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  1. A Cheese Danish

    how to move order of disks shown in My Computer

    That doesn't sound right. You are changing this in computer management correct? Do you have a screenshot of the (D)(G) drive in explorer?
  2. A Cheese Danish

    how to move order of disks shown in My Computer

    Change the drive letter of D: to a letter after E:. It's sorted alphabetically by drive letter.
  3. A Cheese Danish

    damge of ESD to mobo

    Unless you felt a static between your hands and the mobo I don't think so. Just remember, the outside of the antistatic bag is where all the static collects; hence why the parts are inside it.
  4. A Cheese Danish

    Boot problems

    The RAM is compatible with his system. But I agree to move the sticks around and make sure they are in the correct RAM slots
  5. A Cheese Danish

    Adding drive

    Without starting over, you'd have 2 individual drives and that's just fine. If you want to use them together, aka RAID, you will need to start from scratch.
  6. A Cheese Danish

    unable to mount disk in windows8

    In my opinion, if you want Backtrack installed on a partition, you should've installed that first. I believe you have 1 hard drive, broken in to 4 sections, correct? It looks like Windows no longer acknowledges the other "drives" as applicable partitions. My recommendation: backup the data you...
  7. A Cheese Danish

    Looking into storage

    What exactly are you looking for? - Ripping speed? - LAN transfer speed between PC's and External drives? - LAN transfer speed between PC's and NAS? - Personal NAS vs 1 external drive?
  8. A Cheese Danish

    core 2 duo e6550 gigabyte mb problem

    Are all the power cables plugged in? Which fan is spinning? Does the CPU show in the BIOS? Also, Welcome to TPU! :)
  9. A Cheese Danish

    Easy Rhino's Minecraft Server Clubhouse!

    Every time I went to play the game the server has been offline :( So I haven't been playing much.
  10. A Cheese Danish

    SSD upgrade

    So let me try to understand: You want to get a secondary SSD just for storage? Do you want to run the two drives together or separate?
  11. A Cheese Danish

    holy sh!t. amazon plans on using drones for 30 minute delivery

    I like the concept and idea of this. Yes I would; and I'm sure only certain items will apply at first as well.
  12. A Cheese Danish

    How many monitors do you like to use?

    2 for me is plenty. 1@ 1920x1200 for gaming/movies, 2nd@ 1680x1050 for web/music/etc.
  13. A Cheese Danish

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C and 7K1000.D

    Check out some Western Digital Red's too. They are designed for use in RAID configuration.
  14. A Cheese Danish

    Can these HDD fit in this Kingwin KF-253-BK 2.5in & 3.5in Hot swap

    You can only have 1x 2.5 and 1x 3.5 in the bay at a time. Yes, both the 3.5 drives will fit in the bay. You may be able to use a 2.5in SSD, however a few reviews show that it may not work with certain ones. As far as craftsmanship, I have no idea how good Kingwin bays are. I've owned a few of...
  15. A Cheese Danish

    Easy Rhino's Minecraft Server Clubhouse!

    Won't be able to til later this evening. But I'll be there
  16. A Cheese Danish

    Post your Router

    ASUS RT-N16
  17. A Cheese Danish

    Easy Rhino's Minecraft Server Clubhouse!

    Lost all my progress :(
  18. A Cheese Danish

    Ex WD MyBook shown as RAW

    Supposedly this tool will help you recover the data off the drive. It may/may not recover the partition that was lost though
  19. A Cheese Danish

    Ex WD MyBook shown as RAW

    If you put the drive back in the enclosure, can you access the data then? I've had several WD drives suddenly show RAW and I couldn't get it to format or anything.
  20. A Cheese Danish

    [FS/FT][US] 1TB HDD's

    Mmmmm Samsung F3's :) Good luck with the sale!
  21. A Cheese Danish

    Built new computer turns on but no beeps or video.

    What is most odd is that there are no beeps. Do you notice any LED lights flashing on the case or motherboard?
  22. A Cheese Danish

    TPU Minecraft Server

    Then maybe some time this week I'll hop in and start building. Are there territories and such or build wherever there is room?
  23. A Cheese Danish

    TPU Minecraft Server

    So I hoped in the server earlier and holy crap! I feel it would be stupid to start out building now since everyone is so far ahead lol