new lappy

    ok, so heres the story. My parents are arguing with me about the lappy i want. and maybe i want something that i shouldnt get but who knows...so i want to see what yall think...i got 2 systems in mind, one with xp and one with vista Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R61 15.4" Intel T9300 Windows XP Pro...
  19. A Cheese Danish

    PC TPU clan

    So, like i stated in the xbox live clan thread, i am thinking of making a tpu clan for pc. So if anyone wants to join, i mainly play CoD4 and Crysis. If anyone wants to join feel free. Add me on xfire also http://www.xfire.com/profile/danish420 . and if anyone has any other games to add to the...
  20. A Cheese Danish

    4Gb not recognized by BIOS

    So i just got xp x64 and 2gb more of mushkin ram. And xp nor my bios will recognize 4gb. It only recognizes 3.25gb. Anyone know why that is and how i could fix it? i already have the latest version of my BIOS as far as i can find. Thanks a bunch
  21. A Cheese Danish

    System Restore no worky!

    Im running windows xp, and i cant get the system restore to work. i click the system restore tab, but nothing comes up. It all started when i overclocked my vid card. it ran fine for a month, now it keeps freezin my games. the temps stay around 54C load and 40C idle. but its freezin my games...
  22. A Cheese Danish

    Deals on tech items

    http://www.xpbargains.com/ Updated daily. Check it out. Idk if some of you know about it already, but my friend pointed it out to me yesterday. http://www.dealcatcher.com/ They also have some pretty good deals on almost everything.
  23. A Cheese Danish

    Games on fedora 7/8 or linux in general

    Does anyone know if you can have any games play on fedora 7 or 8 or linux in general?
  24. A Cheese Danish

    K'Nex case

    So I was thinking about making a K'Nex case just for fun. But I may need a lot more than I have. What do you all think? Think I could pull it off?
  25. A Cheese Danish

    Guitar Hero 3 on the PC!!!

    So I was at work at Circuit City when I came across Guitar Hero III for the pc. I was like no way! when did they release it? i don't know. so i just had to get it! But not many people know about. Did you?