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  1. BlackOmega

    HELP! Need driver for XFi Xtreme music.

    IT is indeed. It's one of the very early ones. Audio quality is awesome. I was using onboard until I got a new pair of Sennhaisers. You can really hear the difference.
  2. BlackOmega

    HELP! Need driver for XFi Xtreme music.

    Well what the devil, last I checked there, they weren't there. Thanks Animal.
  3. BlackOmega

    pc restarts byitself

    Power supply insufficient?
  4. BlackOmega

    HELP! Need driver for XFi Xtreme music.

    Hey all, Creative has seemed to take down the drivers for their legacy products, like my Xtreme music, does anyone know where I can find a driver for this particular card? I found one on their site for a card similar, but it's not identical. It works, but doesn't have all of the features that...
  5. BlackOmega

    phenom ii x4 or x6

    I'd say go with the x6. I had a 1090T before my i7 rig and that rig was awesome. Gamed great, multitasked like a beast, and no issues. It wasn't as great for gaming since it bottlenecked my video cards some, however, when I had multiple applications open, I'd dare say it was faster than my...
  6. BlackOmega

    In search of a Z77 mobo under $250

    I second this. Since I've had mine up and running, it's been great. No heat issues, lots of connectivity options, plenty of USB 3.0 hookups, PCIe 3.0, lots of BIOS options and so on. The ONLY thing I'd do differently is not installing the bloatware that comes with it. As for Asus, I've...
  7. BlackOmega

    CF 6950 with 6970 bios (no shader unlock) + 6970

    No problem. If Crysis 3 does use that much memory, it may actually run smoother using a single card with more available video memory than a CF setup with insufficient memory. What I would do, if I were you, is run the game in CF, then run just the 6970. See which arrangement runs smoother.
  8. BlackOmega

    CF 6950 with 6970 bios (no shader unlock) + 6970

    I haven't noticed this. But then again, I always use Afterburner and have it synchronize clock speeds between cards. No point in one having higher clocks if they're not used.
  9. BlackOmega

    CF 6950 with 6970 bios (no shader unlock) + 6970

    What resolution are you playing at? 1GB is insufficient for higher resolutions or certain games, such as BF3. You're probably running out of video memory. Note, adding a second card does not double your video memory even though there's two cards; the system still sees it as 1GB. Even if one...
  10. BlackOmega

    CF 6950 with 6970 bios (no shader unlock) + 6970

    Just leave them at stock. The faster card will run slower. So the 6970 will run @ 6950 clocks. Not that it's a big deal. 6950' s in CF will tear up most games like nothing.
  11. BlackOmega

    Samsung Series 9 mousepad going crazy overheat

    Basically this. In most laptop owners manuals, which no one ever reads, it specifically states NOT to put it on a bed. And thus, I have to assume that your floor is carpeted which will also block the cooling vents.
  12. BlackOmega

    slow download speed with wireless

    When unplugged your laptop will go into power save mode to obviously increase battery life. However, this makes it painfully slow. Try doing this: Go to Device Manager, Select Network Adapters/Wireless card, Advanced tab and turn Power Save Mode Off.
  13. BlackOmega

    ‘Alien’-Like Skulls Found in Mexico

    This is nothing new. Artificial cranial deformation.
  14. BlackOmega

    Who makes the best graphics drivers?

    That's interesting. Although I'd dare say that this condition may have a lot to do with the game being played as opposed to the hardware that it's being played on. Some games have poorly coded/textured maps that will cause unexplainable drops/increases in FPS. I've seen a lot of games do this...
  15. BlackOmega

    Your favourite game in 2012?

    WTF?! W1zzard, I can't vote in any of the polls you've had up today.
  16. BlackOmega

    Who makes the best graphics drivers?

    It's not only an ATi problem. Nvidia has had it's fair share of microstuttering cards. 9800GX2, GTX295's come to mind. I've run lots of ATi crossfire getups and I can't say that I've ever had an issue with microstutter provided that the CPU is capable of handling what the GPUs' throw at it...
  17. BlackOmega

    Christmas Upgrade Advice

    I suppose it needs to be asked, what do you use your rig for? Even though it's an x58 rig, and the platform is going on 4 years old, it's still very powerful. My old x58 rig (920, Evga 3x SLI mobo, 6GB, 2x 560Ti's,) could easily max any game out there at the 920's stock speed and utilize the...
  18. BlackOmega

    Christmas Upgrade Advice

    Really no need to upgrade at this time.
  19. BlackOmega

    Who makes the best graphics drivers?

    Well this is an interesting topic. I'd say that neither is better. I haven't had any major issues with either company. I've run lots of Crossfire and SLI getups and both equally have their problems. Although, I've never had an ATi driver cause a game to become unplayable like...
  20. BlackOmega

    Looking for an upgrade from Asus 6970

    Your best bet is going the 7950/70 route IMO.
  21. BlackOmega

    Switched cases...now pc isnt working right.

    Sounds like it's not POSTing. Strip the rig down to the least amount of components possible. So remove all but one stick of RAM, remove the GPU, unplug the HDD's, etc. If it posts and you can get into the BIOS, then put back the components one at a time. So if you have 4 sticks of RAM, add...
  22. BlackOmega

    Looking for an upgrade from Asus 6970

    What are teh rest of your system specs? And what resolution are you playing at?
  23. BlackOmega

    Help! HW for XP media center

    You don't need an OEM rig to run anything. You can install it on your custom rig if you so desire.
  24. BlackOmega

    HD 7950 May Give Higher Framerates, but GTX 660 Ti Still Smoother: Report

    And therein lies the problem. There are known problems with Skyrim and ATi cards. This is skewed towards Nvidia to make them look better.
  25. BlackOmega

    First time SLI

    Yes. In some games you can disable it and use the second card as a dedicated PhysX card. More often than not, unless it's posing an issue, I usually don't bother disabling SLI. Mind you, games that aren't very taxing on the GPU wont eat up more juice. So there really isn't any point in disabling...