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  1. petedread

    Removed HDD now taskbar/windows problems

    I removed a HDD from a laptop to scan it for virus and HDD errors from my more powerful pc. Put the drive back in the laptop and now I can not access start, cortana or notifications (windows 10) in fact very little works. The laptop required a password and I thought I had turned it off before...
  2. petedread

    5930k died, it seems.

    5930k Asus Rampage V 16Gb Kingston HyperX Savage 3000mhz 15,16,16 (very early batch) Classified 980TI Samsung 940 evo 250g OS drive Samsung 951 NVMe EVGA 750W G2 PC froze, tried to restart but I get 19 Q-code or 6F. 19 is pre memory PCH initialization is started, 6F System agent...
  3. petedread

    X99 random ram slot drop

    Often I turn my PC on and notice there is only 12gig of ram showing in windows. All 4 sticks are being seen by AIDA64 and CPUZ. I check BIOS to see which stick is missing and it is usually C. Sometimes taking it out and putting it back in again works but not always, and sometimes the problems...
  4. petedread

    System agent too high?

    Pc freezes or get blue screen often when playing BF4 with youtube running in background (I like to listen to Sargon, Amazing atheist or what ever in the background). I did have a long period of time when with no problems but then I tried a few different OC's and I'm not sure exactly what my old...
  5. petedread

    AMD-The Master Plan

    I was not going to post this because it is purely speculation (it will be argued) and guess work and because of the hate it could stir up. But, in the end I though, it is really fun to watch and absolutely hats off to the guy (AdoredTV) for the time and effort put in to making these video's...
  6. petedread

    NVME 951 vs 950 pro dual boot

    I would like to have two operating systems on my machine, one on a ssd and one on a NVME drive. But I have just read a customer review from a guy who said he had a little bit of trouble doing this with the Samsung 951 nvme. I think he said he was on x99. Has anyone here heard of this? I want...
  7. petedread

    Fizzing noise from pump/res

    What could be the cause of a fizzing noise coming from my pump/bay res when it gets warm, not hot? The system is free of air except for the res which has a layer of foam/bubbles on top. The coolant in the loop is a dark red as it should be but the layer of foam on top of the res is pink. It...
  8. petedread

    EK confirm 980ti classified water block production

    EK R&D team have confirmed that the 780 Classified block fits the 980ti Classified and will be putting it back in to production. A lot of people were already aware of this, but some, like myself, were waiting for confirmation from EK. Link to thread on OCN...
  9. petedread

    Unigine DX12?

    Will we likely see a new benching software from Unigine for DX12?
  10. petedread

    ODIN EVOLTION robotic computer case

    I recently sold my G1 Sniper 5, i7 4790k and Avexir Core series memory on ebay. As I was very unhappy to see the Sniper go, because it was a great board and rig. My new Rampage V 5930k and 3000mhz memory somehow doesn't fill the void of my old gaming rig:( I spoke to the buyer a little, he told...
  11. petedread

    But people say Linux is awesome

    I have a Acer Aspire1, tiny little laptop thing, that a friend has asked me to update for her. She wants FireFox updating. I have downloaded the update but can not figure out how to, well, do anything with it. I have seen tutorials on youtube that I have no hope of understanding. They all seems...
  12. petedread

    Asus or Gigabyte X99

    I would have just gone for the G1 gaming because I liked their z87 and z97 so much. I'm going to be very sad to sell the z97 G1, but it will fetch a bit more money than the z87 G1 sniper 5. The "special" socket from Asus is the deciding factor though, I don't think I will be able to sleep at...
  13. petedread

    Reinstall windows keep second OS

    I want to reinstall my main OS, is there a way to back up boot manager so I don't have difficulties getting in to my second OS? It is on a separate hard drive.
  14. petedread

    8.1 black screen not so straight forward

    Updated to windows 8.1 from 8 and got the black screen. I can open task manager and run things from there, such as uninstall and reinstall AMD drivers. But the AMD driver 14.4 (also tried 14.6) gets stuck half way through install and wont complete. I have also tried using the onboard graphics...
  15. petedread

    Only 1080p available under 27"

    With tablets and some laptops having higher than 1080p resolutions why is it that PC monitors under 27" only get a maximum of 1080p? Or are they available and I've just not seen them? 24" 2560, 1440 would be ideal. My only guess is demand. 27" is probably the most popular gaming monitor and...
  16. petedread

    Devils Canyon

    I'm confused about Devils Canyon! What I thought I knew, Devils Canyon is a part of the Haswell refresh, basically what a Sandy Bridge 2700k was to 2600k. It would be on sale in the next 4 weeks or so. I could pop one in to my Z87 board with a Bios update, forgoing some of the new tech like...
  17. petedread

    R9 290-290X owners thread

    R9 290X CCC is missing Hows your card/s perform? What card do you have, how well do they OC? Post benches and pics.
  18. petedread

    SSD or PCIe SSD

    Samsung 250GB SSD 840 EVO SATA 6Gb/s Basic - (MZ-7TE250BW) or Asus RAIDR Express 240GB SSD (PCI Express 2.0 x2). Samsung=£139 ($224.50) Asus=£319 ($515.22) The advertised performance of the Asus looks fantastic but are they as good as the advertising suggests or are there any...
  19. petedread

    Anybody had any experience with Avexir Core Extreme

    Thinking about buying this Avexir Core Extreme Green Series 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-22800C12 2933MHz. There is almost no chance of me getting it to run at 2933mhz with my 4770K and Sniper 5 MB. Firstly because I know almost nothing about over clocking ram and secondly because I've read in Haswel...
  20. petedread

    Any G1 Sniper 5/m5 owners?

    Any one on this forum got a Sniper 5 board? How are you getting on with it? Impressed with it or regret buying it? How's your OC? What bios do you prefer? How are you finding the on board audio? Personally I'm happy with mine. I know some people on another forum had a few complaints...
  21. petedread

    see what caused bsod

    Is there a way to find out what caused bsod when overclocking? No code or anything is displayed on the bluescreen, it just says unkown problem or something like that. I've found the DMP files but can't open them. (edit) It does show something; WHAE uncorrectable error. but that's it. Debug...
  22. petedread

    New GPU 12 year old PSU

    I've put a new z77 mobo and a 2700K into a 12 year old computer. Oh and a new SSD. Everything works fine until I put a new HD7750 2gb in. I get no display at all, I cant even see post. When the monitor is connected to the mobo (card taken out)it works fine. The HD7750 works in a different...
  23. petedread

    Secure Erase question.

    I should have used Secure Erase before I sent my Asus board back but I didn't think about it at the time. I was wondering if using Drive Wipe in CCCleaner would achieve the same results as Secure Erase. Asus say that Secure Erase helps bring back some of the performance that can be lost over...
  24. petedread

    Crossfire ccc shows cards wrong way

    I've just installed the Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5 and a HD 6950 (flashed) and a HD 6970. I've got the 6950 in PCI slot 1 and the 6970 in slot 3 because they are the X16 slots. Monitor is connected to slot one card but Catalyst Control centre is showing the card in slot 3 as the card connected to the...
  25. petedread

    Formula VI expensive

    At 11.34-35 this guy drops a hint that the Formula VI is going to be more expensive than the Extreme VI. ASUS RoG Booth Poseidon Graphics Card, Maximus VI ...